10 Tips for a Better Furniture Buying Experience

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There is always a feeling of excitement and fulfillment upon acquiring a new home. However, the task of building a home and designing one are two completely different projects. It is important for your house to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Like your clothes and gadgets, your house serves as an extension of yourself and reflects the lifestyle that you have. This makes furniture an essential part of your home, for it aims to supplement your necessities and make your living experience much more comfortable. In other words, it aims to complement your lifestyle to make your life convenient. But as earlier mentioned, designing a home is different, for it carries a different set of factors and considerations than building a home. In addition, buying furniture is a daunting and stressful task which leads to many Filipinos neglecting its importance. To address this, we made ten tips on buying furniture while also adding some of the current furniture deals in the Philippines to make your purchasing experience much easier! We hope that by creating a list of tips on buying furniture, we will be able to convince you of its importance to your home. At the same time, we included furniture deals in the Philippines should you want to design your home but are constrained by a tight budget.


Given the wide variety of furniture designs in the market, it is important to determine the style that you want for your home. Remember that your home is an extension of yourself, so this also means that the furniture you will buy is also aligned with how you want your space to be. Between traditional and modern furniture, there are a lot of options that you can explore. Keep in mind that the style that you should choose is appropriate for the environment or atmosphere of the living space. Determining it also narrows down the choices that you have, allowing you to make easier choices upon purchasing.


This tip on buying furniture could not be emphasized enough. It is important to consider the budget that you have so as not to spend more than what you have actually planned. Purchasing furniture is an expensive endeavor which is why you need to set a planned budget for it. Of course, we are not discouraging you from going all-in when purchasing. However, it is still important that you limit yourself in spending, for there are more essential factors to consider, such as the furniture’s quality and longevity. Please take note that expensive furniture does not automatically mean it is of high quality. Thus, remember to tread carefully on buying by planning out a budget.

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One of the most stressful things that could happen to you is buying furniture that does not fit with your living space. There have been many instances wherein a customer had asked for a replacement because of this mistake. To prevent such stressful things from happening to you, make sure you get the exact measurements of your space and furniture to get the right fit. Doing this simple tip can save you a lot of time and money. If you are planning to buy online, make sure to note the exact figures. Meanwhile, if you are going to your local store, ask the staff or bring a measuring tape for good measure (pun intended).


Once you eyed the furniture that you want, make sure to read reviews about it online. It will never be enough only to believe what the staff is saying about the product. It is always much better to inquire with other buyers who have bought the product. Through this, you will have insider information about the qualities and aspects that the furniture really has. This will help you in your decision-making. It is always a good practice to know the product, but it is much better to research it thoroughly.


Determining the overall quality of the furniture is an essential aspect of buying one. This should always be the deal-breaker whenever you purchase furniture. What is important is that you determine the materials used for the furniture you want to buy. The materials will serve as your quality indicator, and it would be helpful to assess certain aspects like durability.

However, this does not mean you should always go for higher quality. You can always compromise on some furniture wherein you can maintain it despite the lower quality by knowing how much you use it every day. For example, if you are working in your home, you might consider higher-quality work desks and a lower-quality sofa since you would not find yourself slouching most of the time. This would save you a lot of money without the expense of poor quality.

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Like buying your groceries, it is important to make a list. However, we do not simply mean that you will make a list of the furniture, but we would also like you to organize and prioritize them according to your needs. This prevents you from making impulsive purchases that may potentially ruin your budget or design plans. It will also save you a lot of time, preventing you from making multiple transactions once you finally decide to buy your furniture.


One of the exciting things to do when furnishing your home is designing it. However, it might get a little tricky if you are not familiar with designing or run out of creative juices. As such, it would be useful to find inspiration. There are many platforms you can use, from the Facebook page “Home buddies” to the internet website “Pinterest.” If you got the budget, we encourage you to hire an interior designer. Their expertise and professional experience would be really helpful in achieving the vision that you want for your home.


Style and color are two different aspects, hence, the reason why we separate this discussion. Looking for the right color is important in determining the mood that you want to prevail for your living space. A tip in buying furniture is to find the right and appropriate color palette. It would be best if you made sure that every color of the furniture that you buy complements one another. Having a color palette would narrow down your choices and prevent you from purchasing furniture that would perhaps spoil the overall aesthetic of your home.


This is an important aspect of furniture buying. Never be afraid to experiment that may otherwise limit your creativity and vision. With the many sets of choices, you will surely have a lot of fun mixing and matching colors, shapes, and sizes of furnishings. Being creative and adding a personal touch will surely make your home a unique and pleasing place to live in.


Researching stores wherein you can find the best furniture deal in the Philippines would surely help you save a lot of money. There are many local stores that offer very cheap and affordable furniture. A prime example of this is AllHome, a one-stop shop for Filipino families that offers amazing deals and low prices without the worry of having a low-quality product. Always try first to visit the website of local stores near you to know the current furniture deal in the Philippines and how to avail yourself of them. If you are curious about the discounts and promos of AllHome, you may access the link here.

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It is not a secret that furnishing your home, whether it is newly built or renovated, entails a lot of effort and money. It can be full of hassle and stress for the buyer. We strongly suggest that you take a lot of time preparing and researching for your next purchase, for it will really go a long way. We hope that by providing you with these tips on buying furniture, you can easily breeze through the rigors of furnishing your new home.

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Written by Angelo Jade Caputolan