Canceled and Delayed Flights, What to Do?


How to handle canceled or delayed flights? How do we prepare ourselves or how to handle canceled or delayed flights for certain and unexpected events? What are the reasons why there are canceled or delayed seemingly uncertain flights? Let us go through the information and will give you guidelines and information on what to do and how to handle canceled or delayed flights.

With over 70 Philippine airports catering to domestic, international, and charter flights, more travelers are exploring different places, and air traffic increases yearly. The four major commercial airlines are Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippine Airlines, and Skyjet, airports recorded, a total of 16 travelers from January to October 2022 and airlines are Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippine Airlines, and Skyjet, airports recorded, a total of 16 million travelers from January to October 2022 and a total of 2,421,144 recorded travelers domestic and international in NAIA last December 2022 equivalent to 85% of volume travelers.

With an increasing traveler each year, what could be the possible problem why flights are being canceled or delayed that is hard to predict or beyond control, here are the reasons:

  • Technical Glitch – last January 1, new year’s day so many flights were delayed, and canceled and resulted in many stranded Filipinos waiting, this is due to a technical glitch that occurred long hours of power supply problem that affected the airport’s traffic management. The power cut resulted in air traffic management’s loss of communication, radio, radar, and internet to facilitate monitoring all the flights in air space. Around 65,000 passengers were recorded to be affected by the glitch that disrupted and delayed flights.
  • Mechanical – The operation and maintenance of an aircraft are very crucial and strictly regulated. That is why every aircraft is subjected and essentially upheld to the Aviation Regulatory Standard to prevent the following mechanical issues like malfunction of the propeller or landing gear, engine issues, critical flight controls, and the non-engine system. The said maintenance regulations and procedures must be correct, minutely recorded, carefully, and diligently done. That is the reason why it takes a lot of time.
  • Weather- Delayed, canceled, or diverted flights caused by the weather impact are the following: fog, lightning, storms, low visibility, and wind.
  • Air Traffic – in air traffic events, there is a lot of what’s going on the land, a lot of recurring flights or a lot of pack flights lining up waiting to land in the runaway and these will result in flights circling in the air waiting.

For the above-mentioned reasons why flights are canceled or delayed here are the guidelines on how to handle canceled or delayed flights for your reference:

For Cebu Pacific – for their commitment to care, anticipate, understand, delight, and resolve, Cebu Pacific ensures always taking care of their customers and their welfare is always at hand.  According to their Provision of Options to passengers with changes of flight posted and enumerated under CEB Policies on their website Cebu Pacific Air here is what you can do how to handle canceled or delayed flights by the Philippine Air Passenger Bill of Rights:

  • If a Schedule changes of less than one hour you will not be given any flexibility options.
  • If a Schedule changes one hour or longer, you will be given the following options:  Rebook for travel within thirty (30) days, waived fare difference, and any applicable fees.  Conversion to Travel Fund with six 6 months validity.
  • For flight cancellation of 24 hours or more before ETD, (Estimated Time of Departure) attributable to CEB (Cebu Pacific) the passengers will be given the following options: Rebooking for travel within 30 days, waived fare, and any applicable penalty fees. Conversion to Travel Fund with a validity of 6 months. Refund according to original form of payment
  • Passengers who are already in the airport at the time of cancellation are endorsed to another carrier without paying any fare or provided with amenities such as food and drinks and hotel accommodations.
  • Flight cancellation due to other causes is due to force majeure, safety, or security reasons you can do rebooking and travel within 30 days, waived fare difference and any applicable fees, conversion to travel fund valid for six months, and refund according to the original form of payment.            
  • In addition, you may also contact Cebu Pacific via messenger Chabot Charlie and get a quick reply 24/7 or you may call their hotline service at +63288592774 or +63288640865 for your inquiries and questions.

For Air Asia

  • If your flight has been canceled you can travel on the next available flight without charges. You can use and value to retain your fare in an Air Asia Credit Account for 90 days. A refund if you decide not to proceed with your trip and compensation by Civil Aviation Requirements. 
  • If a flight is delayed at the point of origin you are free to move on to the next available flight connecting to the final destination.
  • If a fly-thru flight is delayed, you can move to the next flight in the connecting time available in Air Asia.
  • For their contact channels you may Chat with AVA under their support page for any concerns and questions at Home | Customer Support ( or you download their Air Asia Super App now. 

For Philippine Airlines PAL passengers, you may visit their ticket offices nationwide, call their hotline no: 855-8888, message them thru their Messenger, or may visit the ManageMyBooking portal on their Philippine Airlines website.

For Skyjet – In their terms and conditions the airline can/may change, cancel, divert, or delay the flight due to safety, commercial, and airlines beyond control situations. But if your flight with Skyjet is canceled you may ask for a refund or alternative travel and also there can be compensation for certain expenses in some cases as well. You may also contact the direct SkyJet Cancellation and refund department by dialing 632 403-7076 and you may also contact them and send a message at Contact – SkyJet Airlines (

The airline scenario of delayed or canceled flights, terminating, diverting, or rescheduling flights immensely compensates for safety reasons, and sometimes its airlines’ beyond control. That those unexpected events that cause delayed and canceled flights, the airline is assuring the customers that they are giving the standard service and they are after the objective of customers’ welfare, well-being and security.  Ensuring that there will be no plight in every flight of their carriers and ensuring every passenger can happily land at their respective destination. On the note side of the airlines, it is always a must to ensure the extra care, proper and right communication information to their customers between the waiting of the flight and in the course of the cancellation.

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Written by Rowena Lansang