Unending Benefits of Bria House and Lot Solar Streetlights


Have you walked alone through a dark street at night on your way home? It does feel unsafe and frightening, doesn’t it? You probably heard several cases of street crimes that occurred in dark or poor-lit areas. That is why you get conscious and overthink any move or sound you hear – thinking that a dangerous being might be coming to you. But with streetlights brightening our way, this sense of anxiety is somehow reduced.

What are the benefits of a streetlight?

1. Streetlights helps people feel safe and can help to reduce crime.

Fortunately, street lighting was invented to effectively help in deterring criminals. The psychological effect of light which tends us to feel safer on roads is just one of the many importance of street lighting. For Ex-Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada (on his program to light up the entire city during his term), for a locality to achieve progress and maintain sustainability, peace and order must be guaranteed and one basic solution to prevent the conduct of crimes in public areas and therefore attain a peaceful, orderly community is street lighting.

2. Streetlights lessens road and vehicular accidents.

A decrease in vehicular accidents is also another important factor. Dim roads which lead to poor visibility are a prominent contributor to road accidents involving a driver and another rider or a pedestrian. In the countryside, accidents that happen where enough road lights are absent can also involve wildlife and farm animals that are crossing the roads. Usually, on these roads, vehicles move at higher speed and without adequate lighting to enhance the long-distance visibility, accidents can occur involving another moving vehicle or a pedestrian or an animal that unexpectedly get in the way. Some highways which serve as access to various provinces in our country are already equipped with streetlights, but there are still some that are not.

3. Streetlights can attract tourists

Moreover, well-lit nights can also benefit the business establishments that are usually operating at night. Sufficient lighting can heighten the confidence of the residents and tourists in the area, and can therefore promote business and tourism. In addition, street lighting can also enhance the beauty of one location, especially where there are geographical landmarks, therefore attracting more tourists. You can take for example some boulevards in our country such as the Roxas Boulevard in Metro Manila, Aquino Boulevard in Camarines Norte, Bicol, and the Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental that look more enchanting at nights with its long line of bright streetlights. 

The public safety and boost in the economy are the key factors why some local government units in the Philippines and progressive countries in the world pay attention to and allocate proper funding for street lighting projects within their localities. And since street lighting is now an essential facility that is needed for the long-term, many communities are investing in streetlights that are sturdy, economical, sustainable, and environment-friendly – the Solar-powered Streetlights.

Due to its numerous benefits, streetlights that are powered with solar energy have become a popular alternative across the world and there are already hundreds of patented ones. Solar Streetlights are lights that are mounted on a street pole and are being powered by solar energy. Just like the uses and benefits of any streetlight as mentioned already, it will also illuminate certain areas to promote safety and security and to aid in tourism development which will also support the economic growth of an area. But more importantly, Solar-powered streetlights are both economically beneficial and environmental-friendly.

Unlike the traditional ones, the solar streetlights depend on solar power – an eco-friendly and unlimited source of energy, which reduces the need to consume conventional energy and rely on national grids. It helps in conserving the energy in which the resources are nearing their depletion if we continue to use more of it. Not only we are conserving conventional energy, but we are also allowing our budget to loosen up from regular utility expenses. Although the installation can be more expensive, the money you can save is in the long term. Imagine the electricity bill that will be eliminated on your operating expenses. Consider as well the minimal maintenance that it will require. That is where you can save big. Also, since there are no external wires especially tangled ones, we are safe from accidents like electrocution, strangulation, and overheating. Solar streetlights will also continue to light up the streets even if there will be power interruptions or shortages. Among its many benefits, the most significant one is that it does not emit greenhouse gases when your solar panel converts electricity, which is good for our environment.

Solar streetlights play an important role in building a sustainable community. Recognizing its unending benefits, there are communities in our country that had already transitioned to solar-powered facilities to be able to enjoy its long-term benefits and to protect the only earth that we live.

Bria Homes, one of the fastest-growing real estate developer in the country, also values our environment, and to protect it from harmful emissions it invested in solar-powered street lights for its communities. Now, Bria’s beautifully master-planned subdivisions become brighter at night with the help of its solar street lights.

Moreover, Bria’s residents are ensured of a safer and secured place to live in. These allow residents to feel less worried while walking through the subdivision roads even at night. And since these solar lights are independent of grids, these will still provide light for the walking and driving residents in case of sudden power cuts in the area.

The presence of this facility in the Bria Communities also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Working individuals and professionals who are busy during the daytime usually opt to exercise when the sun already sets. Well-lit streets allow residents to jog around the community or use the recreational facilities and open spaces to exercise and thus fulfill their healthy lifestyle.

Bria Communities are indeed designed to ensure a sustainable community and more importantly a safe and quality living and where the holistic well-being of the homeowners is put on top priority. Now with more than 50 projects across the country, Bria continues to provide affordable house and lot packages to ordinary Filipino families, individuals, and OFW investors who also want to experience being in a Bria Community.

BRIA Homes is a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., one of the largest real estate companies in the country. BRIA Homes is primed to bring quality and affordable house and lot packages and condominium units closer to ordinary Filipino families. This is the goal that drives every single employee in the company, for which the ultimate fulfillment is seeing a client happily moving into BRIA’s homes. 

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Written by Leny Verdejo