Tourist Destinations to Go to in Bulacan


Visit these scenic and historical tourist destinations in Bulacan on your next visit.

Traveling is one of the most favorite hobbies there is in the world. You can choose to travel solo, with your partner and sometimes with your family and friends. It helps us to escape our problems, enjoy new things, and deepen our relationships. Every person has different things they want to do in their travels others want to go to the beach, rock climbing, trekking, camping, and many other more things we can do in our travels. In travelling you can also meet new friends, new experiences, and new knowledge. It can also remind us how beautiful our world is.

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Speaking of Tourist attractions, we all know that the Philippines is one of the favorite places to be travelled in the world. Foreign and local tourists often unwind in different parts of the Philippines. We often hear travels about known tourist attractions like Boracay, Palawan, Zambales, and Siargao but do you know that there is another tourist attraction with jaw-dropping sceneries located near NCR. This tourist destination is no other than Bulacan.

Bulacan is one of the 81 provinces of the Republic of the Philippines. Bulacan is also known as the home of many natural wonders like rivers, caves, and mountains. Bulacan is also known for its historical heritage where you can see the preserved history of the Philippines past. Here are some Bulacan destinations you can visit while you are in Bulacan.

1. Puning Cave

First in the must-visit tourist destinations here in Bulacan is Puning Cave. Located in Barangay Bayabas, Municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad, a first-class municipality in the province of Bulacan. It is where you can experience the excitement and adventure of Punning cave. It is accessible by four-wheeled vehicles, on the way to the cave you’ll pass by a rainforest where you can occasionally see animals living in the area like wild boars, deer, monkeys, and several species of birds. You can also rent cottages to stay and rest, eat and re-energize for more adventures that are waiting for you.

2. Ipo Dam View Deck

It is one of the best Bulacan tourist attractions where you can take pictures of the breathtaking overseeing view of Ipo dam and Sierra Madre mountain range. You can also take pictures on the manmade photo spots like Kubo (wooden hut), swing, man-made nest, and other wooden structures.

3. Malolos Cathedral

Famous Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion that was declared by Pope John Paul II because of the role it took in the history of the Philippines. This Cathedral was used by former President of the Philippine General Emilio Aguinaldo as a presidential palace, where after fleeing was being pursued by Americans ordered to burn the cathedral down for it to become useless for the enemy. The Cathedral was rebuilt and now it serves as the ecclesiastical seat of the Diocese of Malolos.

4. Pulilan Butterfly Haven

Another Bulacan tourist spot is Pulilan Butterfly Haven. It is a butterfly sanctuary in Aguirre Family Residence in San Francisco, Pulilan which is open to the public where you can find different species of butterflies living in the garden. You can also see different ages of butterflies which is good for learning. If you have kids in the family, it is the best way for them to learn how butterflies evolved. Within the property, you can also visit the Bulacan Doll Museum which hosts 17 dioramas that shows different historical events in the Philippines.

5. Reyes Strawberry Farm

You can also visit this tourist destination located at Calumpit, Bulacan, a strawberry farm around 4 hectares that has an estimated 30,000 strawberry plants. This farm attracted visitors not only because of the sight of strawberries, but they can also pick and choose among the different kinds of strawberries. The farm also contains different plants like grapes, rambutan, and dragonfruit. Friendly reminder that you need to time your visit around the month of December which is the season for strawberries.

6. Bitbit Bridge

Located at Norzagaray, this tourist destination is not your ordinary bridge. It is famous especially for riders and bikers that want to escape the city roads. It is a 100 ft. elevation that gives you an amazing view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and Bitbit River. If you are an adventurous person you can also try rappelling down the river where you can take a quick dip.

7. Bakas River

Another stop for Bulacan Tourist Destination is Bakas River, also located at Norzagaray. The river is also a part of Angat River, the water source of NCR. Bitbit river is famous for having clear and clean water that is perfect for picnics and swimming with your family and friends. You can also rent huts if you want to stay overnight to enjoy the night view of the river under the starry skies. It is also believed that Bernardo Carpio, a superhuman myth of the Philippines, left the marking of his footprints on some rocks alongside Bakas River.

