Employment Opportunities Found in Eco Zones of the Philippines

Ecozones in the Philippines

The Philippines have established and determined almost 400 economic zones or eco zones that are aimed to help develop and sustain economic growth and opportunities in areas by providing business and employment opportunities for the locals.

Impact of the Pandemic

Two years ago, when the pandemic hit the world, many workers lost their jobs due to the various companies’ cost-cutting to be able to survive the business when the world shut down. One way for them to survive is to reduce work hours and lay off some workers in the company. Many OFWs have lost their jobs with less to no job opportunities and returned back to the Philippines. It has struck the whole world and put everything on pause. Many livelihoods were destroyed, and many businesses shut down. It is when we realized that everything we have known is temporary and we should also come in prepared for the future. For the people who are less fortunate, we raise our hopes for the government to help us. It is up to them that they can be able to provide jobs to us to provide food for the table for every Filipino. We have them to thank for and ask to think about what great businesses can provide more employment opportunities for the whole Filipino community.

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA

Economic zones also called as Eco zones are the Presidential proclamations in which they declare such cities as highly developed or have a great potential to be developed as centers for agri-industrial, tourist, recreational, commercial, banking, investment, and financial that could offer employment opportunities for the Filipinos. Last June of 2020, they approved new set eco zones in the Philippines which were centers for Information Technology, Information Technology parks, and manufacturing zones and those will be managed by Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA as well. They were predicted to capitulate as much as Php 6.4 billion by 2020. 

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA is authorized by the President of the Philippines to establish such areas as the economic zones for foreign investors. It is the only government agency that the President declared to be the one to assist, grant incentives, and register such businesses of the foreign investors for export manufacturing and services in our country to those areas declared as the PEZA Special Economic zones. 

For the past years, the IPA or Investment Promotion Agencies declares and have the authority to grant their own incentives. However, the government now proposes the Create bill or known as Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises which states that the IPA will no longer have the power to dictate their privilege and their own incentives. It will now be the president to do that with the guidance of the Fiscal Incentives Review Board or FIRB. The government believed that with those tax incentives, the country was deprived of billions of pesos in revenues. The General Director of PEZA, Charito Plaza, explained in the recent talk that from January to October investments from foreign investors have dropped from Php 99.32 billion to Php 72.65 billion compared to last year of the same months as for the reasons of the ongoing pandemic (Covid-19) and the proposal of the Create bill saying that other countries have been lowering the taxes and giving more help to the businesses, the Philippines will be doing differently in the middle of the pandemic.

New employment opportunities may come in if the foreign investments still continue to grow by providing development expansions or creating new ones in the eco zones. This is where the importance of the eco zones comes in. 

Different types of Eco Zones in the Philippines

1. Tourist and Recreational centers 

It is where we cater tourism services to the local and foreign tourists, travelers, and investors with the rules followed and mandated by Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA within the Eco zone. To provide accommodation services such as hotels, resorts, and other recreational facilities. Here are the operating tourism eco zones as of 2017: 

  • John Hay Special Tourism Eco zone – located in Baguio City with 301.86 hectares in land size and provides job opportunities with 100% Filipinos working within the center. 
  • Fort Ilocandia Tourism Ecozone – located in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte with 77. 47 hectares land size and provides jobs for 60% Filipinos and 40% Chinese workers. 
  • Bagong Nayon Pilipino – located in Paranaque City with 65.67 hectares land size and has 7 billion worth of approved investments that caters to 100% Filipino workers. 
  • Newport City CyberTourism Zone – located in Pasay City with 25.34 hectares in land size of 2 billion approved investments and has 100% Filipino workers. 
  • Batangas Racing Circuit Tourism Estate – located in Rosario, Batangas with 27.21 hectares land size with 133 million approved investments and all Filipino workers
  • The Mactan Newtown – located in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu with 16.80 hectares in land size, 2 billion worth of approved investments, and with 85% Filipino workers. 

2. Industrial Estates 

It is where various lands are divided and to be developed under a management and provide basic infrastructures and utilities with factory buildings provided for the community under an approved and structured plan. Here are the operating industrial eco zones as of 2017: 

  • Baguio City Economic Zone – located in Baguio City with 116.25 hectares in land size and provides jobs for 100% Filipino workers. 
  • Pangasinan Industrial Park II – located in Alos, Alaminos, Pangasinan & Tagudin, Mabini, Pangasinan with 26.50 hectares in land size and 100% Filipino workers.
  • Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park – located in Hermosa, Bataan with 142.04 hectares in land size and hired 100% Filipino workers. 
  • Sta. Maria Industrial Park – located in Bulac, Sta. Maria, Bulacan with 62.78 hectares land size with 100% Filipino workers 
  • MacroAsia Ecozone – located in NAIA, Pasay City with 22.69 hectares land size and provided jobs for 100% Filipinos. 
  • Cebu South Road Enterprises – located South Reclamation Project, Cebu City with 295.69 hectares land size and provided jobs for 100% Filipinos. 

3. Export Processing Zones 

Also known as EPZ, it is an industrial estate where export production happens that is outside customs territory physical and administratively. They are allowed imports with free duties, taxes, and restrictions. 

4. Free Trade Zones 

It is an isolated area near ports such as seaports or airports where imported items for immediate storage, repacking, sorting, and mixing businesses are.

Why are Eco Zones in the Philippines Beneficial to Filipino Job Seekers?

As most of the eco zones are located in the rural places in our country, this surely could provide more jobs rather than them going to Metro Manila to look for jobs. The government has now a choice. Provide more work in the eco zones by having the businesses increase revenue with low taxes or cause fewer investments with high taxes for the government that could scare away foreign investments in the future. 

It is now with our government on how they would respond to the needs of the Filipino people. It is essential to provide job opportunities, have food on the table and provide for the daily needs of the family. 

Here are the communities you can live near eco zones wherein opportunities for career and economic growth could be found:

With our current situation, many job seekers are looking for a permanent work-from-home setup or creating a business. Some of our Kababayans opted to start their own business rather than looking for job opportunities with formal outfits, 8-hour work schedule, and what knots. With the pandemic still ongoing, we wanted to make sure we make less contact with other people. 

During the pandemic, a lot of people or business-minded people started creating their own businesses in the comfort of their homes. Some prioritized having their own home with the help of a Bank loan, they were able to pay off their dream homes easily and even start a business. Some played it smart when they are still earning, they made sure to make their investments. Like buying their own affordable house and lot in their chosen locations where you can be at the center of everything and where opportunities can also grow. 

Some business owners started leaving their stalls or areas in malls or commercial spaces to continue their business rent-free and rather use the power of social media for promoting their business. People started creating Facebook groups to sell their businesses and offer delivery around the community. With the limited number of people who can go out, a limited number of businesses they took the opportunity of starting and creating a business at home. 

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Written by Yna Faundo