Best low maintenance pets for condo living

low maintainance condo pets

Thinking about what are the best pets for condos? The best pets for condos that can fit your lifestyle or the most recommended for your condo place, or that pet that can certainly set off to benefit your everyday way of living.

We all know that condominiums or condos are divided units in one building and owned separately by individuals. As a matter of fact, condos are very popular real estate properties due to their low maintenance yet have a maximization of convenience, are less expensive than housing, and are a good investment as well.  On the other hand, as individuals who love to have pets or consider pets as a member of the family, we want to make sure that the pets that live or stay in the condo have equal spaces.  Whether you are into upscale condo living, fancy or modern type it is important to know what the best pets for condos are, the pets that are low maintenance, and pets that are allowed to be taken care of inside condo units.

Let’s discuss and take a look at the following pets that you can have:

Aquarium Pets – Whether you prefer saltwater or freshwater aquariums, having water pets are one of the best pets for condos, you can choose to have an aquarium in gallons sizes, an aesthetic mini glass aquarium, or an energy-saving fish tank, you can choose your own sets of fish, customize tank design and the size of your desired aquarium tank. The best way to have aquarium pets is not just because it gives a beautiful additional design to your condo but because it scientifically helps you to be happy, reduce stress, and in fact, fish pets bring a calming effect to their surroundings. Here are some of the aquarium pets that you can take good care of in your condo:

·       Goldfish – For the value of companionship, peaceful pets, and easy to take good care of, goldfish pets can live up to ten years, they are always available in the market and are believed to help in reducing anxiety and lowering blood pressure.

·       Clown Fish – For the saltwater aquarium you may start with clownfish, they are ideal for beginners, they only require a small space in a tank, and you can buy a single clownfish for around P533.00. Their life span is about 3 to 10 years. 

·       Turtle – these slow and steady pets are one of the best pets for condos, considering their long-life span, easy to handle, easy to maintain, and are also known for helping the negativity out in your surroundings.

·       Betta Fish – These attractive colorful fish are good both for beginners and old pet lovers, they only require less or small space and only need minimal cost set up and maintenance.

Small Size Dog Breed – when we talk about the small size dog breeds in condominiums it refers to size matters as space savers. There is no doubt that we Filipinos have a big heart for dogs and even in our owned properties, we wanted to have dog pets to be our companions.  We even include our dogs as members of the clan, and we consider them our best friends. Here are the lists of dogs that are best for condos that you can take care of:

·       Shih Tzu – These fluffy and cuddly friendly dogs are ideal for condominiums because they only require a small space to stay, are very friendly to kids, and are considered very sweet and affectionate dogs.

·       Pugs – considered as a toy breed dog that is good as a companion and very affectionate. This small pack dog will give you lots and lots of love.

·       Bichon Frise – considered one of the most recommended condominium dogs that require a small amount of exercise, is ideal for small spaces, very well with kids, and can easily adapt to their environment.

·       Yorkshire terrier – a trainable dog that does not need a big space for its regular exercise and is considered one of the best pets as well. They are playful, loving dogs and want to stay close to their owners.

·       Chihuahuas – they may have a big personality and are too small, but they are very loving and loyal, with minimal coats, and too cute to cuddle with a big heart. Definitely, an indoor dog that will give you happy and lively moments as a fur parent.

·       Corgi – this fluffy companion breed that is suitable for condos will give you an independent, very affectionate, and great dog companion. They are very active dogs, easy to train, and eager to learn.

Other Four-Legged best Pets for condos:

·       Rabbit – this small pet can become your perfect buddy companion in your condo with the right space and clean environment. These fluffy pet bunnies are low maintenance, can be trained, and are easy to take care of. Rabbit cage prices range from 300 to 700 pesos depending on the sizes you need.

·       Cats – one of the best options for condo dwellers is to have a cat. Its flexibility and attachment to its owners give you a low-maintenance and pest-free environment. Cats are known to be quiet, willful, live long, and independent.

·       Hamster – an affordable pet, super cute and adorable, they need minimal space, easy to maintain with minimal cleaning up, and are fun to have with. You can buy a single-layer Hamster cage with a running wheel, water bottle, and food basin online for as low as P199.00 pesos.

·       Guinea Pigs – this very cute pet for your condo will give you companionship because guinea pigs create a bond with their owners. Aside from that, they are adaptable and intelligent. Guinea pigs also are considered clean pets because they particularly groom themselves. Their life span is 4 to 8 years, and they are very entertaining.

Pets are important to us no matter where we are, regardless of the spaces we have, and the choice of pets we want, we take full responsibility for getting one and taking care of them as part of our family. We consider them as part of ourselves because in return they give us unconditional love, they become our stress relievers, and they become our buddies. Pets listen without judgment, and they always give us the opportunity to be happy. That is why we consider our pets as part of our homes. The bond between pets and humans is mutually founded by love that is beneficial and essential to both.

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Written by Rowena Lansang