Little Steps to Take When Learning to Live Independently

Simple tips for independent living

Living independently is simply the same as living like everyone else; you sleep and eat each passing day. You also have an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual, while you are granted that opportunity you also gain a chance to have privacy and for your own life. Your own life, your own way of deciding things on how everything you want to go, you can simply do anything, although there is a risk of making mistakes on your decision it is also part of growing up as an individual being. 

Be a fulfilled person, make mistakes and grow. Through that, you gain experience and make yourself more mature. But how can an individual live independently? Why do some people choose to live independently? When can someone live independently? What are the preparations needed? Here are some ways that can help you to live independently:

1. Find a Stable Source of Income

First, as a starting point for living independently, making a budget is a must. You must have already computed a budget or prepared a fund for you and also having extra funds is also good in case of emergency. Make a list of possible expenses and liabilities first then add them all it’s a big factor to know how much you earn and how much you can spend or will you spend so that you can limit your expenses and have some savings. Since you already divided your money spending it makes preparations easier.

I also recommend using a budget list method to have an accurate track or record for your expenses and future or possible expenses. A good example of making a budget list method is the “Kakeibo Budgeting Method”. Kakeibo is a financial method implemented in Japan after World War II (WW2). It is a method created to help housewives to keep their family expenses in track and put their minds at ease. 

As time passed it was spread wide in whole Japan and proven that it helps every household to save more money so it was implemented as a law in Japan to learn the “Kakeibo Budgeting Method” whose main purpose is to record how much money you have, how much money you want to save, how much you can spend or will you spend, how much you can improve and how much you can earn for the month. 

By using this you can also help your mind at ease. Since you know where all your money going and if there is excess money at the end of a month that has not been spent outside the budget for expenses you can simply spend it however you like or save it for future purposes since you have already done budgeting earlier.

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2. Having Discipline and a Good Mindset

Being disciplined grants you to move more freely, it raises your morale and by having a healthy mindset set your mind to its fullest you can breathe more freely without risking your mental health or getting stressed about everything. There is also a saying that a good environment sets minds comfortable and being comfortable sets you free from stress

Like the “Kakeibo method” earlier, having a healthy mindset and having discipline is a good way to prove that you can live independently. A good lesson for this is paying your bills earlier or paying them on time including Rent, Utilities like electricity, water, internet bills, and credit card if there is one. Creating a system for paying bills and recording it helps you to keep track of expenses. You can get an accurate view of how much money is going on in bills.

3. Investments for Oneself

Investing for yourself helps you to maintain a healthy mindset, by investing in yourself you make yourself believe that you are capable of doing something and you believe that you are currently doing a good job. Just by investing in yourself, you spend a lot of time in order to take advantage of everything it helps oneself grow. Investing in yourself is also the same as learning your own value as an individual and learning your current capabilities.

Saving money is a good way to build a foundation for financial stability but also Investing is also a good recommendation to prepare you for future expenses. It also allows an individual to earn some extra pocket money. By investing money each, not only do you save money but you earn a small percentage of your own effort.

4. Get out of your Comfort Zone

Living independently is a big challenge for every individual who used to live with their family but it will be easier for some few people who experience living in dorms during their college life since it became their advantage that they already experience living under their own circumstances. Getting out of your comfort zone is a huge step in living independently at first you might be anxious about what you should do. 

Since it was never easy to live independently for the first time, you must overcome your and be prepared enough mentally for what future lies ahead. If you manage to prepare everything earlier you can also invest in your hobbies. It can make you proud and grateful at the same time since you manage to achieve something by making a huge step.

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5. Be Responsible and Observant

When you start living on your own, you decide things on everything you want, you also started relying on your own although there would be times where you ask for help for other opinions. You might be living on your own but you also have neighbors to rely on when times are difficult you can also ask for assistance for further knowledge and growth and when the time comes you might be capable of handling everything independently.

Being an observant individual is a good asset in safeguarding yourself you manage to secure yourself and you can react properly base on your observation of your current environment. It helps you to build a good relationship with your neighbors and the relationship you build with them will help you to grow and mature. There might be times that you were challenged to act tough but it also helps you to decide on your own.