Try out pottery in these places

Pottery in Manila

Nothing is more unique than a handmade gift or object. Try your hand at pottery if you want to broaden your interests, spark your creativity once more, or make something unique for someone (or for yourself). It is an old art form that has once more piqued the interest of modern amateur and professional craftspeople. This might be the creative outlet you’ve been yearning for! To learn more, visit one of these five potteries located throughout the Metro.

5 Pottery Places to go to in Metro Manila

1. Tahanan Pottery Shop, Quezon City

Tahanan Pottery is one of Metro Manila’s most well-known pottery studios. They hold a variety of seminars, such as those on how to make mugs and bowls and home lanterns. For those who want to acquire a new skill while relaxing in the comfort of their own homes, online classes are also an option. Consider enrolling in their pottery wheel workshops or clay classes if you wish to gain a foundation of expertise for upcoming projects. They include several sessions that are helpful for everyone on their path to becoming a great master potter.

Tahanan Pottery’s 7 basic class sessions cost P10,000 ($190.89), which includes a free 6-month membership. As a result, you’ll have access to the studio, member pricing on tool rentals and kiln usage, and consultations with the resident artists. Regular annual membership is P5,000 (about USD95.51).

You won’t have to worry about having no prior pottery experience because the fundamental pottery class is intended for beginners. You’ll learn about shaping clay on a potter’s wheel, how to glaze it, and how to solidify it into ceramic by firing it in a kiln. Additionally, they provide single mug or bowl-making sessions for P2,800 (about USD53.45).

2. Kibo Studio PH, Makati City

For “anyone, anyplace,” Kibo Studio is happy to provide pottery classes. They’ll succeed in helping the pupil achieve their objectives whether they’re a novice or an experienced potter. A beginner’s hand-building pottery class, a wheel pottery class that consists of three separate sessions, and even a private pottery workshop that clients may conduct for social gatherings or business events are all offered by the company online. The studio’s method has frequently been referred to as cathartic, making it an excellent way to unwind while still learning something new.

With the online workshops offered by Kibo Studio PH, you may still enjoy the benefits of working with clay even if you choose to stay at home or live far from the metro. The P2,800 ($53.45) 2.5-hour beginner’s hand-building pottery session includes all the supplies you’ll need to create a clay object by hand. The workshop gives a toolkit for cutting and creating clay, as well as 1.5 kg of clay, which can be used to make about 3 medium-sized mugs or bowls.

3. Wabi Sabi Studio, San Juan City

Local celebrities frequently go Wabi Sabi Studio. It is specialized in what they refer to as “clay play” and is located in San Juan’s peaceful backstreets. Pottery crash courses lasting one day or full 3-day courses are available to new students. In addition, Wabi Sabi Studio also offers unusual and unusual ceramic items for sale. This studio, which is quirky and entertaining, has grown to be a favorite among young potters who want to learn the trade.

Celebrities like Maine Mendoza, Bea Alonzo, and Kathryn Bernardo all took pottery classes at the Wabi Sabi Studio individually, and based on their individual blog posts and vlogs, they all appear to love the tranquilizing experience of manipulating clay on the pottery wheel.

The 3-hour crash course offered by the studio offers the same experience. For P4,400 (about USD84.32), which naturally includes all the necessary materials, you can take an introduction to shaping and designing your own ceramic ware. However, as finishing a ceramic requires more time and expertise, the final procedures of glazing and firing will be carried out for you.

4. Mess We Made Manila, Alabang

Looking for some truly adorable, vibrant ceramics? Mess We Made Manila can teach you how to create your own! This studio, a branch of Mess We Made Korea, teaches marbling through group classes, one-on-one lessons, and online courses. Play with color and clay in this fantastic workshop, or look through their unique tableware designs that are available for purchase to everyone.

Due to health regulations, this session, which is held in Southbank Café & Lounge Westgate Alabang, only allows a maximum of four students each class. The good news is that lessons are scheduled for the entire month of March, so there’s still a decent possibility you can get a spot.

You can create colorfully swirled plates, bowls, and saucers that resemble marble by combining ceramic pigments of various hues in the foundation clay. For P3,500, you can purchase the lesson together with some snacks and drinks.

After glazing in a kiln, your finished object may take two to three weeks to be delivered. The products can be used as dinnerware and are microwaveable.

5. Pottery Sessions, Makati City

Pottery Sessions can help you improve your various pottery talents. These workshops are led by diverse craftsmen and catered to various levels of learners. Children’s sessions and particular classes to learn how to make “joyful bowls,” “animal and monster bowls,” and even how to make fruit and vegetable lidded pots are both offered. To stay updated on the variety of classes offered, follow them on social media!

With the assistance of ceramicists Cat Choachuy, Annie Reyes, and Jezzel Wee, learn how to construct pinched cups and mugs, sculptural bowls, and animal pen holders. Separate costs for this three-part virtual workshop range from P3,500 to P3,800 and include pottery kits (including one kg of stoneware clay, a sponge, a wooden rib, a metal rib, a wooden knife, a toggle wire, a ribbon tool, a loop tool, a pin tool, wooden guides, a brush, slip, a cloth, and a printed template for the sculptural workshop), glazing, and firing.

Everyone is welcome to attend the lessons, including people who are beginners as well as children as young as six and teenagers.

Pottery Studios Outside but Near Metro Manila

1. UGU Bigyan’s Potter Garden, Quezon Province

Ugu Bigyan, a renowned potter in the nation, will teach you the craft! My personal favorite from him is House of Ugu, although his Potter Garden and Studio are even more remarkable. It’s a one-stop shop where guests can take a stroll through the garden, dine on Asian fusion food at the nearby restaurant, and even pick up a few handicrafting skills. It is a wonderful getaway from the city and is situated in Tiaong, Quezon. Keep an eye out for their upcoming bed and breakfast as well.

2. Crescent Moon Studio, Antipolo, Rizal

Crescent Moon Studio, a café with a focus on straightforward but flavorful Southeast Asian fare, is situated in Antipolo. Lanelle Abueva-Fernando, a well-known potter who studied art both in the Philippines and abroad, created the business. Now, anyone is welcome to attend the regular seminars held in her studio. To find out about potential dates or event planning, just message them!

Written by Bermon O. Ferreras