Reasons Why Filipinos Love Korean Culture and Products


For more than 30 years now, Korean culture and products are loved by Filipinos especially when you are into K-Pop and K-Dramas. There are things that you really can’t explain but you understand what it feels, and you are able to connect with what you see or hear through it. That’s the Korean effect that most Filipinos get to experience while watching Korean dramas, eating Korean foods, and listening to Korean songs. How did Korean culture and products influenced Filipinos, well to give you a glimpse, in the mid-late 1990s Hallyu or known as Korean wave began and gained its ground from all over the world, it is a phrase that was coined to describe the spread of South Korean culture and products such as music, television series and food in Asia and other parts of the world. In a study from the International Journal of Social Science and Humanity it revealed that Hallyu or k-wave arrived in the Philippines through Korean dramas which is currently known as “Koreanovelas” in the early 2000. Hallyu was just the beginning of how Filipinos embraces the culture and products of South Korea.

Do you have an idea why Korean culture and products are woven and well adapted in the Filipino lives? Here are the reasons why:

Reason #1: Relatable Korean Series and Movies

For those of you who haven’t watched yet a Korean drama or movie, this is your chance to get to know what buzz this is all about. In a Korean series or movie, you will see good-looking actors and actresses and as you are watching them, you will relate on how the storyline goes until the end. Korean dramas are quite distinctive for what we have in our country, most of the Filipino dramas usually ends having a “happy ending” which is unusual for what Koreans have shown us in their series and movies. This proves that Filipinos get to relate more with a Korean series because they are being exposed to what reality is supposed to look like in the world we live in today thru their films and creations. In the early 2000s, the Philippine TV networks has started remaking of popular Korean dramas and movies that Filipinos can relate and adapt. Also, the Filipino adaptation of award-winning “Descendants of the Sun” have received countless reactions from fans, and this year one of the most anticipated drama is the remake of “The World of Married” which most husbands, wives, and Filipinos can also relate. The remake of “Miracle in Cell No. 7” gained great reviews as they get to see one of the most trending movies that Korea produced and is a Filipino-remake entry at the Metro Manila Film Festival in the year 2019.

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Reason #2: Aesthetic-Driven Korean Pop Music

As the Korean wave hit the country, Korean music is a part of how Filipinos got influenced in getting embraced by Korean culture. Korean music was once thought to be forgotten over the years, but they were wrong, through time many Filipinos became a supporter of Korean music. Filipinos was and still is attracted to various Korean boy and girl groups or known as K-pop idols. Korean culture is amazing, their music is fantastic some songs are filled with emotions that you can relate with, even as the lyrics are in a different language, there is just something truly wonderful behind the music that Filipinos love and listens to. As Korean culture grown its influenced in our country, Filipinos tend to buy physical albums to Korean pop merchandise and products that the Korean idols endorses, that is the great Korean effect you can’t really explain. In addition, Korean music entices the Filipino hearts, as Korean idols performs their concert, releases their albums, launches their singles and even watching them through the internet, you can see the love, support, and devotion the Filipino people poured in the Korean music.

Reason #3: Intensely Flavored Korean Food and Products

Many can attest that Filipinos loves to eat, this is one of the main reasons why Filipino loves Korean culture and products. As Filipinos became fans of Korean dramas and Korean music, most were influenced by Korean idols to buy foods and products that they eat or their favorites. That is how devoted or fanatic a Filipino can be to Korean idols, they can buy and eat everything because their idols also consume it. Today as the world continuously develops, the Korean culture increasingly influences Filipinos and grown in the years since it first hit the country. Korean foods and products are evident in our market today, we can see that the rise of Korean stores in malls, commercial center and other parts of the country have established K-stores and restaurants with K-beauty products, clothes, and food products. Filipino people admire beauty since they are amazed by how Korean people dresses up, their style, the food they eat and how they present themselves into the world we live in today. There are things that most can’t really explain with how Filipinos get influenced by Korean culture, but we can see that through Korean dramas and music, they were able to enlighten us to think and act differently. Samgyeopsal, gimbap, kimchi, chapchae are some of the Korean foods that is loved by Filipinos, well it is really evident that their food is amazing as how it looks, this just proves that Filipinos are influenced by the culture and flavors of South Korea, the seasoned Korean dishes and delicacies are breathtaking experiences that Filipinos get to taste. Korean products are exceptional compared to what we have in our market, the Korean rises and gain countless reviews for its quality, satisfaction and features that exceeds its potential as with offering product and services.

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Written by Ednyl Joharah Amar