DIY Home Upgrades: Philippines Small House Renovation Ideas


Home is a haven of comfort and tranquility. Families work hard to find the right abode where they can spend as much time as possible with each other. To keep the rhythm alive inside a household, home upgrades are to be considered. One of these upgrades is so-called DIY which simply means “Do-It-Yourself” an activity commonly associated at home such as renovation projects. Sounds exciting and fun, right? That is because DIY projects have grown in popularity among individuals of all ages and skill levels. Another nicest thing about it is that it can make your home be seen from a whole new perspective when it comes to decorations which are perfect for small house renovation in the Philippines. Since it can provide more advantages for your mind, body, and even your pocketbook. This pastime allows you to spend more time with your family. Therefore, read on to find out as well as grab your notes to takedown these ideas you’ll surely love!

Nothing beats the satisfaction of accomplishing a task that you worked hard to do. It gets better when you can see the final results. So, here are some small house renovation ideas in the Philippines that may entice you to tackle your next job on your own.

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  1. Window Planter Boxes

Window boxes make a lovely front yard landscaping idea or front porch project. They are also a wonderful activity for beginners. That’s because these modest buildings are straightforward to construct, requiring only a few basic supplies from your local home improvement store. Furthermore, constructing DIY window boxes allows you to tailor them to the outside of your one-of-a-kind home, from contemporary to colonial and beyond. You can make a window planter box with the materials you already have around your home. All you need are some large, flat plastic containers or bins and some soil.

Here is what you will need:

  • Large plastic bin or container (any shape)
  • Suitable soil for plants like potting mix or sand (this should be about half an inch thick)
  • Some type of plant for the window planter box to grow in
  • Mini Library

One of the most popular home improvement DIY projects is the mini library. Even though we live in the digital world, nothing beats the sensation of a good book in your hands. And we want to display our favorite books in a location that is comfortable, personal, and one-of-a-kind. Creating your perfect mini library doesn’t have to be huge or expensive. It just requires enough room for your books and some shelving for easy access. You can get creative with your design as well; try out different styles such as:

  • A wooden shelf that features bookshelf-like brackets
  • A simple desk with drawers underneath (for smaller items)
  • An old filing cabinet turned into an entertainment center
  • Hanging Teacups

A hanging teacup is a great way to add some texture and interest to a home décor which is always present in small house renovation ideas in the Philippines. You can make them out of anything, but if you’re going for a more traditional look, then wood or metal would be best.

Materials Needed:

  • Wood (or metal) – You can use whatever kind of wood you like be it pine or oak but if you have an old wooden cupboard that would work just as well!
  • Drill bit (small drill bit) – This will allow us to drill holes in our wooden cups later on so they can be mounted on brackets.
  • Outdoor Seating

There are several possibilities for creating a comfortable outdoor seating area. You may utilize a range of materials and colors, to give each region its distinct character. If you want to add some color but don’t want it to be too loud or busy, consider using popsicle sticks in various sizes and shapes with sandpaper (or other abrasive material) for texture. This will give your outdoor seating area an organic feel while still keeping things low-key enough that no one will be distracted by them while they’re enjoying their time on the patio or porch. Another excellent method is to use various types of cloth, such as burlap or twine. This gives the impression that someone has been inventive enough to create new furnishings!

  • Rustic Wooden Floors

Rustic wood floors have more intrigue and attractiveness than polished or standard wood floors, and they may assist enhance and accentuating the décor in any setting.

  • Use a stain that complements the wood.
  • Make use of a water-based stain.
  • Make use of a low-odor stain.
  • Use a non-toxic stain that is simple to clean and apply.
  • Handmade Feather Headboard

A feather headboard is a bed frame that is made to resemble feathers. The key distinction between a feather headboard and other varieties is that it has two layers: one made of wood and the other with feathers attached. The first step in building your feather headboard is determining how much space you have in your bedroom for it. If there isn’t enough space for anything too enormous or heavy, try utilizing something smaller, such as an antique mirror, as an alternative! Once you’ve settled on a style (and a budget), begin by cutting down some solid materials like plywood or hardwood planks (e.g., oak). Then, using contact adhesive, bond them together so they can withstand wear and tear in the future.

  • Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Reclaimed hardwood shelves are the ideal accent item for several interior design styles. Reclaimed barn wood shelves display natural wood grain and may add warmth to your décor. A solid wood shelf gives a distinct, true wood appeal that’s becoming increasingly popular among homeowners especially for small house renovation in the Philippines, whether you have a rustic farmhouse design or a mid-century contemporary style.

  • Choose a piece of reclaimed wood.
  • Clean the wood with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt.
  • Use wood glue to attach the reclaimed shelf to the wall, making sure that it is straight and level as you go along.
  • Use a hammer to secure your shelf into place before painting it.
  • Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is a great way to display your shoes and keep them organized. It saves time and protects our shoes from harm. Wall-mounted shoe racks are ideal for shoe management in a compact area. These DIY projects can be done at home, with minimal tools and materials.


  • 1×4 lumber (1)
  • Wood screws or staples (2)
  • 2-inch wood screws or nails (2)
  • DIY Stool Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture in every living area. It’s a useful piece of furniture whether you’ll use it to rest a glass of wine, play board games, or simply rest your tired feet. A DIY coffee table is an excellent place to begin which is commonly seen in small house renovation ideas in the Philippines. Many coffee table designs are really simple to create on your own utilizing woodworking.


  • 2×4 wood pieces
  • 1×4 wood pieces (optional)
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Tools needed:

  • To cut the wood into the appropriate form, use a saw or jigsaw. If you have a circular saw, you can also use it.
  • Hammer for slamming nails into position on the countertop or tabletop to fasten your project. When hammering holes through surfaces, take care not to harm them!
  • If you prefer electric staple guns over hand-nailing, use a nail gun with a plastic tip. Most hardware stores and internet vendors carry these goods.
  1. Vintage Industrial Shelves

These shelves may be used to beautify your house or as storage. They’re simple to construct and look beautiful in any environment. What you’ll need is as follows:

  • A scrap of wood for the foundation (we used 1x4s)
  • Use sawdust or glue gun glue for the glue line on each shelf (you may want to use a different color)

Home upgrades do not have to be expensive or time-consuming. In reality, you can accomplish it yourself in modest steps without the assistance of a professional. Here are some suggestions:

Install new flooring in your bathroom and kitchen: Once you’ve settled on the design and tile (or stone) for both rooms, it’s time to get started! This is a simple DIY project that will add individuality to your kitchen or bathroom while saving you money over hiring a professional builder.

Refinish an old wooden railing: If the railing surrounding your front entrance is outdated and needs to be replaced, try doing it yourself! You’ll be able to add color and style to your home while also saving money by not having someone come into your home every few months (or years) to install new parts of the railing system at their leisure which could cost thousands over time if done incorrectly when working alone without proper training from professionals who know what they’re doing before attempting such work themselves.”

Hopefully, you’ve discovered some ideas for your small house renovation in the Philippines. There are many methods to make your place appear and feel like the home you want it to be, whether you need a quick repair or want to try something more ambitious. Remember, once you get started, it will be easier than ever! The process itself is the most important and a better way to spend time with friends and family, creating memories that will last a lifetime. At Bria Homes, we value these precious moments. Allowing you and your family to enjoy your home décor and DIY projects in the best way possible. Explore affordable house and lot for sale offers to get your ideal house with the finest discounts!

Written by Jennifer Rose S. De la Cruz