What is the Best Material for Long-Lasting Furniture Pieces?

Wooden Furniture Pieces

Your furniture has a significant impact on your efficiency, well-being, and comfort. Choosing a sturdy item that supports, enhances, and fits your lifestyle while still fitting the place where you wish to install it could be difficult. 

In addition to lasting a long time, high-quality furniture serves as the focal point of a well-designed room, leaving a wonderful and pleasant visual impact on both you and visitors.

One of the most crucial factors to consider is the material utilized for your chosen furniture. Depending on your preferences and budget, you may choose from a variety of possibilities. When you go furniture shopping, you will come across three different types.

Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when looking for high-quality furniture in order to make a wise purchase:


Analyzing the materials that are best used in making furniture of a particular piece can help determine how durable it will be. By lifting on the materials, you can determine their weight. Physically, the best wood for furniture in the Philippines is substantially heavier than ordinary particle board pieces.

The different areas of the furniture should not only be made of high-quality, durable materials, but they should also have very solid joints with no movement or cracks at all. For instance, when being pushed or moved, bookcases should not even tilt or bend.

Solid Structure

Pay attention to the internal frame and support structure. To withstand heavy and serious use, a piece of furniture must have a sturdy frame. 

Look at the hardware closely. Ensure the handles and knobs are made entirely of metal; avoid using plastic or cheap coatings that will eventually wear off.


Find furniture items that are designed with enduring aesthetics. You may modify your lighting, color scheme, and artwork while remaining certain that the furniture in your home will adapt to or integrate with it.

Check to see whether the size of the furniture is appropriate for your demands and the size of the room where it will be utilized. Wooden furniture is always pleasant in every home. The versatility and aesthetic appeal of the wooden furniture make it an excellent addition to any house. Wooden furniture gives warmth and beauty to every environment, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Environment Friendly

Choose ecologically friendly furniture whenever possible. By selecting long-lasting furniture, you are already decreasing trash in landfills.

Most of them also make it a point to utilize hardwood material from sustainably managed forests. 

Furthermore, buying this kind of material that is best used in making furniture is useful for individuals worried about the environment because it does not include chemical ingredients. Instead, they are finished, painted, and stained with low VOC materials. Purchasing eco-friendly furniture is also a good idea.


High-quality furniture applies basic construction and durable coatings, taking care of and maintaining simplicity.

Cleaning and maintaining handmade furniture. Cleaning mainly consists of basic dusting and the occasional polishing. Research which solutions are the simplest to handle and clean so you don’t wind up with something that is time-consuming and demands a lot of effort to maintain.

Check over the care, cleaning, and maintenance sections supplied by the manufacturer in the product description/details so you know how to care for the products in the future.


Hidden spaces like these are great for storing valuables and increasing the functionality of your chosen pieces. Purchasing furniture that can serve multiple functions will make your space more functional and less crowded. A single piece of furniture that can do the work of two or even three other pieces eliminates the need for multiple pieces. This results in more space and less money spent.

Best Wood Materials for Furnitures

The longest-lasting materials have been made of wood. It doesn’t matter if it’s Teak, Redwood, Mahogany, or even Composite Wood; these are the best wood for furniture among the most often utilized types of materials in the production of furniture. Additionally, it is still one of the most sought-after materials in the entire globe. In addition to being incredibly easy to maintain, wood has a lifespan that is superior to that of many other forms of material. In addition to being a material in and of itself, it may also be blended with materials like leather or even stainless steel. These are the well-known best wood for furniture in the Philippines:

1. Apitong

is well known in the Philippines. This heavy hardwood is mainly used for truck-flooring, and outdoor furniture. Contains natural oils which can sometimes bleed when used outdoors.

2. Mahogany

is the best wood for furniture today because of its amazing durability, strength, and timeless beauty. Mahogany continues to be one of the best types of wood for handcrafted furniture because of its amazing beauty and ability to be carved with the most top-notch.

3. Acacia

is a dense, best wood that can withstand climatic changes effectively. It is the appropriate species for all external projects due to its great resistance and inherent durability, and it is an excellent substitute for exotic woods.

The most resilient and dense of all hardwoods, acacia is the toughest. Its wood is difficult to treat when dry because of its multidirectional structure (the fibers are oriented toward one another) and higher resistance to friction. The sapwood of the trunk is yellowish or light brown, but the core of the tree is a noble reddish-brown color with dark veins. Acacia wood is highly prone to cracking, thus it needs a special, careful drying routine.

4. Narra wood

is a good choice for furniture as well. Narra is excellent since it is incredibly rot-resistant and durable. Large furniture may be made for long-term purposes without worrying about rot damaging it. This appears to be fantastic for outdoor furniture use as well, which can be prone to rot. 

Because if you use this wood, it looks to be more resistant to decay than other woods that are less resistant to rot. It appears that a grain of Narra, despite being very expensive, would produce very lovely exquisite furniture.

If you are aware of the exact qualities and features that you must seek in a certain piece, purchasing high-quality furniture is possible.

In addition to the previously mentioned characteristics of the best wood for furniture or high-quality furniture, it is also wise to take into account personal preference for comfort. Since purchasing such high-quality furniture is akin to starting a long-term romance, choose items that you genuinely adore and will be content to live with for a very long time.

Because of this, Bria Homes, one of the nation’s top viable real estate developers, continues to provide every Filipino who aspires to own a home someday with reasonably priced condominiums, homes, and lots. 

Your decision on the best wood for furniture may depend on a number of things. But in the end, it’s always ideal to choose an option that makes you and your house feel comfortable. Additionally, owning both wood and metal furniture is not prohibited. Use both if you’re having trouble picking between wood and metal furnishings! They look fantastic in your BRIA house and can be mixed and paired in many different ways.