Ways To Take Care Of Your Rattan Furniture At Home

rattan sofa with cushion

Rattan furniture pieces are the perfect way to show off your Filipino taste and characteristic pride in the Philippine setting. It is to beautify your home as well. Nevertheless, not just easy to pick and go when shopping for rattan items, considering that there are several things to take note of or consider regarding this specific furniture which can make it be less than spectacular if it were not given the care it deserves. 

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Here are some things you need to know about rattan furniture and how it could be given the proper ways to maintain its remarkable look today and always.

3 Simple tools to help you clean your rattan furniture

Rattan furniture has a different maintenance process compared to your typical leather sofa or hardwood table. We know that with the appearance of rattan furniture, the cleaning process is seemingly intimidating but if done consistently, its maintenance is easy as well. Alongside knowing how to take care of your rattan furniture, you should prepare these essential cleaning tools to make the procedure easier. 

1. Small brush and a duster or Vacuum

The small brush is for dusting the small corners of the furniture while the duster is for general use. If you have the means, you can replace both of these with a vacuum. But a small brush or duster can still come in handy, especially for dust that cannot be vacuumed. So, it is better to have it even if you plan to rely on your vacuum. 

2. Microfiber cloth 

This is for wiping the grime or stains on the furniture. This can also come in handy for drying your furniture.

3. Dish Soap and Mild chemicals

This is useful for grime that cannot be removed by simply wiping it off with a microfiber cloth. Additionally, dish soap is non-abrasive, so it is considered a universal cleaning solution when diluted with water. 

5 Simple Procedures on How to Take Care of Your Rattan Furniture

  1. Remove the dust on the furniture using the duster. For hard-to-reach areas or tight corners, use the small brush. If you have a vacuum, it can be used as a replacement for dust removal. 
  2. If there are grimes or cruds, you wipe it with microfiber cloth. If it is still existent, you can use a dish soap diluted in warm water to make a cleaning solution. Dish soap are non-abrasive, so this is useful to remove cruds especially if combined with warm water. In this way, grimes which cannot be easily removed by a dry microfiber cloth will be cleansed completely. Even without grime, you can still do this as a monthly cleaning procedure for your rattan furniture. 
  3. If there are molds in your rattan furniture, you can use a bleach cleaning solution and apply it only on moldy areas. Remember to dilute the bleach well as this may cause discoloration on your furniture if the solution is too strong. 
  4. Rinse off the water and soap solution you used using a clean microfiber cloth. Never ever directly rinse your rattan furniture with running water from the hose except if it is made of synthetic rattan. 
  5. Use another clean microfiber cloth to dry your rattan furniture. 

Rattan furniture is recognized as world-class

Rattan furniture is not outdated or old-fashioned anymore. In fact, we can already see that it is used in luxurious interior design of homes right now. If you know how to take care of your rattan furniture, its life can last for many years and decades. Rattan-made furniture pieces are sustainable and durable especially if you have enough knowledge of its maintenance and restoration techniques to preserve its pristine condition.

3 Reasons Why Rattan is a Good Choice for Furniture Pieces

1. It is stylish indoors and outdoors. 

Despite the presumption that rattan furniture are old-fashioned, there were innovations that happened with its design. In fact, it fits the contemporary and minimalist design that is popular in various media right now. Appearance-wise, it already departed its golden color. Right now, you can see rattan furniture in black, brown, gray or any other popular color motifs for a house interior. With its versatility in colors, its style fits both indoor and outdoor use. However, extra care is needed if used outdoors especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight, but this might be given with anything because too much sunlight might deteriorate the quality of a thing. 

2. It is durable yet lightweight. 

We usually judge the durability of the product with its weight or the hardness of the base materials used in the future. Although rattan is perceived to be stiff and lightweight, it is durable if woven appropriately. A pro tip to keep in mind is to check the quality of the weave of rattan furniture before buying one. Additionally, even though rattan furniture is lightweight, it can withstand heavy weight because the weave method does its job of evenly spreading the weight on all parts of the furniture. 

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3. It is a sustainable option.

Unlike wood, rattan is highly renewable. This vine-like palm can be harvested within 2-3 years because it grows at an estimated rate of 2 centimeters per day. Aside from that, in the Philippines and its neighboring Southeast Asian countries, rattan grows massively. Additionally, it does not need extensive manufacturing processes in contrast with contemporary-style furniture. The most important aspect in producing rattan furniture lies in the weaving process. If you purchased your piece of furniture from a highly skilled weaver, you could expect that your rattan furniture will last for years or even decades. 

Other Tips on How to Take Care of Your Rattan Furniture for Longer Lifespan

           Taking care of your rattan furniture does not end with implementing a consistent cleaning maintenance. It includes proper usage and avoiding activities that may deteriorate the quality of your furniture. So aside from cleaning, here are some useful tips to include in your maintenance procedure.

  1. Prevent it from direct sunlight exposure.
  2. For maintaining its color, stain, polish, and weatherproof your rattan furniture. 
  3. If you plan to have rattan furniture for outdoor use, invest in a cover to keep it dry and provide it with protection. 

           Now that you know how to take care of rattan furniture, why not consider it for your next interior design upgrade on your home? Or maybe if you plan to brand new house and lot, you should definitely consider getting rattan furniture to improve and make your place aesthetically pleasing and unique. 

Written by Steven Hernandez