Celeste Cortesi: Miss Universe Philippines 2022

Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi

One of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the Philippines has crowned another beauty into the throne of Miss Universe Philippines 2022. For this year, representing Pasay City, 24-year-old Filipino-Italian model Silvia Celeste Rambibi Cortesi successfully secured the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2022 representing the country in the upcoming 71st Miss Universe Pageant.

Miss Universe Philippines 2022

Miss Universe Philippines is known to be one of the most reputable beauty pageants held in the country wherein tens of beauties compete for the crown to represent the Philippines in the international pageant and prove that a Filipina not only carries beauty but also wits and love.

Miss Universe Philippines has a long way of history – from having its national franchise under Binibining Pilipinas to finally being a standalone pageant under a new organizing body with Shamcey Supsup-Lee, the Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner-up as their national director, and having its Women Empowerment Chair – Lia Andrea Ramos, Binibining Pilipinas Universe, 2006.

And just last April 30, 2022, the prestigious Miss Universe Philippines inaugurated Pasay City representative Silvia Celeste Cortesi as its reigning queen to represent the country in the upcoming Miss Universe 2022.

Who is Celeste Cortesi?

Born in Pasay to a Filipino Mother and Italian Father, Silvia Celeste Rambibi Cortesi or “Celeste Cortesi” was raised both in Parma, Italy, and the Philippines. In a multinational household, Cortesi learned to speak multiple languages making her trilingual by speaking Italian, English, and Filipino.

Although currently finishing her degree in Real Estate Management from the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Cortesi used to work as a young model in Parma, Italy right after graduating high school.

Previously Crowned Queen

Celeste Cortesi was previously titled as Miss Earth Philippines for the year 2018 for defeating 41 other candidates. Cortesi represented the Philippines and finished Top 8 in the Miss Earth 2018 Competition. Cortesi also won several awards including swimsuit competition and long gown competition.
With her experience, Cortesi is one of the few Filipinas to hold the crown for major national pageants. The two other Filipinas were Carlene Aguilar – Miss Philippines Earth 2001 and Miss World Philippines of 2005.

Love Life of a Queen

Active in the dating scene, Cortesi is currently with a football player from the Philippine Football Team, Matthew Custodio who is a son of a Briton and Filipina. Borth and raised in the Philippines Custodio never got to know his father. However, Custodio started playing football at an early age due to his mother’s influence.

Matthew Custodio, as early as kindergarten took interest in football and became one of De La Salle’s Top Players during College.

Preparing for the Crown

Celeste Cortesi’s experience in the previously won Miss Earth Philippines radiated during the Miss Universe Philippines Competition as she was able to top some preliminary activities. Cortesi placed runners-up in the headshot and swimsuit challenges and topped the casting video challenge.

Months of extensive training await Cortesi as the time to finally represent the country in the Global Pageant comes near. Cortesi expresses her excitement in an interview stating that she’s waited for this opportunity for a really long time.

Pageant consultants put faith in Cortesi to bring home the crown once again in the Philippines and continue the country’s winning streak. Putting one of Cortesi’s greatest strengths, her authentic and relatable personality will be able to catch the judges’ hearts. Even so, Cortesi should focus on the intensive training where eyeing the Miss Universe Crown is her number one goal.

Cortesi’s platform of empowering women to be informed is one of the things she carries with her. In time of digital age, information comes across so fast that some of us may no longer have the time to filter what’s true and what is correct. Cortesi would like to tell young women to read and be informed especially about crucial events that can affect a country or even the world. Cortesi says being informed holds the key and power.

Cortesi would also like to shine the spotlight on indigenous people of the Philippines who were displaced from their lands and enrich once again their unique cultural heritage to make the country even more beautiful.

In an interview, Celeste Cortesi also reiterated the importance of beauty pageants especially during difficult times. Stating that a beauty queen is a symbol of hope, these queens when using their platforms wisely, could influence others and uplift people by inspiring them.

The Philippines’ Winning Streak

As we all know, the Miss Universe Pageant is one of the most-awaited pageants in the Philippines wherein year after year, it is in our trending topics and contents of our social media platforms. With intense competition and powerful representation, Miss Universe Philippines makes the country whole once again – on top of every Manny Pacquiao fight. It is the time when our gay friends might be missing in action and fiercely watching the competition in the comfort of their own homes.

With this, every year, heavy pressure is carried by our queens to possibly bring home the crown once again. As we await Celeste Cortesi’s Win for the 71st Miss Universe Pageant, let us take into ourselves how we can become a better person who helps the community like a true queen.

With sensitive issues like global warming and climate change, there’s only so much we can do as an individual. But if everyone does it, collectively, it’ll become a big help to the country and to nature. Going for big programs is not always something anyone can do but creating consciousness on our purchases by using less plastic and supporting sustainable products and producers can definitely lessen the trash we produce. Not to mention the help we can provide by supporting small businesses that are usually the creators of sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Although still far from totally creating a plastic-free country, you can be the catalyst for the much-needed change. Simply by carrying your own eco-bag or reusable bag when you go grocery shopping. Or choosing to go straw-less when buying a drink. A boy or a girl, whichever gender is truly a King and a Queen when he or she advocates for the good.