The History Behind Tagum becoming the Palm City of the Philippines

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The city of Palm Tagum, is a highly urbanized city, one of the best cities that is child friendly, and an economical city that marks the fourth place on infrastructure and third on the Overall Competitive Components in the Philippines. Founded June 23, 1941, located in the first district of Davao Del Norte. The Kagan, Mandaya, and Mansaka are the first three tribes sheltered in Tagum City where history and culture prospered even before the entry of Spaniards, Americans and Japanese. The river of Liboganon, Saug,Hijo and Tagum is the place where the ancestors lived, traded, and were the main source of their living survival. 

Tagum was proclaimed as cityhood on March 7, 1998. Wherein, “The Republic Act 8472 “An Act Converting the Municipality of Tagum into a City, to be known as the City of Tagum” was passed to the House of Senate through the sponsorship of Senator Vicente Sotto III.” 

Tagum, the capital and first class city of Davao Del Norte, from being called the City of Palm, from banana to coconut plantation, for festivities and musical bands, this city has been considered one of the best and most livable cities in the Philippines.  So, if you’re planning to go for a trip for your family to relax and unwind and want to enjoy a greener city, Tagum city is one to recommend. Let’s find out how this city’s etymology became the City of Palm and its finest Festivities to offer. 

Palm City of the Philippines Tagum

If you’re traveling in Davao Del Norte and happen to see a full stretch of Palm Trees you are already entering the City of Tagum. In 2006, Tagum became the Palm Tree City of the Philippines, as a  result of the response of social responsibility for the environment of tree planting project emerge and covered 59.83 kilometers of distance covering area of Tagum; these Royal Palm Trees have been planted with different species and already a total number of 11, 511 as of 2009. Aside from the landscape of Palm Trees that makes Tagum City, the Palm Capital of the Philippines, the palm trees go with different places in Tagum like highways, schools, offices, road islands, and bus stops together with different kinds of Palm Trees that complement its respective landscape. There is a total of eleven (11) kinds of Palm Trees in the city they are the: Royal palm tree, the Red palm tree, Bunga palm tree, the Zeifritzee, the Mc Arthur, the King palm tree, the Foxtail, Madagascar, the Velvet, the Lequala, and the Bismarck.

Palm Trees are well known to grow in the tropical zone climate. Palm Trees are known as balancers in the ecosystem, they are known to be ecologically important because of the scientifically diverse characteristics they contribute to species and sources of the food web. The city of Palm Tagum is at its innovation that it created a Greening Program by planting Palm Trees for their city and future diversity. Palm Trees are known as a source of food, for building houses, and for landscaping with a purpose. The diversity of planting Palm Trees in Tagum City created an environment that is rich in sustainability, helpful in warm periods, climate-proof, and reduces air pollution. The city of Palm Tagum is a green city, a city rich in biodiversity. Palm Trees are also well known in terms of the health system because they can be used in fighting cancer,  promoting lactation, and maintaining healthy skin and it is known to increase eyesight. 

From the City of Palm Tagum let’s take a look at why Tagum city is also called “The City of Festival”. Mayor Allan L. Rellon signs into law the ‘Festivals Code’ institutionalizing Tagum’s 16 festivals. Here is the list of Festivals that define how the city of Palm Tagum is enriched and rich with culture, progress, and diversity.

  1. Taxpayers Festival is celebrated every month of January appreciating the city’s campaign for efficient revenue generation.
  2. Love Festival, celebrated every February which segment a celebration about love among Tagumenyos, “Kasalan sa Tagum ” and the observance of Presidential Proclamation No. 682 of the Civil Registration Month.
  3. Tagumpay Festival every month of March this highlights the victory festival, which includes the Araw ng Tagum, State of the City Address, Mutya ng Tagum, and Tagumpay Awards.
  4. Musikahan Festival is also celebrated in March which highlights Tagumenyo’s cultural music-centered events.
  5. Hugpong Serbisyo para sa Tagumenyo’s Festival, the biggest month-long festival which is joined by 23 barangays of social service that benefits Tagumenyos.
  6. The Youth Festival is celebrated every month of May, a festival that gives drives to youth ages 15 to 30 years old to showcase their talents and a celebration to recognize outstanding youth organizations. 
  7. Pakaradyan Festival is celebrated every June, this celebration is about the Muslim Cultural Community of the different Tribes in Tagum City showcasing their tradition and culture respectively.
  8. Pride Festival is a celebration of gender Equality and Freedom celebrated every month of July.
  9. Ugmad Festival is a festival honoring farmers, fisherfolks, and livestock that ensures food security for the city.
  10. Handurawan Festival a festival dedicated to Lolo and Lola, is celebrated every September with a month-long honor and appreciation to dear senior citizens.
  11. Lingkod Bayan Festival is a celebration of National Civil Service Month every September and this centers on servant heroes who are committed to the public interest, with professionalism, nationalism, and sincerity. 
  12. Kahimunan Festival celebrated every October, the Indigenous People annually gather to showcase their culture and traditions and celebrate the tribal festival which is a thanksgiving of God’s generosity.
  13. Scouting Festival – celebrated every October that is participated by Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts of public and private schools.
  14. Children’s Festival every November is a week-long celebration festival dedicated to children that highlights their talents and this celebration also includes heartwarming Special Children in participation. 
  15. Pasalamat Festival every month of December is a celebration of Tagum’s blessing, appreciation, and thanksgiving as a city and as a one people. 
  16. Tagumenyo’s Bisag Asa Festival is celebrated every December and everywhere outside Tagum. It is a festival that gives a tribute and recognizes the hard work of Tagumenyo who are living abroad. 

The city of Palm Tagum City has a lot to offer, has many inspirational works to be inspired by, and has the heart of its people. No wonder Tagum city is considered one of the most livable cities because of its significant identity of how the city gratifies its people and environment. It is an end-to-end service down to its people. Everybody is built with values and progression.

Indeed the City of Palm Tagum, the richness of its history, and its festivities created one big achievement: The City of Palm Tagum was able to create an ENVIRONMENT that its people can be and can live at their best!

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Written by Rowena Lansang