How to choose a good placement for your washing machine?

Laundry area at home

For homes, washing machines may be both a great benefit and a minor nuisance. Using a washing machine saves time and energy, however, it also consumes much space in your home. Determining where to place the washing machine at home where there are no obstructions would be very difficult. This is why, despite their need, the majority of people frequently put off acquiring one. But where is the best spot to place your washing machine at home?

To keep an appliance well-maintained, you must purchase one that will have a certain location in your home. Typically, Filipinos place their washing machines in a designated laundry area. Having a designated laundry area will make the living room more spacious and lessen laundry noise. Also, the leaks from washing machines and pipelines won’t be a concern either.

4 Things to look at when choosing a place for your washing machine

Before looking for a spot to place the washing machine at home, there are a few factors you need to consider. These are the necessary conditions, the crucial needs, that will aid in the washing machine procedure.

1. Socket

Make sure there is a plug point in the area where you are considering. If ever there is no plug point, you should consult or talk to an electrician about getting one in your desired place for your washing machine.

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2. Water Supply

It is more challenging to locate a tap or a water inflow source than to have a plug point. Hence, you should pick a location where it is present, or at the very least, where the building’s main water supply line is nearby. After you have a tap for water supply, you can consult a plumber.

3. Drainage

Whatever washing machine you use will require better drainage. Drainage is necessary to remove the contaminated water. Washing machines produce a lot of contaminated water. Dirt and wetness shouldn’t be all over your house. Thus having drainage close by is essential.

4. Proper Ventilation

Before you look for a washing machine, you must measure the space where to place the washing machine for proper ventilation. Due to the heat generated by washing machines, dryers, and irons during normal operation, laundry rooms require ventilation. In addition to preventing mildew, controlling humidity, preventing lint fires, reducing odors, and improving air quality, proper ventilation and an exhaust fan save the laundry room from overheating.

Where to place the washing machine at home?

Here are some suggestions of where to put the washing machine and how this will be effective.

1. The balcony

Although most homes wouldn’t install their washing machines there, there are occasions when the balcony is the only practical place to have one. The balcony is the next-best place for a laundry facility in smaller condo buildings because the service yard can be too tiny or there might not even be one. The air may cause your clothing to dry more quickly, but even if they don’t, at least you’ll have a beautiful view to look at while you wait. Also, the balcony’s advantage is that the drainage and the water supply will always be there. And the balcony’s majority also features a power source. So if you don’t have one you can obtain one. In addition to this, there are further advantages and disadvantages of having your appliance on the balcony.

Advantages of using balcony as the laundry area

  1. Any noise will not affect you. The noises will stop after you close the balcony door.
  2. The vibrations in adjoining rooms will also be reduced.
  3. In moving the towels, there will be less water spillage on the floor.
  4. It will be simple to clean.

Disadvantage of using balcony as the laundry area

  1. Exposed to rainwater, sunlight, dirt, and dust.

2. The bathroom

One of the best places for your washing machine is inside the bathroom. You will have simple access to drainage and water. Power outlets will also be available. Bathrooms are ideal for washing machines if you have adequate room and want to keep them dry and safe from moisture.

Advantages of using the bathroom as the laundry area

  1. Access to power, water, and drainage is simple.
  2. Won’t be exposed to the sun.
  3. There will be less noise and vibrations in adjacent rooms.

Disadvantages of using the bathroom as the laundry area

  1. The electric appliance could be harmed by water.
  2. Water can produce stains.
  3. Your machine will be harmed by humidity.

In a room close to the restroom

The washer is frequently kept in this location. The second typical location to store your washing machine is here. A living room or a bedroom could be in this space.

Advantages of using a room close to the restroom for washing machine

  1. protection against water, UV, and dust.

Disadvantages of using a room close to the restroom for washing machine

  1. Will take up some room.
  2. An old machine’s loudness and vibrations will cause disruptions.
  3. Water source and drainage issues are possible.

In a separate room

It will be a great place to be. It might be a distinct space or a particular area. Yet, finding homes or apartments with these features is difficult these days. If you do, that’s fantastic.

Under the kitchen counter

In small spaces apartments or homes, installing washer and dryer units under the kitchen counter is a practical concept.

A huge cabinet would wind up taking up just as much space as these bulky appliances, which reduces their overall footprint. On the other hand, it minimizes the visible bulk in a small space, making it appear cleaner and less cluttered.

4 Ways to keep your laundry room optimized

1. Boxes and Baskets

The key to maintaining item organization in many categories is to use baskets and boxes. Examples of these categories include cleaning supplies, general cleaning supplies, and cleaning supplies for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens and other rooms with unique needs like wooden flooring. Furthermore, if you have adequate space, having two washing baskets—one for colored garments and the other for white items—is a wonderful choice.

2. Tools drawers

Today, it’s simple to purchase utility cabinets in the correct sizes for your laundry room. These cabinets, which are often quite narrow and tall and fit easily into this space to provide a more orderly environment, are made exclusively to store brooms or ironing boards.

3. Remove any unused clutter

Go through your supplies and get rid of anything outdated or unneeded before you begin organizing your belongings. Broken hangers, outdated bottles, and even lost socks are examples of these things. You can temporarily store items that don’t belong in your laundry room in a separate box so you can simply put them back in their correct locations later.

4. Cover the washing machine

A washing machine cover shields your washer from water and dust while preventing color fading and direct water contact. As a result, it prevents rusting from starting and preserves beauty.

Have you chosen the best spot to place your washing machine? You can utilize one of these ideas or come up with another that fits the interior design of your home for where to place your washing machine. Make careful to include plumbing, electrical wiring, and drainage before converting any area into a small utility room.

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Written by Denielle dela Torre