The 6 Most Popular Filipino Internet Slangs of 2022

internet slangs Filipinos made

“Forda pauso nanaman ang mga ferson.” This phrase means that people always innovate something that becomes trendy. The words “forda” and “ferson” was popularized by an internet personality in a social media platform, TikTok. The language used seems to be different as this is considered a Filipino internet slang. This slang might be different from the popular informal Filipino words which involves reversing the syllables or its spelling. In fact, the former Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno became known for popularizing again such slangs to the masses. He was also called by his supporters through this way of slang, Yorme. Nevertheless, this just shows how language is never static and evolves along with trends and based on the likings of its speakers.  In an elitist perspective, some might see the slangs as “jeje” because of its popularity with the masses yet being cringey for them. Still, we cannot discredit how Filipino internet slangs spices up conversations by letting it become a new way of expressing our thoughts. So, if you are not yet familiar with the popular slang words this 2022, you do not have to worry! You still have time to learn and vibe with the trends of the younger generation! Slangs never get old easily. For the oldies out there, one way of feeling younger is to jive with the trends of the youngsters. Never doubt this tip, as you will surely be seen as cool by the Millennials and Gen Zs if you can understand their language. If you want to be cool and start vibing with the trends, here are some of the most popular Filipino internet slangs of 2022.

1. Marites

Surely, this might be the most popular Filipino slang on the internet at present. It is a name or label given to the people who loves to gossip. Admit it or not, there is always a part of us which loves to hear gossips or let’s say there will be a time where we want to talk about the life of others, may it be because of our curiosity or what we hear from others. But how did the term “Maritess” formed?

Filipino women usually call their female friends as “mare”. Since it is known that women love to talk with one another, knowing the latest issue or gossip is what makes them easily engaged in a conversation. With this, to make the phrase “Mare, anong latest?” shorter, “tess” was added after the tag “mare” to simplify things making it “Maritess”. For Filipino women who have a name like this, they might not be happy but for the majority of the Filipinos, this slang made things a bit lighter even though we know that gossiping is annoying especially when you are the topic of what they talk about.

This slang is used as gender-neutral as well. So, for the men out there, we know that you love gossips as well. Gossiping in Filipino culture is not only for women. There are also men who might be quiet on the outside but you never know, he is updated with the latest issues or the emerging gossips out there.

2. Sana All or Naol

This may arguably be the most used Filipino internet slang. It’s meaning is simple, “hoping everyone is experiencing such.” That is the longer version of the term “sana all”. Who does not want to experience the prosperity enjoyed by others, right? So, for the fortunate people out there, let us all say “sana all.” Kidding aside, this slang might sound like a bit envious of what people enjoy but it also implies how lucky a person is compared to the person hoping that he or she experience such privilege as well.

3. Lods or Lodi

This Filipino internet slang is somewhat similar to the popular slangs in the past as it just reversed the word “idol”. Its meaning is simple as well. It is the same with the original meaning of the word “idol”. It is often used by people who humble themselves because they are amused of how good a person and they idolize that person for his amazing skills, talents, or personality. However, for some, it is used to mock people who are cocky or those who are considered “all talk, no show.”

4. Share ko lang or SKL

There will always be a point in our life that we get too excited to share our happiest moments with others. However, with our excitement, it is often hard to start a conversation. So, using the term “SKL” or in English, “just saying” made things simpler. It is like expressing your intention of sharing something to the person without expecting anything from them. The main purpose is just to share because maybe you are overjoyed or overwhelmed with your experience. But for some, they use this slang if they are doubting if the person whom they will share to will find the information useful. Anyhow, by saying SKL, more often than not, you do not expect anything from the receiver because you just want to share an information that might bring them good news or the info will be of good use for them.

5. Dasurv or Dasurb

This slang is just a fancier version of the word “deserve.” It also entails the same meaning. It is a way to say that you deserve something that happened to you or to someone, whether good or bad. If it is a response to a not-so-good story of a person, it means that “you deserved that karma hit you” or in Filipino “buti nga sayo/sa kanya.” But if it is a response for something that is good, it means that the person validates that you deserve all the goodness in this world.

6. Tulfo

This term became popular because of the online show of broadcast journalist and now Senator, Raffy Tulfo. He is known to be a person to call by the masses especially in times of trouble or unsolvable issues with other people. In his show, he discusses the issue with complainant to know who is in the good and bad side. His show is like a platform to settle issues between people and also a way to help victims file a proper case.  His show gained popularity because of the numerous issues solved through his show and it is believed to be way faster than how trial courts act with the cases. Thus, it became a running joke among the people that if you do something wrong, they will say “ipa-Tulfo kita” because Raffy Tulfo will make the offender accountable for his or her mistakes plus you surely do not want to appear in his show by any means, right?

Slangs Improve Communication and Expression

            If a conversation is too formal, it might feel a bit awkward between people. These slangs lighten up the mood of the conversation by using informal words that even it sounds funny, it still captures the true meaning of what needs to be conveyed. In conversations, we usually want to use the mildest or blunt words especially if we know that what we want to convey is something that might be offensive to the receiver of the message. With slangs, it makes it easier to think of the words to use to avoid offending or hurting the feelings of the receiver yet conveying the meaning you intend to. With this, slangs provide a unique way to express messages, evoke emotion and create a sense of belongingness because you still keep up with the trends and try to learn the new slangs to understand the conversation of people around you.

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