Summer Saya sa Bria

The sun is blazing dazzlingly up above, white wispy clouds fill the azure sky, and trees sway lazily from the humid air that touches the skins of people walking about the sun-lit pavement. It’s time for Summer Saya sa Bria!

A sandy beach with the word Summer written out

This is only one of the typical scenarios one can experience during the summer season, a season commonly associated with the heat of the sun. Other summer activities are also popular such as yearly vacation trips to resorts or beaches; and, as for students, the end of another school year. It is the time to relax after a year’s worth of work and the time for festivities and fun.

And because Bria Homes wants to bring Summer Fun into its communities, all its developments will bring forth a series of BRIAtastic activities from March 2018 to May 2018. These activities will vary from fun-filled classes for instance (cooking classes, baking classes, etc.) to various competitions (basketball tournament, beauty pageants, etc). 

Bria Homes wants its homebuyers to experience the excitement of summer by bringing them activities that will not only entertain them but also allow them to create memorable summer memories, thus the overarching title, Summer Saya sa Bria. 

A logo for Summer Saya Sa Bria

Many fun-filled activities are in store for everyone during our Summer Saya sa Bria festivities.  It will surely be an event to remember. Our Bria communities’ will host three month long activities during these summer months that will surely fill everyone in the community with sunny smiles and laughter. 

Everyone, whoever you may be or whatever status you may have in life, are welcome to participate. Above all, We look forward to seeing your bright smiles there. See you, mga Besh!

Here are some of the activities from each area during Summer Saya sa Bria:

For Laguna Area:

Sarangola Festival

•Sports Fest & General Assembly

•Fiesta sa Bria

For Bataan Area:

•General Assembly 

•Housing caravan


•Red Cross blood letting 

•Grand Accreditation for Brokers 

For Bulacan Area:

•Garage sale 

•Sta. cruzan 

•Basketball Tournament 

•Medical Mission 

For Cavite Area: 

•Grand Motorcade 

•Grand Launching of Dressed up Models

•Kite Making Contest

•Basketball Tournament 

•Sta Cruzan

For Rizal Area: 

•Grand Motorcade 

•Grand Launching of Dressed up Models

•Kite Making Contest

•Basketball Tournament 

•Sta Cruzan

For Camarines Sur Area:

•Cake Decorating Class

•Sales Office Blessing in addition to Grand Launch of Model Houses

•Grand PKS

•Grand Sales Clinic

•Chicken Cordon Bleu Making

•Grand Open House

•Team Building 

•Beauty Pageant 

•Sta Cruzan Arch Making Contest

•Sta Cruzan sa Bria CamSur

For Pampanga Area:

•Basketball Tournament 

•Graduation tenting & medal sponsorship

For Calbayog Area:

•Brgy Grand Assembly

•Tenting during Graduation

•Grand Buyers Day

•School Early Registration

•Grand Job Fair 

•Kite Flying Contest

•Basketball Tournament 

For Dumaguete Area:

•Basketball Tournament 

•Zumba sa Blvd 

•Medical Mission

•Kalesa ni Bria (sponsor ride)

For Northern Mindanao Area: 

•Kite flying contest 

•Bonfire Buyers Day

•Summer Camp Buyers Day

•Beach/ Resort Tenting

•Bria Art Attack

•Valencia Motorcade

For Kidapawan Area: 

•Basketball Tournament 

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