First things to do to kickstart your 2023 right        

New Hobbies for a better year

Every year is always a chance for a new beginning. In the Philippines, many Filipinos look forward to such a beginning through the start of the year, where the new year serves as an opportune time for them to set their priorities, their goals, adjust their lifestyle and learn a new skill or hobby. Indeed, celebrating a new year would be incomplete without these practices. These things are important because it serves as a way to kickstart your year. A 2023 kickstart is a good help to set the tempo of all the things you want to accomplish this year, especially since people find such things skeptical because we tend to be inconsistent with what we want to do. Thankfully, here at Bria Homes, we believe in everyone’s capacity to become a better version of himself. As such, we present the things that you should first do to have a 2023 kickstart that would assist you in accomplishing and developing the person you are today.

1. Develop a new hobby

Whether it is dancing, video games, sports, gardening, or simply reading, allowing yourself to have some leisure is a good way to kickstart your year. Several scientific researchers have proven time and time again how hobbies help you to tackle stress, moodiness, depression, and improve your overall well-being. By doing something purposeful, you also feel that you are developing yourself into the person you want to become.

One example is video gaming, which catalyzes your imagination and storytelling. Not only that, it improves your hand to eye coordination and communication skills with other players online. On the other hand, other activities like dancing and hiking helps you to lead a more active lifestyle! If you want to start as early as now, read this article below:

It also provides you with new things to experience, which should be relevant, especially if you want to have a fresh start this new year. Your perceived hobby would also allow you to do something which you find yourself passionate about. Indeed, developing a new hobby is a surefire way to kickstart your 2023, as it would help you to make yourself feel purposeful, which would hopefully translate for the upcoming year.

2. Learn a new skill

This is something that perhaps many people are really looking forward to doing. Having a new set of skills makes you feel like a different person altogether. One example is learning a new language, which is not simply a skill to brag about but something that would open a lot of opportunities in your career. You may also sharpen your vocabulary, a skill that would allow you to write effectively in essays and poems.

Another skill that you can learn is digital and social media literacy. Given that today, our digital life is so much anchored in our lifestyle. Meanwhile, media literacy allows you to determine the veracity of information that seems to bombard us every day. On another note, you may also develop your public speaking, a skill that would serve very well on any career path for an individual.

As you can see, learning a new skill not only helps you develop but unlocks a lot of possibilities for you. By having these possibilities, your 2023 would really kick it off to become a year to remember!

3. Start doing what you love

Starting this new year is also an opportunity to begin to do what you love. Before finally taking the first step towards your passion, ask and analyze your 2022 self. What are the things you need to improve? What are the passions you want to seek this 2023? What are the things you love that you look forward as the new year begins?

As you ponder upon these questions, take notes of your interests and do not be afraid to take the first step! The key ingredient to start doing what you love is by prioritizing yourself and your happiness. By doing what you love, activities can be more fulfilling and productive. This is an effective drive towards success. Join a club or organizations, be active, try and learn a new hobby, study something new, practice a new skill, travel somewhere new, revisit an old hobby, and so much more. Possibilities are endless – when you are brave enough to embrace the things you love. As the new year begins, take this as a sign to check it all off from your checklist, and kickstart your 2023 with a happier you.

By taking the first step and doing what you love, you also inspire others to do the same. As we welcome 2023 with a braver and motivated you, do not forget to celebrate your victories – big or small. 2023 is indeed a new year and new you!

4. Challenge yourself

Daring yourself is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to kickstart your year. Going past your limits allows you to mature, gain confidence, prepare yourself for other ordeals that you may face in the future. If you would challenge yourself as a way to start your year, you may develop new habits, beliefs, and behaviors that would help your overall lifestyle.

A perfect example of this is challenging yourself to enter into investing. The art of investing is perhaps one of the most intimidating and challenging experiences for an individual. Real Estate Investments are one of the most excellent and safe investment options that also gives a steady cash flow. Indeed, starting out with real estate may be challenging but the lessons and the rewards that you will reap in the end will all be worth it. If you wanted to dare yourself into this venture, try considering to invest in Bria Homes properties near you! Read the article below to learn more about starting into real estate!

5. Collect then Select

This year, 2022, may have been tough, but it has taught us so many lessons not just about ourselves but also the people around us. May this year be a learning opportune for you to collect and select this new year, 2023. Relationships are vital in our day to day lives. It is an influential factor in our lives – healthy relationships help us grow and this is what we will collect and select as we kickstart 2023.

First, collect the relationships you have. Good or bad, these relationships have taught us anew. Second, analyze these relationships and evaluate. This will help in reflecting the impact of the relationships towards your life. Third, select the important, essential, and healthy relationships from the rest. Choose your circle wisely – they are the people who will support you, motivate you, and inspire you. Know which people you surround yourself with.

By building a solid foundation of healthy relationships, it will also resonate within you. As we collect and select this new year, may it become an inspiration to maintain healthy and genuine relationships. By choosing your circle wisely, you learn how to set boundaries, prioritize yourself, and help yourself grow. Indeed, you will kickstart 2023 with a new and better you.

The following are only some of the things you can do to kickstart your year 2023. You may do one or the other, or even do two things at once. We hope that by providing you with the following tips, it would not only help you to have a fresh start but also helps you to be consistent so that you may accomplish your goals for the whole year ahead of us.

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Written by AJ Caputolan