Ormoc Tourist Spots to Visit

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Leyte-Ormoc, located in the center of the Philippine archipelago, is one of the country’s most underappreciated tourist destinations. This island region avoids major tourism, making it ideal for travelers looking to ‘get off the beaten track.’ Between Leyte and Ormoc, there is plenty of transportation. Ormoc City, located in western Leyte, is a heavily populated coastal port city that serves as the province’s economic, cultural, commercial, and transportation hub. Due to the city’s location, wide agricultural region, and seaside environment, natural resources, marine biodiversity, and natural tourist attractions abound. Visit Ormoc and have one of the best travel experiences in Leyte by exploring some of its tourist spots.

The City of Ormoc

Ormoc is known for its famous “Queen Pineapple.” Centennial Park The Veteran’s Park was constructed in the early 1990s in honor of the Filipino soldiers who fought for the liberation of Leyte and the Philippines. Leyte is known for its delicious pineapples. These light sweet natural treats are most commonly seen in Ormoc. They’re also widely used in desserts, so try some of the local specialties, such as cassava cake.

Pineapple Plantation is located in Barangay Hibunawon, north of the city, on 210 hectares of rolling terrain. Ormoc’s Queen Pineapple is known for its sweetness, is a popular pasalubong, and is the city’s unofficial symbol. The Locsin family owns the plantation (family of the city vice mayor).

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Ormoc City’s Top 8 Tourist Destinations

1. Lake Danao National Park

The 1,500-hectare highly forested hills of Leyte were designated as a National Park in 1965. Lake Danao is a small freshwater lake atop Mount Danao (elevation 1600 m); a paradise that supports a diverse range of flora and wildlife. The lake’s depth drops to 182 meters, and its bottom is covered with sandy and clay soils. The mountain is classified as a humid tropical forest, with Imperata cylindrical. Around the area, there are rice paddies and sugar cane plantations.

Lake Danao National Park is one of Ormoc’s Tourist spots as boating, swimming, and deep-sea fishing are all popular activities in the area. The park is home to a variety of fish species, including catfish, carp, Indian milkfish, tilapia, and huge eels. Ducks, egrets, grebes, and herons are among the many waterfowl species. The best aerial picture of the lake can be obtained by trekking up the slopes of the surrounding peaks.

2. Alto Peak

Aminduen, the tallest peak in Eastern Visayas, stands majestic and towering at 1,332 meters above sea level (MASL). This peak is well-known among hikers and trekkers not just in the area, but also throughout the country. Those who have braved the climb up the peak have described it as a marvel. Even the walk itself is beneficial since it allows you to appreciate nature’s fresh breeze and beautiful foliage. Because the trail may be tough, it is recommended that you conduct some research before going.

Setting up a tent at the summit overnight is even more enjoyable, as you get to see the huge, star-studded heavens at night. When shared with friends, this event is unquestionably valuable.

3. Philippine-Japan Peace Memorial Park

The Nagoya and Gifu Prefectures erected this spectacular memorial plaque as a gesture of friendship between the Japanese and Filipinos in the aftermath of World War II, and it is located in one of the city’s attractive hills overlooking Ormoc Bay, Carlota Hills in Brgy. Can-adieng is one of must-visit tourist destinations. This place was frequented by Japanese visitors in honor of their loved ones who served in World War II.

4. Puente de la Riena

The “Bridge of the Queen,” or Puente de la Riena, is the final physical structure that represents the Spanish colonization in the city. Don’t miss the chance to feel the history once again by dropping by at Puente de la Riena as one of the tourist spots in Ormoc, Leyte.

The oldest bridge in the city, its cobblestones are still intact, relics of a bygone era. It was started in the early 1800s and finished in 1861. The bridge was used as a mooring spot for sailboats, Chinese vintas, Javanese, and Indonesians who came to the island to sell their wares during the Spanish rule.
Today, the bridge is still in service. It’s close to the city’s old twin buildings for the executive and legislative branches, as well as the old Ormoc City Hall, which will be converted into a museum soon. The Puentes de Espaa en las Filipinas, or Spanish Bridges in the Philippines, includes the Puente de la Riena.

5. Lake Danao

It is the main natural attraction in Ormoc that many tourists visits. It was once known as Lake Imelda before being renamed Lake Danao Natural Park. On the Ormoc Mountains, Lake Danao is a violin-shaped lake. It is around 700 meters above sea level and has a total area of about 139 hectares. Boating, kayaking, and fishing are all popular activities on the lake. Also suitable for sightseeing, camping, trekking, picnics, and retreats is the area surrounding the lake.

6. Leyte Golf and Country Club

The Leyte Golf and Country Club is located in Leyte, the province where General McArthur landed is tourist spot famous in Ormoc for its concierge service and 360 degree view of the mountain. Ormoc was the site of the club’s construction. It has a medium-sized golfing space on its 18-hole golf course. It was made with a flat and straight design in mind, but one that may test a player’s skills.

Due to the course’s layout, golfers have reported that the course can become muddy after rain, which has proven to be a challenge and a hazard for many players. The course also features Bermuda and Carabao grasses in the fairways, as well as well-kept greens.

7. Vetaran’s Park

In the early 1990s, the Veteran’s Park was built in honor of Filipino troops who fought for the liberation of Leyte and the Philippines. It is a memorial to the veterans who fought during the liberation of Leyte and the Philippines, and is located near Ormoc’s sea wall.

8. Ormoc City Superdome

Ormoc City’s pride and joy, located within the city and facing Ormoc Bay. An enormous edifice with a floor size of 3,782 square meters and contemporary facilities that can accommodate 5,000 people. This contemporary construction is an ideal location for socio-cultural events such as conventions, conferences, concerts, basketball and volleyball tournaments, and other similar events.

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