8. Cuidad de Victoria

Next destination for Bulacan Tourist spot will be Cuidad de Victoria, located at Bocaue, Bulacan. You can also find within the vicinity the famous Philippine Arena, the largest indoor arena in the world that can accommodate 55,000 seats. The Philippine Arena’s Design was inspired by the National Tree of the Philippines the Narra Tree. Besides the arena, you can also find other attractions like the garden that is full of different colorful flowers perfect for picture taking you can also find different stations for a picture like Giant Teddy Bear, Big Chess Pieces, Green Jeepney, and Huge Peacocks. You can also find a mini zoo, playground, trampoline, and life-size statues of superheroes.

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9. Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

We can also find Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes as a pilgrimage spot in Bulacan where you can visit to pray, meditate and give offerings. This grotto serves as a tribute to the famous French pilgrimage site in Lourdes, France. This structure was built by turning the 20 hectares of farmland owned by the Guanzon family, into a pilgrimage site. The location of the grotto is very accessible, especially for visitors that came from NCR.

10. Pinagrealan Cave

Next Bulacan Destinations is a historical site that connects us to the time of colonialization in the Philippines by the Spaniards. This site is no other than Pinagrealan Cave, it was used as a camp by the Katipuneros (Brave heroes of the Philippines that helped in fighting the Spanish colonials) and it is also believed that it was used as a hideout of the former president General Emilio Aguinaldo during the war between Filipinos and Americans. As of today, you can visit the cave where you can see different rock formations, Stalactites, and stalagmites that shines like stars in the sky when reflecting lights. It is the perfect place to experience the adventure of getting into narrow spaces and crossing waters inside a cave.

11. Barasoain Church

You should also visit the famous Barasoain Church, also known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmen Parish, located at Malolos, Bulacan. Barasoain Church is a very important historical place for Filipinos it was also declared for it to be called The Cradle of Democracy in the East. Being the most important religious building in the Philippines it is also the site of the First Philippine Republic. However, during the Philippine revolution, the church was destroyed and only been renovated. There are 3 historical events that took place in Barasoain Church. First is as mentioned, the founding of the First Philippine Congress dated September 15, 1898. Second is the drafting of the Malolos Constitution and Lastly, The inauguration of the first president of the Republic of the Philippines Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. Later on, Barasoain church was announced by Presidential Decree No. 260 as a National Shrine of the Philippines. You can now visit Barasoain Church and learn more about the history of the Philippines thru the museum built known as Museo ng Republika ng 1899.

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12. Biak na Bato National Park

Lastly, if you are brave, adventurous, and always on the go you can travel and challenge the challenging rock formations at Biak na Bato National Park. It is a mountain that was used as a hideout for the Biak-na- Bato Republic it was declared a National Park by President Manuel L. Quezon in 1937. It is also a famous tourist destination if you are interested in Hiking, Trekking, and Camping. The Park consists of many breathtaking Nature wonders. Inside the national park you can visit Bahay Paniki Cave, Aguinaldo Cave, Madlum Cave, Tanggapan Cave, and Tilandong Falls.

These are not the only destination you can enjoy here in Bulacan. There are a lot more tourist destinations that you can visit and enjoy. You can also fully enjoy the Beauty of Bulacan destination if you decide to move to Bulacan. Bria Homes offers Affordable House and lots in different parts of Bulacan. Now that you know about Bulacan’s Tourist Destination, Now that the restrictions are slowly getting back to normal you can start planning and saving for your next travel either solo or with your family and friends. You can now unwind and relax while visiting Bulacan’s Tourist Spot and always remember “A HEALTHY MIND COMES A HEALTHY LIFE”. Enjoy life while you are young. Have a safe travel!