PLANTAHANAN Bria’s Plant A Tree Program

Bria Plantahanan

Last year, Bria Homes, the fastest growing mass housing developer in the Philippines, started its plight towards a greener and a better Philippines through, “Project Communitree” (Bria’s Plant A Tree Program for 2017). In keeping up with our tradition of providing safe, clean and thriving communities, Bria has yet another Plant A Tree program in store for this year. With the help of our communities nationwide we hope to encourage everyone to appreciate and participate in activities that would help in making the environment safe and clean for everyone and for the generations to come.

PLANTAHANAN Bria’s Plant A Tree Program Poster Graphic

This year, Bria Homes will once again engage and encourage its communities to take part in protecting Mother Nature through, “Plantahanan: Bria’s Plant a Tree Program.”

Keeping our environment clean and healthy is imperative to having a sustainable lifestyle for generations to come. Planting trees can help a lot in keeping nature in balance in so much as keeping the air clean and holding pollution at bay. Trees also provide much needed shade that would contribute to the comforts of living in a safe and clean community. It is therefore important that we continue to maintain and contribute for the betterment of all our communities in participating with this years Plantahanan activities, and future Bria Plant A Tree Programs.

Plantahanan: Bria’s Plant A Tree Program, aims to communicate the importance of our environment to the younger generation. Through this, Bria Homes envisions a country wherein the generations to come would be able to live in a beautiful, greener, and healthier environment.

Join Bria Homes this June as it nurtures Mother Nature for it will pave the way towards a thriving home –  “Kalinga sa Kalikasan tungo sa Maunlad na Tahanan.”

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