Open a Bank Account with Zero Maintaining Balance


Let’s face it: half of all Filipino adults do not have a bank account. This is due to people’s inability to access funds and the widespread belief that banks require a large starting balance in order to operate. However, this is not always the case. As it happens, many low-cost banking solutions that do not require an average daily balance are now available to Filipinos, and some are even nearby Bria Homes communities! There are various types of bank accounts that allow you to save with a low maintaining balance or with no initial deposit and no minimum balance requirement, so you don’t have to worry about your account being closed because there isn’t enough money in it.

Here the 10 Savings/Bank Accounts and That Do Not Have a Maintaining Balance

The savings accounts listed below offer benefits and features that are appropriate for anyone’s needs, whether it’s their first time opening an account or they simply need a backup fund. Because they are all protected by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation, or PDIC, they all have your back.

  1. AUB Beginning Savings

Asia United Bank offers a no-fee savings account called Starter Savings (AUB). Yes, it is a useful tool for saving money, especially for those who have not yet established a savings account.

Your funds are easily accessible at ATMs as well as through AUB’s internet and mobile banking apps. In order to save you time and effort, all of your financial data will be sent to you in the form of electronic statements of accounts (e-SOA) (e-SOA).

ATM account | ATM Card Processing Fee: Php 150 | Daily Withdrawal Limit: Php 50, 000 | Initial Deposit: None | Interest Rate: 0.100% per year | Interest-earning Balance: Php 1,000

  • Account GSave

GSave, the in-app or digital savings account for GCash, is maintained by CIMB Bank Philippines. To open a savings account with no minimum deposit, all you need is a fully authorized GCash user.

GSave also offers free life insurance with coverage of up to Php 250, 000, based on the average daily amount in your account. To qualify for this bonus, you must maintain a monthly average balance of Php 5,000 or more.

The GCash app is utilized for all elements of the GSave account, from account setup to withdrawals, making it one of the most convenient no-minimum-balance savings accounts in the Philippines. Only transfers between the user’s GSave account and their own GCash wallet are possible.

Account type: digital | Account validity: 12 months | Daily Withdrawal Limit: Php 100,000 | Initial Deposit: None | Interest Rate: 2.6% per year | Interest-earning Balance: None | Maximum cumulative deposit: Php 500,000

  • Account PNB TAP Mastercard

The Philippine National Bank (PNB) TAP Mastercard comes with the PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Debit Mastercard, which can be used for cash withdrawals and purchases at any location that accepts Mastercard or Maestro. You can earn Mabuhay Miles by accumulating points. Your PNB TAP Mastercard comes with 500 Mabuhay Miles that can be used at Philippine Airlines (PAL) for the first three months after it is issued.

Account type: ATM | Initial Deposit: None | Interest Rate: 0.100% per year| Interest-earning Balance: Php 10, 000 | Monthly account fee: Php 15

  • Personal Savings Account at UnionBank

The Personal Savings Account is the only UnionBank account with no minimum balance. You can use the included Visa debit card at any ATM that accepts Visa, including UnionBank and BancNet machines all over the Philippines.

This no-minimum-balance checking account may be opened in person at any UnionBank location, or via the bank’s mobile app. You can manage your finances and make purchases whenever you want, all through the same simple app. There are also lower transfer fees.

Account type: Digital | Daily Withdrawal Limit: Php 20, 000 | Initial Deposit: None | Interest Rate: 0.10% per year| Interest-earning Balance: Php 10, 000

  • Account at UnionDigital

UnionDigital, UnionBank’s wholly owned digital banking subsidiary, aims to serve the unbanked and underserved Filipino population. As a result, it provides a bank account with no starting or maintaining balance requirements.

UnionDigital is an app-only bank that only accepts online deposits. Quick submissions are possible because of the relaxed application process. Your Pitaka account will be enabled once your application has been approved.

ATM account | No initial deposit | 2.5% annual interest rate | No interest-earning balance

  • Easi-Save Basic from China Bank

The low account opening deposit and no minimum balance of Easi-Save Basic make it ideal for first-time savers.

Account type: ATM | Account Opening Fee: Php 100 | Initial Deposit: None | Interest Rate: 0.125% per year| Interest-earning Balance: Php 1, 000

  • UpSave Account at CIMB Bank

In the Philippines, CIMB Bank is a forward-thinking digital bank that offers a high interest rate on its UpSave account. Because CIMB is an internet bank, opening a savings account with no minimum balance is done entirely online.

Account Type: Digital | Daily Transfer Limit: Php 500,000 | Initial Deposit: None | Annual Interest Rate: 2.5% | Interest-earning Balance: None

  • Account for DBP EC Card

This zero-balance checking account is available to overseas Filipino employees, migrant workers currently working abroad, and their dependents. The resulting card and bank account combination is ideal for sending money abroad.

Account type: ATM | Daily Withdrawal Limit: Php 20, 000 | Initial Deposit: None | Interest Rate: 0.10% per year| Interest-earning Balance: Php 500

  • Komo

EastWest Bank created Komo, a digital-only banking service. Customers can open and manage their zero-balance savings accounts online. The account’s ease of opening and excellent interest rates are complemented by free and unlimited withdrawals from EastWest ATMs and four free withdrawals per month at other BancNet ATMs.

Account Type: Digital | Initial Deposit: None | Annual Interest Rate: 2.5%

  1. Savings for Maya

Maya (previously known as PayMaya) has established a financial institution entitled Maya Bank, which provides savings accounts that need no minimum balance. Opening an account at Maya Bank is simple because it is an online institution. To open an account, you only need to provide one form of acceptable identification. You will receive Php 20 in addition to opening an account.

Account type: Digital | Initial Deposit: None | Interest Rate: 4.5% per year| Interest-earning Balance: Up to Php 5 million

Bria Homes can help you turn your savings into a sound investment.

When deciding among the different possibilities for savings accounts that need no minimum balance, it all comes down to finding a financial institution that matches your unique requirements. You should select a Philippine savings account that will assist you in reaching your financial goals.

If your goal is not only to pay bills conveniently but also to make a profitable investment while saving, make sure to open a savings account with no minimum balance from one of Bria Homes’ partnered banks!

Be wise in picking where to open your savings account with no maintenance balance and start your budget home investment immediately!

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Written by Raiza T. Gumarang