How to Choose a Good School for Your Kid?

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       A child’s education is something that parents definitely value. Figuring out how to choose a good school for your kid might be toiling. Parents go through many things to give their children a proper education that will help them soar in the future. We usually hear people telling their children that education is the only thing they can give their children because they don’t have any assets or property.

       A good school for your kid is one of the important things to consider in your kid’s education journey. The school you will be choosing will be the second home of your child. This is where they will find friends and develop skills, knowledge, and even habits that will, in turn, lead them into the adult you want them to be. Thus, knowing how to choose a good school for your kid might be hard, but it will be important. There are varieties of schools you can choose from, and quality education is the top priority. But aside from quality education, considerations about the location, personal values, school profile, safety and security, curriculum, and tuition fee.

       Tons of articles and advice are everywhere to give you the dos and don’ts of choosing a good school, tips, recommendations, and more. It can be so overwhelming sometimes. You may be at a point where because of too much information, you’ve exhausted your choices and don’t know which one to consider and choose. Well, this article got you covered! Here is the list of things to take into consideration in knowing how to choose a good school for your kid:

1. Location

       Let’s face it. Parents usually have this worry whenever their child goes to school. Thinking about what they are eating, whether they have friends, whether they can cope in class and other things that concern the child’s welfare. Thus, a not-so-far location where essential establishments for school are necessary. Especially in the Philippines, where traffic is part of one’s daily life. Who would want their child to be stuck in traffic instead of studying and taking a rest?

       If you are living near BRIA Homes’ Communities, knowing how to choose a good school for your kid will not be a problem. A community establishment such as a school is necessary, and BRIA Homes make sure to suffice that need. Just like the location of the house, the school’s location is an important priority to consider in knowing how to judge a good school.

2. Personal Values

       The school will be the children’s second home. Every family has its own values that they want children to take on. Thus, learning how to judge a good school should be aligned with the family’s personal values. Personal values refer to the core principles of the family in living a life. Take, for example, a Christian family would most likely choose a Christian School for their child. When the pandemic arises, homeschooling also rises up. Parents choose to have their children study at home than anywhere else. And we can’t change the fact that homeschooling is also a good choice if the parents really want their child’s safety and strictly uphold personal values.

       Future conflicts about the family’s personal values and the school can be avoided if, from the start knowing how to choose a good school for your kid is achieved and personal values are established.

3. School Profile

       The school profile tells something about the school’s standing and services. It is the one that will tell parents the important information about the school, academic program, community, and credibility to offer a quality education. This school profile is a good thing to consider in knowing how to judge a good school for your kid.

       A school profile might give you many information about the school you are considering. That is why it is important to know what you are looking for in a school profile. Some would prioritize the school’s standing, while others would prefer curriculum more than the standing. Yes, there are many things that might distract you. Before going to different schools and asking for their profile, make sure you know what you are looking for and let this be the priority.

       It is also important to note that top schools in the Philippines might not be your preferred school profile for your child’s education.

4. Safety and Security

       Safety and security refer to how well-secured the school is and how the school would protect the children from probable everyday incidents that might occur. Children usually spend half of the day or almost a whole day in school. Classmates, teachers, and other school staff would be the people they would interact with. Good safety and security will make the parents feel at ease whenever they leave their child at school.

       With the news circulating about many worrisome accidents and crimes some children go through, parents can’t help but be bothered. A safe neighborhood for your child to play and walk on their way home is great. But what about their travel from school to your home? Telling children not to go and talk with someone they don’t know is not enough. Proper safety and security in schools will not let perpetrators make a move and go near the child. Questions during inquiry would be the school policies when the class ended, how tight the security is, whether kids are allowed to go outside, do they have a school service.

5. Curriculum

       Parents let their children go to school because they want their children to have a bright future. And a school that has a great curriculum will help achieve this dream. A curriculum that acknowledges the individuality of the learners allows personal development and allows growth to be achieved not just academically but also in other aspects of life.

       A good curriculum allows the child to be able to explore things and know themselves better. Textbooks and modules are good ways to learn. But as the world change, so as the learning style and adaptation of the students. Thus, the over-reliance on textbooks and modules will not cultivate a good learning experience for the child.

       As you look for a good curriculum for your child, make sure that the curriculum is research-based and adapts to the changing environment in learning and teaching. School’s curriculum will be an objective parameter when thinking about how to judge a good school.

6. Tuition Fee

       Money spent for the child to be able to study at a good school is no joke. Parents spend a great amount of money to achieve a quality education. In contemplating how to choose a good school for your kid, you should consider which school’s tuition fee is within your budget or how much is allotted from the educational fund.

       During recent months, the inflation rate has been high. According to a recent update, the Philippines has an all-time high with a 7.7% inflation rate. This makes it harder for many people, especially middle and lower-class family, to budget their income. This tells us that tuition should definitely be considered and added to the process of learning how to judge a good school.

       The reality is that the best schools are those that have high tuition fees. But keep hope because there are still budget-friendly schools that still offer quality education for your kid. After all, success and growth are multifaceted. Schools will be one of many things that will determine success.

       Going through the process of choosing a good school for your kid must be a tough choice. Schools in the Philippines are everywhere. But these schools do not all suit your preference for your child’s school, so it is important to know what you want clearly. Have the list of the negotiables and non-negotiables list of the things you want for a school. The negotiables are the things you can compromise on if there is a need, but the non-negotiables are the things you will never compromise on because this is your priority.

       In a nutshell, all of these discussions on how to judge a good school will help you decide the best school for your child, just like how you choose your dream home in BRIA Homes.