Best ways to organize clothes in closet

Small closet

Having unorganized clothes makes your room seem messy, making it look smaller and crowded. Utilizing every inch is crucial when space is limited at home. This is particularly true in a small bedroom, where good organization may make the difference between a smooth morning ritual and a complete wardrobe disaster. A well-organized display of your fantasies is still attainable with these best ways to organize clothes in a closet and some other organization tips and ideas.

Instead of letting your little closet restrict your love of fashion, find clever solutions to maximize storage space to make sure everything has a home and your wardrobe’s capacity is not hampered. You may increase the amount of space in your closet by using many of the same guidelines you would use when thinking about how to make a tiny bedroom appear larger.

Regardless of your closet’s size, you can employ these tips on how to organize bedroom closet because they work well in any room. However, you’ll want to pay extra close attention if you call a little studio, dorm room, or starter home your own in order to accomplish a well-organized closet.

How to Organize a Bedroom Closet?

1. Declutter and examine your closet.

Best way to organize clothes in closet starts in decluttering. Whether organizing a pantry or a tiny space. In this manner, whatever you still have to organize will be worthy of storage. Remove everything from the closet. Pile it somewhere nearby, excluding the closet, such as the bed or the floor. 

After that, look over each thing you took out of the closet to see if it still fits. Is it in decent shape? If so, make a pile, put your desired items in it, then throw the rest away or give it away since you’re having a small room.

Some people are afraid of decluttering because they like to hang onto items they might need someday or things that used to fit or be fashionable.

2. Clean your cabinet.

A clutter-free room is required to plan and visualize how you will reorganize your closet. First, dust the shelves and hangers. After that, use the vacuum or sweeper to clean the floor. Finally, clean the baseboards, walls, shelving, and hanging rods with a good all-purpose cleaner. Don’t forget any baskets or containers that may have accumulated dust and filth.

3. Sort your clothes according to their category.

In these steps, all you need to do is prepare a set of piles where you will put the clothes by category: shirt, polo, or blouse; sweater; shorts; pants, or skirt; undergarments; and socks, etc. In these way, you can easily put back these items accordingly.

4. Store your clothes by category.

Next, organize your little closet’s clothing collection to make it simpler to find what you need when getting ready. Hanging your clothes should be done in the following order: shirts, polo blouses, skirts, and dresses. These is the most important steps on how to organize bedroom closet.

Then arrange each kind of clothing according to the length of the sleeves, beginning with sleeveless, short-sleeved items and ending with long-sleeved ones. Then divide each category into sections according to color, starting with the lightest. When using mixed prints, you may either group them together according to their main color or have them listed separately at the conclusion of each category of clothing.

The things you wear most frequently should go In the front and center of your closet. If getting ready for work every morning is a requirement. Ensure that the front of your closet has the items you wear to work. Less-worn goods like formal attire and out-of-season clothing should be kept in the back and on the upper shelves.

For goods that are out of season or that you only wear occasionally, such as Halloween costumes and extremely expensive shoes, use the top shelf of your closet.

7 Tips In Organizing Your Closet

1. Expand Your Hanging Area

If you hang shirts, jackets, and blouses in your wardrobe most of the time, you undoubtedly have a significant amount of empty space beneath your regular clothing rod. Utilize the extra space by installing an adjustable rod that gives your closet additional hanging space.

2. Place a dresser under the hanging clothes.

A simple yet effective technique to enhance any closet, especially a small one, is to install a dresser underneath your hanging clothes. As a result, your bedroom will be larger, and your storage and divider options will quickly improve. It doesn’t require installation like other closet systems; simply place it where you want it and fill it with your belongings.

3. Improve your folding skills.

Learning proper folding and hanging techniques and implementing them in your wardrobe is another important tip for maximizing space. Some fundamental techniques include slipping small purses or bags inside larger ones and tucking bras inside each other to maximize drawer space. Another useful hint is to arrange shirts and sweaters in a drawer by vertically folding rather than piling.

4. Install drawers.

Since hanging storage is limited, you will need to use drawer up much less space than hanging, so try to include drawers in your little closet storage system. These is one of the best way to organize clothes in closet. Keep nothing from hanging. Tops, jeans, and sweaters can often be folded rather than hung up to save storage space. Consider folding these items if the wardrobe has drawers at the bottom. These clothes can be folded and put in baskets that serve as drawers if your closet has deep shelves.

5. Try to use shelf dividers

On a closet shelf, piles of sweaters and slacks can look unkempt and disorganized. Use shelf dividers to avoid this. To clearly distinguish between various clothes types and styles, shelf dividers divide the closet area.

6. Utilize the back of the bedroom’s door.

Every accessible surface can be used as storage when space is limited, but the back of the bedroom door may be the most useful. Hang dressing robes, handbags, scarves, caps, and other accessories from the back of doors. This will maximize your storage space and keep your clothes and accessories off the floor by putting strong screw-in or over-the-door hooks.

7. Include a trash can and a donation bin.

After everything has been neatly arranged in your newly-decorated closet, add a small trash can and a bin marked “Donate” to the area. These will serve as a helpful reminder to stay organized and keep things tidy for months if you have the space.

In Closing

As a whole, the above mention of series of information on how to organize bedroom closet can be used for your future affordable house and lot or condominium from Bria Homes. A neatly arranged closet makes it simpler to get ready, helps keep your clothes clean and pressed, provides order to disarray, and transforms your wardrobe and bedroom into a pleasure rather than a source of stress. Your whole wardrobe will be readily available to you and in wearable condition if your closet is organized. You will find it simple to put together outstanding ensembles with quick access to your whole collection. Additionally, since your wardrobe is always in style, you’ll feel more confident in the way you look.

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