Viral Trends to Try at Your House and Lot During Lockdown

Viral trends Bria House and lot

The rise of the 2019 Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) has caused a worldwide lockdown in preventing the surge of cases of the virus. The modern lockdown includes isolation at homes, travel restrictions, and termination of all public events. According to NCBI, Covid-19 is a disease similar to pneumonia cases that began to emerge in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China in December 2019. The studies revealed that the cases that emerged were a new type of coronavirus that was not previously described. The source of this virus is thought to be the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, China. It was understood in time that the virus, which is transmitted from animal to human, can spread from human to human.

Despite the negative effect that the Covid-19 has brought to us, it has also a positive impact on us, especially on our health. Now we are in a new normal where it can be a stepping stone to a new future. According to, Recent instances of everyday people making the best of unfortunate situations have brought us some new quarantine trends on social media. Like all trends, these quarantine trends internet sensation are easy and replicable. But what sets them apart is that they are easily achievable at home, extremely shareable online, and highly participatory to other users.

1. Dalgona Coffee 

The viral trend Dalgona coffee emerged during the first few months of the pandemic, when consumers were looking for new ways to reproduce food service experiences at home. The drink, created after the Korean sugar candy ‘Dalgona’ popular in the 70s and 80s, is made by whipping equal portions of instant coffee with sugar and hot water into a froth before pouring over milk. You can also try pouring it over an ice cold water for an iced Americano.

2. TikTok Videos

TikTok has since become a viral trend and media sensation for its tiktok challenge. It even has its own tiktok trends in its community. Usually, tiktok challenge involves songs with heavy beat drops, dances, and skits where they are usually the main character. Publications all over the internet are writing about how people are connecting over the platform. According to Music Business Worldwide, the week of March 16th the video app was downloaded 2 million times (an 18% increase in downloads from the previous week). The app also saw a 27% increase in the first 23 days of March compared to February with 6.2 million downloads.

3. Virtual Conference 

Virtual conference offer planners and marketers a way to connect with a broader audience, often leading to higher registration numbers than in-person events as travel and cost are no longer burdens attendees must bear. According to, Zoom is the pandemic’s success story. As lockdowns around the world closed offices and made working from home compulsory for vast sections of the working population, businesses and individuals grasped for a way to carry on at a distance. If it felt like everyone was suddenly using Zoom, that’s because they were: in April, Zoom peaked at over 300 million daily meeting participants – up from ten million in December 2019.

4. Online Classes 

Globally, due to the COVID-19 outbreak universities closed and lockdown, most teachers and students are looking forward to online education. The faculty members of world-renowned universities have begun to get online instructor certifications to deliver online teaching to their students. At the same time, faculty and staff members are learning how to use online learning platforms.

5. Online Shopping

The presence of lockdown causes people to order more online whether it is food or materials. According to recent research, the rise of food delivery has become a major trend among consumers across all demographics.

6. Digital Marketing

People spent a lot more time on social media, and video conferencing became the norm. This has led to a major shift in the way brands connect with their consumers. Live streams and an increase in influencer content are used to spread awareness about the brand. This led to an uptick in the number of people tuning into live streams, whether it was a branded live stream, a live video from their favorite celebrity, or an online workshop.

These new trends and challenges have led us to many things that aside from prioritizing ourselves to the contagious virus, also widens our minds to enjoy and appreciating our lives and what surrounds us during this lockdown despite the level of fears and panic has brought by Covid-19. According to Medical News Today, “People were worried about the emotional impact that the loss of loved ones would have on themselves and their friends and neighbors. Many found it hard to cope with the grief and isolation, and others found it hard to deal with job loss and financial insecurity”. Thus, it helps to maintain our mental health by coping with these things that will avoid anxiety.

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Written by Judde Leones