Top 5 Work-from-home jobs today in the Philippines

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The pandemic thought us the real value of time. Before the pandemic, we are most focused on earning more money, getting work done, and mostly doing things that do not give us the time to do what matters the most. It taught us that time spent on self-growth and building memories with your loved ones are the most important thing in the world. We are locked down in our homes while we do our job but at the same time, we are blessed to have more time to spend with our families. We get to do the simple things like eating together, staying inside the home 24/7, and seeing each other every time inside the house. It also taught us that our work is not our life. Good thing that the companies also adopted to these changes and followed the employment demand of the people and be able to provide work from home jobs. 

Top Work from Home jobs 

There are many websites and online sites that offer work from home jobs. With the increasing number of employees looking for this type of job, there is also an increasing number of vacancies and more companies are looking into offering work from home setups due to the benefits it offers.  

Top work from home jobs that you can consider: 

  1. Digital Marketing

Marketing in every company has been greatly affected during the pandemic like doing on ground events, flyering, and the decreased number of people that passed by on streets for billboard displays. Digital marketing has greatly helped many businesses rise again. It became a great source of leads and sales for business owners. It is also considered to be cheaper than building yourself a billboard along EDSA and it can also be easily measured if the ad you created is working or not. 

  • Virtual Assistant 

Being a virtual assistant is in demand, especially for foreign clients. Filipinos are known to be more organized and responsible for their work. That is why a virtual assistant is becoming in demand in the Philippines. Some even offer part time jobs and only require you to report for 4 hours a day. It is all about time management. 

  • Customer Service 

Some companies such as BPOs now offer work from home jobs full time. You can apply to well-known companies as long as you have good communication skills, a good internet connection, and a good rapport with your clients. 

  • English Tutorial

Filipinos are known to be well conversed in English compared to their other nationalities. Even before the pandemic, there are a great market for online English tutors for us in a work from home setting. Being English the most used language in the whole world, many people sought help from tutors rather than enrolling in expensive schools. Working as an English tutor gives you the flexibility to schedule your sessions on your own and in your own free time.  

  • Web Design

Web designers are increasing in demand following the demand for businesses to create their websites. You just need to have an experience and great knowledge about the website to be able to provide the correct service. 

Create your healthy working space at home

Some say that you should not bring your work home. But with the new work from home trend, we all learned to adjust to the new normal. A well-designed home office will be able to provide you with comfort and will let you work efficiently. 

Here are some tips on how to set up your home office: 

  1. Pick the quietest space 

To be able to focus properly on your job, you should set up where it is the most peaceful space. From time to time, you need to attend meetings and focus on your work. You do not want to be distracted by your neighbors’ early morning conversations, hammering noises, and car noises while you work.  

With Bria Homes, there is ample space where you can set up your home office. There are different unit sizes to choose from that suit your needs. 

  • Space with natural light

Set up your table where there is natural light. We have been working in the four corners of your walls and staring too much at our computers for the whole day. It would be healthy for our eyes if we will be able to see some swaying trees and people passing by from time to time to relax our eyes in the meantime. At the same time, you can be able to get extra light.

Good thing Bria Homes have windows that can provide natural lighting for your space. Read here about how you can bring natural light into your home. 

  • Pick the right furniture 

Purchase furniture that you are most comfortable with. Sitting for a long number of hours during your work can cause back problems. Providing yourself with well-designed chairs and tables suitable for you can help properly fix your posture while you do the work. As result, you will be able to focus better for your work from home job. 

Here are some tips for purchasing the right furniture for your home. 

  • Remove distractions 

Working from home means all your recreational activities are just within your reach such as your Play Stations, TV, and other games. Learn to remove the things that will distract you from your job. It is okay to take breaks in between but not too much. Remember that you are allowed to work in the comfort of your home, unlike others. Spend your time productively. 

With Bria Homes, each unit is created with quality materials that can make your space more conducive for working.  

  • Pick the right aesthetic 

Creating your own space for your work from home jobs lets you design your space. One thing you need to consider is picking the right color for your walls which has a psychological effect on people. Get a color that can help you be more productive. You would rather choose light and natural colors for a fresher look rather than dark colors that can make you sleepy.  

Here are some tips to design your small space. 

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Written by Yna Faundo