Create the Perfect Setting for Your Next Outdoor Gathering

Outdoor parties at home

Outdoor parties in the Philippines are very relevant due to the country’s warm climate and the abundance of outdoor activities available. Indeed, summertime is an excellent opportunity to host outdoor events.

In the Philippines, family and friends gatherings are an important aspect of the culture. Family is highly valued in Filipino culture, and this is reflected in the way that even distant relatives and close friends are treated as family members. Titas, titos, lolos, lolas, distant cousins, and relatives by marriage all gather and contribute good food in potluck-style outdoor events in order to save money on meals that would feed everyone good food in the outdoor events.

Hosting an outdoor event can be a fun and exciting way to bring your bestfriends and family together at your very own Bria Home. However, to ensure that your next gathering is a success, you’ll need a guide or outdoor event planning checklist.

Outdoor Event Planning Checklist for a Successful Outdoor Event

Here are a few tips to help you get started with your next outdoor event ideas:

1. Choose the Perfect Place

The first thing on your outdoor event planning checklist is the location! When selecting a location for your outdoor event or party, consider the size of your group that you’re gonna accommodate and the type of outdoor event you’re planning. If you’re hosting an outdoor party for small groups or intimate gatherings, a backyard or patio may be sufficient. For larger events, consider renting a local park, beach, or other public space for enough room for your guests.

It’s more fun to host an outdoor event at your own Bria Home!

Here are 4 reasons why you should pick your own backyard as the location of your creative outdoor event ideas:

1. Private environment.

An intimate gathering is more likely to occur in a familiar setting, especially when it involves bestfriends or family. Your visitors will feel more at home and relaxed during the party because it is taking place in your own home. The outdoor event becomes an excellent chance for them to bond as they may have fun and appreciate the occasion more.

2. Easy to locate.

The majority of your close friends and family members are likely already familiar with your place if you are inviting them. They can attend the gathering more easily as a result. When that happens, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of providing difficult instructions to the address.

3. The cost of the venue can be reduced.

Due to the high cost of most outdoor event venues today, the venue is one aspect of the gathering that can consume a sizable chunk of the money. However, hosting an outdoor event in your yard will allow you to save money that you can use to buy food, decorations, or celebration favors. To save even more money, consider using DIY ideas options.

4. You’re in control of everything

In comparison to holding an outdoor event at a certain venue, there are fewer or no restrictions when using your own home. Since you are in complete control of the situation, you have greater freedom to choose the kinds of activities to participate in and how long the gathering can run.

Once you have already decided on the perfect outdoor venue. You can finally proceed on planning on the most exciting part, the decorations!

2. Set the Mood with Lighting and Decor

Outdoor lighting and decor can play a big role in your outdoor event planning checklist to create the right atmosphere for your party. For the lighting, consider using string lights, lanterns, or candles to set a cozy and inviting ambiance.

When it comes to outdoor decorations, there are many exciting options available for outdoor decor that fit your event budget! You can decorate your yard with balloons, banners, and garlands. Plates, napkins, and cutlery can be used to set a lovely table.

Additionally, you can use various decorations and fresh flowers as table centerpieces. Use your yard’s plants, branches, fresh and dried flowers, herbs, and other items to make something simple. Fruits and vegetables can also be used as decoration and delightful treats. Make your outdoor space more Instagrammable!

3. Combating Pests

You don’t want to hear your guests complaining about the mosquitos.

The pests begin to swarm as the temperature rises. You can take a number of actions to keep the pests at bay. Make sure there is no standing water in the area before the gathering.

The food and your visitors will be safe from flies and mosquitoes thanks to some strategically placed fans. In case your guests continue to be bitten by flying insects, keep some bug spray or insect repellent wipes on hand. To help with pest management, you may also use citronella candles.

Bugs also appreciate a good meal. To prevent insects from contaminating the dishes you worked so hard to prepare, cover the food with a lid with specific design.

4. Create Comfortable Seating

The seats should always be included on your outdoor event planning checklist! Why? Because the comfort of your guest is your priority. Make sure your guests have plenty of comfortable seating options. Provide guests comfortable chairs, benches, and even some comfy outdoor cushions to ensure everyone has a place to relax and enjoy the celebration.

5. Offer Plenty of Refreshments

Living in a tropical country, whether you’re serving alcohol, lemonade or even just a water bottles, it is important to have plenty of drinks on hand to keep your guests hydrated and refreshed to beat the summer heat. Also, be sure to offer a variety of snacks and appetizers like chips or hot dogs to keep everyone satisfied. You should place the snacks and beverages where the guest can have an easy access to it.

6. Add Some Enjoyable Activities

To keep the outdoor event lively, you should start planning for entertaining activities for your guests. These games could be Jenga, exciting card games, charades, or any comparable activity. They could also be a more strenuous activity like limbo.

Nowadays, we frequently seek for Instagram-worthy moments, so taking pictures during a party may be enjoyable. With all of the aforementioned elements present, an outdoor party is the ideal location for stunning images or plan for a specific theme of the party.

A live music of local artists or music speakers where you can play songs can also be an entertainment option for Titos who loves to jam!

Also consider a dance party, perfect for our Titas out there, can be a great way to get everyone involved and have a good time.

7. Don’t Overthink!

The most important thing when hosting an outdoor event is to stop overthinking. Everything loses its excitement when you overthink it, but hosting is no exception. You should let it all go and have fun rather than stressing about all the little things and whether or not everything is perfect.

You may learn a lot about being a good guest by being a good host. You learn how everything functions and can perform better the next time you organize or attend a meeting. It’s acceptable if something goes wrong. All of that is included in the experience.

There’s no need to panic because everything can be fixed. If not, you can make jokes out of it later (as long as no one gets hurt).

8. Have a Plan B

Outdoor events require Plan B or backup plan! In the Philippines, you can never predict the weather. You should be ready for a potential weather change if you are organizing an outside gathering. Your event might be ruined by the pouring rain. Always check the forecast to make sure you are aware of the potential weather patterns and have a plan B or get ready to use your indoor space.

By following these tips, you can create the perfect setting for your next outdoor social gathering. With a bit of outdoor event planning process and preparation, you’ll be sure to impress your guests and make your memorable.

Remember, there is no exact measurement of a successful outdoor event, as long as your beloved guests and you, as the host, enjoyed the fun event, then it will be considered as a successful event.

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