Plan your 2023 travels with this simple guide

planning to travel

As a result of the airplane’s limited seating, you must compete with every other traveler in the world whenever a seat sale or travel bargain arises. To achieve great travel this year is some people’s dream. Create a better travel plan for 2023 with the help of seat sales, check out this guide for more details.

1. Make a Plan ahead 

Plan out your year’s travels in advance and be clear on the locations and departure dates you desire. By doing this, you can make a reservation right away and beat other customers to any last-minute seat sales or promotions that an airline may provide.

2. Set Schedule

Check everyone’s schedules. If you’re traveling with family or friends, get everyone’s personal information ahead of time to save time when making the reservationHere are the dates of the holidays for 2023, so you may request your vacation leave and experience the great travel deals

3. Follow Airline’s social media profiles

To learn about the newest promotions offered by airlines, follow their social media profilesAirlines typically prominently advertise ticket sales on social media, but loyal fliers are aware that specific months are notorious for very significant seat discounts. 

Seat sales of Airlines to be followed:

  • Air Asia 

AirAsia offers a variety of deals and promotions on both routine and last-minute flights throughout the year. Customers may anticipate repdigit discounts on specific days thanks to AirAsia and many other e-commerce companies, who reportedly use these easy-to-remember dates for monthly big sale events. It is limited and based on availability are the seat sales. During the embargo, there are no fares available.

  • Cebu Pacific

The much-awaited piso tickets, offered by Cebu Pacific once or twice a year, are extremely low-cost flight savings (Php 1 price). If you buy just in time with a piso fare bargain, domestic round-trip tickets can be acquired for as little as Php 300. Check Cebu Pacific’s social media posts at this time because March is the month when the airline celebrates its anniversary. Promo fares are non-refundable, have a limited number of seats available, and are only bookable with the following rebooking fees: Php1,500 (domestic), Php2,300 (short haul), and Php2,800 (long haul) plus the fare difference. 

  • Philippine Airlines (PAL)

Seeking the most affordable flights to the Philippines? For great travel deals on seats, turn to Flight Centre’s nonstop flights from Toronto and Vancouver to Manila, the Philippines, Asia, and beyond. Fly directly with Philippine Airlines between Canada and the Philippines to avoid needless travel visas.

There may be a seat sale on Philippine Airlines at any moment and without warning. Sales may be applied to domestic, international, or trans-Pacific flights, and Flight Centre offers them all. We carry all seat sale prices, even though they aren’t usually publicized, and we can apply your Philippine Airlines frequent flyer number to accrue miles. 24 hours a day, you can make reservations via phone, in-store, or online.

  • Sunlight Airlines

Domestic boutique charter airline Sunlight Air is focused on providing excellent customer service. By designing distinctive and seamless travel experiences throughout the stunning Philippine islands, the airline thrives on providing exceptional customer service.

If you prefer not to take flight, 2GO Travel has provided “sea sales” and sail cations at affordable rates on its ferries to various areas across the nation. One of the biggest and most reputable marine travel companies in the Philippines is 2GO Travel. It consistently aspires to break new ground by offering visitors a large variety of affordably cost hotel accommodations, tours, and event packages to ensure truly memorable journeys and great travel deals.

4. Compare costs on various travel platforms.

It’s usually important to search via many portals to find the most affordable ticket possibilities right now, whether you’re purchasing your plane directly from the carrier or utilizing a third-party booking service. With the ability to display flight costs up to a year in advance, Skyscanner and Google Flights are great places to start. In addition to connecting flights from the same airline (which are frequently expensive), the system can also present options with the two legs of the flight operated by different airlines. This is a great feature of these websites because they can show you cross-airline flights even those without code-sharing agreements (which often end up cheaper).

5. Find Out About Different Routes to Your Destination.

If you’re not in a rush, see if there is a cheap connecting flight available. You could get to your chosen location for a lot less money if you book two connecting flights during a seat sale. You can potentially save a significant amount of money by booking connecting flights on various airlines. taking a direct flight may be more convenient, but there are occasions when taking a detour might be more cost-effective and even enjoyable.

6. Booking connecting flights should be done with caution.

 Choose at least two airlines that have a code-sharing agreement if it isn’t a possible choice. In this way, the travel is smooth even if your flights are handled by two separate firms, and they can be held accountable if a delay or cancellation causes you to miss your next flight.

Additionally, be sure to thoroughly research every facet of the move. Like Baggage, Visa, Airport and Terminal, and Connection time to make sure that you will have great travel deals. 

7. Look into the policies of the airline.

Check the airline’s policy in advance if you booked your flights using a credit card that belongs to someone who won’t be traveling with you. It is one of the most perplexing airline regulations. The restrictions vary from airline to airline and are constantly changing, so it’s unclear.

For instance, except in extremely exceptional circumstances, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, and Philippine Airlines do not typically require viewing the card or a photocopy of the card.

Hope these tips in booking seat sales from Bria Homes will give you great travel deals this 2023. Don’t forget to visit our website to check out some affordable units if you are planning to be near your travel destinations. Affordably priced house-and-lot packages and condominiums will soon be more accessible to typical Filipino families thanks to BRIA Homes.

Written by Maria Joecel Porteros