Is it possible to be a part-time real estate agent in the Philippines?

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If you are reading this, you are definitely thinking about making a career change into the real estate industry, but you’re also wondering, “Can I work as a part-time real estate agent?”

Yes! Becoming a real estate agent is something you can do as a part-time real estate agent job. Licensed real estate agents can choose their own schedules and earn good money, making this a great option for those who desire some flexibility in their work schedule.

but before that let’s discuss;

What Exactly Is the Role of a Real Estate Agent?
Professionals that are licensed to operate as real estate agents connect homebuyers and sellers and act as their representatives during the transaction process. In most cases, a real estate agent’s only source of income is a commission based on the sale price of a property, making their success in closing deals crucial to their financial well-being. Almost everywhere in the country, real estate agents are required to be employed by or otherwise associated with a real estate broker (either an individual or a brokerage financial firm) who possesses a higher level of expertise and accreditation.

How Do Real Estate Agents Help Buyers and Sellers?Working with a professional real estate agent can help you find the right house at the right price and simplify the entire buying or selling process. Let’s take a look at the actual tasks that a real estate agent performs on a daily basis.

Offer expertise and knowledge regarding your field
Real estate agents are trained experts who have a superior understanding of the local community in terms of property values, education institutions, and communities than anybody else. You can get useful advice from your real estate agent that will assist you in finding the ideal house for you to purchase or in selling your current home. Your real estate agent should be able to supply you with useful advice that will assist you in selling your house or in acquiring another property that meets your needs. Because they are familiar with the prices of homes in the area and those that are comparable, they are able to not only assist you in setting the appropriate price for your home but also inform you if a property that you are thinking about purchasing is more expensive than the average. This can save you a significant amount of stress.

Take responsibility for the grueling tasksMost people do not have the time to set up a large number of viewings or conduct an exhaustive search for properties and homes due to the demands of their jobs and everyday lives. If you’re selling, your real estate agent has access to a wide variety of potential buyers, and if you’re buying, they have access to numerous listings. Additionally, they can save you a significant amount of time by finding a home with open houses that is fit for your budget range. They are also able to make use of your choices in order to locate homes that have easy access to public, a pools, or a good school whatever features are most essential to you.

Providing assistance with the Mortgage Application ProcessWhether you are looking to buy or sell a home, the assistance of a real estate agent is something you should consider. Your real estate agent has probably worked with a number of different mortgage lenders, and as a result, they are in the best position to assist you in getting pre-approved for a loan and navigating the mortgage application process. In the process of purchasing a property, one of the most significant steps is to have your mortgage application pre-approved, and having a real estate agent on your side can be of great assistance in this endeavor. If you are in the process of selling your house, your real estate agent will take the necessary precautions to ensure that only purchasers who have been preapproved express interest in purchasing your property.

Manage the negotiations
Your agent can assist you in negotiating replacements and repairs if problems are found during a home inspection or appraisal. Successful real estate agents are adept at reaching agreements between sellers and purchasers before a home is sold. If you are a seller, they will do their best to get you the highest possible offer, and if you are a buyer, they will do their best to negotiate the lowest possible price. A real estate agent can also verify that no unauthorized parties are performing work on the property and that the owner has obtained all relevant authorizations and budgetary allotments. If the owner is hiding a serious problem with the property, your agent may advise you to look elsewhere.

Paper works and closing deals
If it’s your first time buying or selling a home, you’ll have to fill out a lot of paperwork. Your agent can help you finish your paperwork on schedule, correct it, and resolve any concerns fast. A real estate agent can simplify the closing process for buyers and sellers.

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In the field of real estate, which is one of the most flexible jobs you could possibly have, there are a few things you need take into consideration in order to become a real estate agent that works part-time in the Philippines.

How to Become a Part-Time Real Estate Agent
The field of real estate is a good choice for a part-time real estate agent job that has the potential to be very profitable and offers high levels of personal satisfaction. You can establish yourself in a position to produce a stable source of extra income if you have the perseverance, dedication, providing the best possible service, and time-management skill sets to build a career in the industry around your current workplace. If you have these skills, you can establish yourself in a position to actually create a consistent flow of additional income.

In this article, we will go over the steps that you need to do in order to become a part-time real estate agent, discuss the amount of money that you might expect to earn if you do it correctly, and look at some pointers on how to succeed in the industry. Let’s hop in!

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Start by getting a real estate license.
Getting a license to practice real estate is always the first step toward becoming a real estate agent of any kind, even if you only do it part-time. You can’t break into the field and start selling homes and properties if you aren’t properly eligible to do so; therefore, before you begin working, make sure you take the appropriate steps to figure out the educational and legal requirements that are associated with the profession.
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Sign up with a brokerage.

