Celebrating Small Wins: What defines Luxury?

From rural to urban house and lot

Regardless of socioeconomic status, every Filipino family has the right to live in modesty in the comfort of their own home. A comfortable and safe home is necessary for living. A shelter, like food and clothes, meets one of man’s most fundamental needs. You will need a home to sleep comfortably, be safe and protected, and raise a family. A home delivers a sense of safety and comfort. It is a comfortable haven for personality and liberation. Nonetheless, have you recently noticed that living in the Philippines is becoming increasingly pricey? The cost of essential products and services is skyrocketing. From the costs of food, medical treatment, and utility rates, everything keeps on rising! If basic food commodities are already expensive, what more can we expect from other integral needs such as shelter? So you may now be wondering, is purchasing a house and lot in the Philippines considered a luxury? According to various sources recently, there are now relative ways what defines luxury. This controversy started after a Filipina teenager, who is currently residing in Singapore, was ridiculed for referring to a bag she just purchased from Charles & Keith as a luxury and posted this in TikTok which soon became viral.

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If luxury is relative, then what defines it?

According to economics, what defines luxury goods is one for which demand rises more than proportionately as income rises. Luxury items are believed to have a high demand elasticity of income. To put it simply, as you get wealthy, you will most likely purchase an increasing amount of luxury goods. Merriam-Webster dictionary says that what defines luxury is that it is anything that adds to comfort or convenience but is not absolutely necessary. While there is no one universal idea of luxury, people’s perceptions of it evolve in ways consistent with the evolving environment. Luxury, for the youth of today, no longer serves as a sign of wealth, but rather has taken on a more comprehensive significance. Celebrating small wins such as being able to do self-care after a long day of work, opportunities to travel, creating connections, having expertise, and experiencing inclusivity are now an idea of luxury rather than necessities. Without a doubt, a home is a need for people rather than a simple luxury. For other Filipinos, however, acquiring a house and lot seems like an idea of luxury since they believe that acquiring an investment in real estate is extremely expensive.

Let us talk about affordable housing investment

Far too many young Filipinos nowadays believe that investing in an affordable house and lot is solely for established persons with strong incomes or solid occupations. Yet this is not the case. Young adults such as you, who are just established in your professions, can purchase a house and lot. Bria Homes sells houses and lots at extremely reasonable prices. A two-story townhouse or a single firewall home can be purchased for between Php 7,000 and Php 12,000 per month. The main draw is that Bria has over 50 project locations countrywide, so you may purchase and rent a Bria house anywhere in the Philippines! If you are an interested homebuyer, check out the new properties of BRIA Homes in Mindanao. BRIA Homes Digos and Kidapawan provide homeowners with multifunctional spaces for socializing, children’s playgrounds, and expansive green areas that welcome tranquil walks with the children. BRIA Homes primes itself on developing affordable house and lot packages and easy-on-the-pocket condominium units that cater to ordinary Filipino families who aspire to acquire their own homes. It had become the perfect choice for average Filipino workers who wanted to invest in a high-quality and affordable home. Visit www.bria.com.ph to reserve your very own BRIA property today!

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Here are six (6) reasons to invest in affordable housing,  such as BRIA Homes, in the Philippines:

  1. Risk is kept to a minimum

In an uncertain world, real estate investing may bring a sense of security and tranquility. Despite some obstacles in the meantime, you should anticipate it to grow in the long term. But even so, more so than shareholdings or jewelry, affordable housings have a smaller risk probability due to lesser capital and can be guaranteed to yield profits. These affordable houses may also serve as a strong generator of rental income and are the greatest alternative for meticulous investors. Besides that, compared to the other investment alternatives that need substantial business knowledge, even amateurs may profit from real estate opportunities, notably with the guidance of reputed real estate businesses in the Philippines.

  1. High rate of return on investment

Property investments are the least dangerous method to make a decent return on capital, and with affordable real estate, you may resell it for a profit. These homes can also be leased or rented out to provide a consistent stream of income. If you are looking to invest in a home with a high return on investment but are concerned about market changes, affordable housing is the approach to go in order to get the most out of your hard-earned funds.

  1. The worth of your property will rise with time

Conventional assets, such as stocks and bonds, can change dramatically in value over the years, but other tangible resources that individuals may contemplate investing in, such as vehicles, designer accessories, and other luxury commodities, deteriorate rapidly. The worth of real estate, on the other hand, is far more likely to remain steady or even increase over time, due to the continual need for land and decent housing. You are best able to observe your real estate property’s value rise if you select an area with few housing units but a growing preference for real estate. When you are fortunate enough to buy a property in a popular tourist destination or an emerging metropolitan region outside of Metro Manila, for instance, you could become confident that a lot more people would prefer to relocate there now or will do so in the coming years. This almost guarantees that the resale value of your property will grow in the foreseeable future.

  1. You can get tax deductions and other advantages

Real estate investors in the Philippines are eligible for a number of tax incentives and deductions that can result in significant advantages. The fair expense of acquiring, preserving, and operating property are generally tax-deductible. Furthermore, the cost of purchasing and constructing a property falls throughout the course of its pivotal role, and that for residential properties is around 27.5 years. Using years’ worth of deductions might therefore aid reduce your tax liability.

  1. Terms of payment are generally flexible.

One possible explanation Philippine real estate is so affordable is the country’s existence of several well-funded real estate developers. These firms will make investing in your ideal house and lot even more straightforward by providing cheap interest rates and a number of flexible forms of payment. You are no longer required to put down a substantial down payment on a property, as was once the custom.

  1. Market saturation at the high end

The idea of the luxury housing market has reached a standstill owing to inflated prices that are well over the economic threshold. As a result of this downturn, numerous prominent developers have launched plans in the affordable real estate market, making it simpler to serve the mid-level industry. As this high-end market is saturated, investing in affordable housing has evolved into a feasible financial possibility.


With affordable housing, purchasing a home for your loved ones may no longer be an idea of luxury. Moreover, due to the stable economy and ongoing progress in the Philippines, real estate investments are an ideal strategy for increasing your assets, especially if you are starting off with your career.

Written by MC Sanchez