Gas it up: Choosing the best gas range

In any kitchen, a gas stove is a necessity. Making the right decision enhances your kitchen’s appearance and makes cooking more enjoyable. Even though it’s a common item, picking the right one can be challenging. The reason why most people err is because they only consider how something appears. However, it must also fulfill your daily needs in order to be the best option. Today’s market offers a wide variety of products and services for consumers to choose from. Making a decision will be much simpler for you if you are aware of the various cooking feature ranges, colors, and styles. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 gas range in the Philippines to serve as a guide and aid in decision-making. But before that, let’s identify first the common types of gas ranges found in the country that might be a perfect fit to your lifestyle and aesthetic


These ranges can be installed anywhere in the kitchen and have finished sides. The controls are typically located on a high back guard, so no cabinetry or special installation is needed to make it blend in with the surroundings. These models typically measure 30 or 36 inches wide and are a popular option among owners of condominiums and apartments.


To make slide-in ranges appear flush and seamless, they were “built-in” to overlap a countertop on the sides. Food particles are kept out of the sides and cabinet of the range thanks to this design. The controls are typically located just over the oven door at the top or along the front side. Modern slide-in ranges have finished sides that make them appear free-standing. However, the majority of slide-ins still need cabinets on both sides.


Although drop-in ranges resemble slide-in ranges in appearance, this model needs countertop adjustments to be perfectly retrofitted. It doesn’t even touch the surface of the floor; it is entirely suspended. You’ll understand what we’re talking about if you’ve ever seen a built-in microwave oven. The controls are typically located on top, and there is a much greater likelihood that electric versions exist than gas versions. Despite being a rare type of range, there may still be some demand, particularly in homes where a replacement with the same configuration is required but where major countertop renovations are not desired.

Now that we have identified the three common gas range models let us now move on to identifying the top 6 best gas range choices in the Philippines.


On the stainless-steel cooktop of this Whirlpool 4-burner gas range with an oven, there are cast iron pan supports. This oven can hold 73 liters, which is a lot considering how small it is. For baking or grilling poultry about the size of a chicken, use the rotisserie function. You can observe what is cooking inside the oven thanks to a light. If you are concerned about a gas leak, use a gas safety valve. For precisely lighting and extinguishing the flame, each burner has a sizable mechanical knob and an electric sparker. It’s quite large, and we don’t exaggerate when we say “huge,” which is good because it lets you more precisely control the temperature of the cooking environment.


Over the years, La Germania has become one of the most popular names among Filipinos. With its all-white color and small size, their freestanding gas range with oven is a great addition to any kitchen and was created especially for studio-style homes with limited kitchen space. It has a body made entirely of porcelain enamel and a glass top cover for simple cleaning. Additionally, it has a three-burner stovetop with an automatic Piezo ignition that has one large burner for larger pots and woks and two medium burners. With a 49-liter capacity for baking or grilling, the manually operated gas oven can be lit with a match or a gas igniter. La Germania is the best option if you’re looking for a reliable brand for your compact kitchen.


Today’s gas ranges come with a lot of features that drive up their cost. And while the majority of their features can enhance the performance of gas ranges, not all users make the most of them. Fabriano is aware of this. As a result, they created a gas range that includes only the most fundamental features. It has four gas burners with electronic ignition as a start. The 56-liter gas oven on this freestanding range can bake, grill, or broil. On the front of the Fabriano gas range are control knobs that make it simple to adjust the flame. Additionally, you can use its adjustable legs during installation to keep its height close to your countertop.


A White-Westinghouse four-burner gas range with a hot plate cooktop would be a great addition to the kitchen of any home cook. The three burners with medium flames and the small flame burner make them perfect for braising and other low-and-slow cooking techniques. Wok cooking is done on a single high-heat burner in the meantime. The gas oven and grill, each of which has a thermostat, have a 62-liter capacity. Additionally, there is a fan and an air-exhausting mechanical timer. The LPG tank is cleverly hidden while still taking up minimal space in the garage. There is also a hot plate for a griddle pan. Additionally, the two burners can be covered by the cast-iron pan support, which holds pots and pans in place while cooking.


With four burners and two additional hot plates in the middle, this gas range can handle nonstop cooking. More baking or broiling batches can be prepared at once in the spacious oven. Additionally, it has a rotisserie and a drip tray for collecting the delicious juices for gravy-making. To keep food hot and fresh, there is a warming cabinet at the bottom. Get this premium gas range’s gas cutoff valve for its versatility and safety feature. So, this is the gas range you need if you want one with a medium capacity.


If you want to cook at a reasonable gas range price, the XTREME HOME XGR-504G freestanding gas range is the best option. This inexpensive XTREME model is renowned for producing excellent meals and has a self-cleaning oven. However, compared to more expensive options, it doesn’t cook as well. This GE has a mechanical control or can be made of stainless steel. When you’re not using baking sheets, the bottom drawer is a great place to store them. If you’re willing to spend a little more money to benefit from this model’s performance, you can get away with it.

The best gas ranges allow you to prepare delectable meals for any occasion, especially if you enjoy cooking. The best gas range brand consistently generates the precise amount of heat and temperature needed to cook your food. There won’t be a problem with the food being too hot or cold. Some of the best gas range oven Philippines available are on the list above. What you want, what you need, and how much money you have will, however, determine which one you choose. Always keep your priorities in mind and consider the type of home you have. If you are a selling ready for occupancy house and lot or a rent to own condominium, installing gas range in the kitchen increases the property value since you are you are improving kitchen functionality. So make your wise yet careful; decision.

By Noelyn Kate O. Cabrera