Whether you intend to work full- or part-time as a real estate agent, you are required to become associated with a brokerage in order to legally practice the profession. A brokerage can be thought of as an international organisation that recruits and employs real estate agents. This is a reality of the real estate industry, but it’s a bad news for aspiring part-time real estate agents since it’s far simpler to say than it is to actually find a broker who will take you on as a client.

It should come as no surprise that a part-time real estate agent will bring in a lower income than a full-time agent who works exclusively in this field and is able to devote their entire attention to it. A part-time agent works fewer hours per week than a full-time agent because their primary occupation holds sway over their real estate work. Because of this pattern, part-time agents typically have a negative reputation, and as a result, brokers are frequently hesitant to work with them. You shouldn’t, however, let the fact that not every brokerage matches that mold deter you from working with one. You should be able to find a broker who is willing to let you join; however, it is likely going to take more perseverance, patience, and confident on your part. Once you have found a broker who is willing to let you join, ensure that you provide it your all within the limited amount of hours you are able to put in.

Develop a strategy for your future business.
Your part-time real estate profession requires that you have a strong grip on where you intend to go with it and what and how to expect as it progress. This includes having an awareness of aspects such as your existing financial situation, your predicted profit, your marketing and sales strategy, and the legal restrictions within which you will be working. Creating a business plan, which is a formal document that contains data that can be put into action as well as a solid goal for your part-time real estate agent job, is the greatest method to go where you want to go. This step is helpful in two ways. It provides you with two benefits: first, a more distinct vision of what you want your real estate profession to accomplish for you, and second, a solid point of reference for the people who might become your clients to consider.

Spend money on technology that is useful.
It is important that you support your part-time real estate profession with appropriate technology if you wish for it to be as efficient, successful, and competent as it possibly can be. Generally speaking, this begins with making an investment in a technology devices. It can help you with crucial tasks like keeping tabs on where your customers are in the buying process, arranging data about potential customers, and answering their questions as soon as possible. Other important resources, such as web designers, email scheduling software, and marketing automated tools, are all good options for you to explore more.

Think about strategies for bringing in potential customers.
A successful part-time real estate career requires a steady flow of leads. Ignoring the need to bring in new customers is one of the easiest ways to put a stop to your part-time and, in the long run, push yourself away from the industry. When it comes to real estate, the creation of leads can originate from a wide variety of different sources and strategies. There are instances when advertising on the internet is the most effective option. At other times, the most effective marketing strategies include face-to-face networking and getting referrals from existing clients. It doesn’t matter how you get there; the most important thing is to ensure that you have a consistent supply of customers who are interested and engaged.

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Create a schedule that allows you to keep your current job while still meeting your other obligations.
A part-time job in real estate should only be done part-time. Your main job should come first. You can’t avoid the obligations of a part-time real estate agent job if you want to be successful in the profession. You need to find a good balance between your full-time job and your part time real estate agent job. This starts with making a strict, well-thought-out schedule that lets you see clients, work on generating leads, and market your services well while still doing your full-time job. Although it may be easier to say than to do, and although this particular point typically separates those who are just partially devoted from those who are eventually successful, it is not difficult to achieve.

Prepare a marketing strategy for your business.
If no one is familiar with your name or your background, pursuing a career in real estate on the side will almost certainly be useless. You need to develop at a minimum level of brand recognition around yourselves, and the first step in doing so is developing a reliable real estate marketing strategy. Put part of your money into marketing strategies that are carefully thought out and properly targeted. Identifying a target market is the first step in this process. You will need to decide if you want to seek business with rentals, sellers, first-time homeowners, or any other type of potential new clients. Using this information, create a strong and strategic marketing goals for both the short term and the long term. The next step is to establish what makes your business special and different from the others. From that, decide how you are going to present yourself as a highly reliable resource who is able to deliver the kind of service that your competitors are unable to, and figure out what type of materials will assist you in making your case. Create a budget, and decide if you will use traditional marketing mediums such as posters or newspaper prints, a good website, social media accounts, business and post cards, branded stuff, or any other form of collateral that places you at the center of prospects’ minds.

As I’ve mentioned before, if no one is familiar with your name, you won’t get very far in the real estate industry. Because of this, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to enhance both your expertise and your personality.
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Starting your real estate career part-time is a wise choice if your other job allows for some flexibility and you are prepared to put in long hours to promote yourself, be readily accessible for your customers, attend reform programs, and address any concerns or questions that may come up. Before diving in completely, it’s a great method to determine if real estate is the right job for you. You can save money while working as a part-time agent so that when you do switch to a full-time schedule, you will have resources to spend in your company and a safety net in case of a downturn in business. Meanwhile, if you want to start up your part time career in real estate industry then Bria Homes is a smart choice for you! Bria Homes is searching for sales representatives who wish to take part in the company’s growth and experience the perks of working for one of the country’s top developers of real estate as it dives into more competitive brand campaigns to push its numerous projects.

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Written by: Darlene F. Semera