Pampanga: Your Gateway to Northern Philippines


    The Philippines has a lot of tourist spots to offer especially if you are the kind of person that is adventurous or likes to travel to one place to discover new cultures and people. One of the provinces in the Northern part of Luzon is the city of San Fernando, Pampanga which has many tourist spots to explore and different establishments that give convenience to its residents in their daily life. People nowadays seek a proper place to settle that is far from crowded areas like Metro Manila. The situation living in the main city makes you burn out in many aspects including the nonstop queuing for transportation, suffering from smoke that came from factories, or even smoking stuff and living in an urban system.

    People are found to discover ways to make their travel time shorter by having access to a route that makes them reach their destination on time. Researching through the support of the internet and close friends or even relatives that had the experience to travel on that particular route does not consume that much time and effort for them to follow it. Usually, an expressway is designated to make travel on the highway convenient by avoiding traffic jams, and those intersections that cause the driver to lose patience. For example, in the northern part of Luzon, there is the North Luzon Expressway, a route that most travelers take as their primary solution to reach the part of provinces there easier.

    Another thing is the implementation of building an airport in the province of Pampanga known as Clark International Airport which makes bigger opportunity for those people who wants to travel back and forth especially those tourists who are far from it. Aside from the North Luzon Expressway, there is Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway that accommodates commuters or travelers that link the three areas which makes sense to offer easier access within boundaries. To understand further, here are the details of those said options for easier access of reaching your preferred areas in Pampanga:

  • Clark International Airport

    Clark International Airport is located at Mabalacat, Pampanga which is in the Clark Freeport Zone. This kind of airport showcases the cultural heritage that matches the designs around it. Aside from that, it was created for visible domestic and international flights that are suitable for those travelers that want to avoid the ruckus in the Manila vicinity. The features of the airport include the fourth-floor levels of structure and 18 aero bridges with a floor area of 110,000 square meters.

  • North Luzon Expressway

    This expressway is 105 kilometers which entail a linkage between Metro Manila to Central and Northern Luzon. It was made to provide a route for commuters or travelers to keep up for a short period to reach their destinations. Aside from that, this expressway was an elevated highway that was built for the expansion of allowing vehicles to access delivering goods and visit the places around the area in a hassle-free road trip due to no presence of traffic jams, especially in Edsa.

  • Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway

    This expressway was acknowledged as the country’s longest expressway having 93.77 kilometers and providing modern construction to fulfill the needs of the commuters and travelers for a safe and reliable route to reach the areas within the label areas. It became a great deal for businesses to trade easily and have the efficiency of saving time and money regarding the costs that will be used in the operation.


    Having an easier route lessens the worries and consumption of time to travel. Gateways such as those mentioned above make sense to further invest in quality infrastructure that will have a big impact on commuters or travelers. As time goes by, people are surrounded by technology that supports providing a better quality road that can create more opportunities for businesses regarding the trading of goods in the markets.

    As far as the economy of the nation changes, more factors affect each project but beyond that, growth helps the process to fulfill the gap and respond to the most reasonable needs. In urban areas, it is expected that the lifestyle is higher than those in rural areas but the ability to expand the pathways by connecting particular sections executes access for convenience to all commuters and travelers. The ability to use the creativity of some experts to deal with the road to catch up with the demand of people to conduct preferable pathways serves a better connection with the businesses and mainly the citizens.

All About Bria Homes

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Bria Homes Pampanga

    As for those clients who seek a house and lot in the area of Pampanga, two areas are offered there including Bria in San Fernando and the Magalang branches. The availability of the houses still depends on the slots open for reservations and acquisition. The house projects are relatively close to Clark and Subic. Both have the same environment which is positioned to nearby institutions that are probably needed in their daily needs. Bria Homes Magalang is just 20 minutes away from Clark International Airport. This entails how convenient the placement of the house projects in Bria. This help the homeowners to not go further for their daily needs and the convenience by looking at the area with ease.

Bria House and Lot Virtual Tours

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Written by: Angela J. Cruz