Bukidnon Recognized as Ph’s New Global Food Hub


The province of Bukidnon is a heavily agricultural region in the southern Philippines that occupies a broad plateau in the island of Mindanao’s north central region.

Every benefit enjoyed by every province in Region 10 is sampled by Bukidnon. For those traveling by land through Cagayan de Oro and other entry points in Mindanao, the province has a solid road network that is very accessible. Additionally, it is situated in a region with a climate that is quite favorable for both visitors and locals. Bukidnon excels in the agribusiness sector thanks to its extensive pineapple and other produce-producing area.

The 40-hectare industrial zone in Bukidnon has received an invitation from the Board of Investments (BOI) for investments in the agriculture and food production sectors. “This activity is very promising, and we truly believe in Bukidnon’s an opportunity to be a agriculture and food production. BOI Managing Head Ceferino S. Rodolfo said during a recent conversation with Bukidnon local government officials led by Governor Rogelio Neil Roque, Vice Governor Clive D. Quio, and First District Rep. Jose Manuel Alba.

In a news release released the BOI claimed that its Investments Assistance Service had arranged the meeting with industrial zone developers, which had been organized to discuss the growth and development of the Bukidnon Local Industrial Zone.

Background of Bukidnon

One of the ethnic tribes in the southern Philippines that adheres to tradition is the Bukidnon. They live in Mindanao’s northeast, the second-largest island in the archipelago. Although it originated in the Cebuano language, the term “Bukidnon” (mountain dweller) is now widely recognized among the ethnic group being described.

The province is home to the Talaandig, Higa-onon, Bukidnon, Umayamnon, Matigsalug, Manobo, and Tigwahanon tribes. The names of the indigenous tribes of the municipality of Bukidnon originate from the rivers or watershed regions that they once called home. For instance, the Matigsalugs and Tigwahanuns are indigenous people who occupy the banks of the Salug and Tigwa rivers, respectively.

Misamis was already populated by Visayan inhabitants before the Spanish arrived and colonized the island. The tribes that had previously lived there were pushed inland toward the rocky and steep terrain as the migrants continued to arrive. They later acquired the appellation Bukidnons, which translates to “people of the mountains,” and from which the location got its name. The Americans suggested the secession from Misamis Province of the portion populated primarily by Bukidnons with the guidance of Dean C. Worcester, then Secretary of Interior and a member of the Philippine Commission. The Philippine Commission Act 1693, which established the territory of Agusan with Bukidnon as a sub-province, was passed on August 20, 1907. The Department of Mindano and Sulu was established on September 1, 1914, making Bukidnon a recognized province. Ultimately, on March 10, 1917, Act 2711 established the province and gave it the name Province of Bukidnon.

What is Board of Investments BOI?

The development of investments in the Philippines is under the control of the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI). Leading the development of numerous sectors and investment possibilities, the BOI serves as your one-stop shop for conducting business in the Philippines, assisting both Filipino and international investors to go into and succeed in a variety of economic endeavors.

Bukidnon Global Food Manufacturing Hub

Del Monte Philippines Inc., Republic Biscuit Corporation, and Liwayway Marketing Corporation, three major players in the food production sectors that are present in Bukidnon, may encourage other enterprises to consider Bukidnon as a potential investment location.

Additionally, the BoI is focusing on giant bamboo industry investors and people whose actions promote sustainable growth and a smaller carbon footprint.

Rogelio Neil Roque, the first district representative, the governor, and other members of the local government of Bukidnon were recently in conversation with Ceferino Rodolfo, who stated, “This strive is very encouraging, and we genuinely support Bukidnon’s possibility to be a global food manufacturing hub.”The BoI organized the meeting, which was centered on the growth and development of the Bukidnon Domestic Industrial Zone and to be a food production business through its Investments Assistance Service.

The BoI has pledged to help the local administration by contacting entrepreneurs and locators to help promote the industrial zone.

The Bukidnon Provincial Planning and Development Office provided information about the province’s strengths in competition and the reasons it would be a great place for a domestic industrial zone at the meeting. “The BoI organized the meeting, which was centered on the growth and development of the Bukidnon Domestic Industrial Zone, through its Investments Assistance Service. “We are looking at presenting this kind of investment possibility in international promotional events in countries like South Korea that might consider bringing their food production facilities to Bukidnon,” he continued.

Is living in Bukidnon a good thing?

Both inhabitants and visitors can feel very safe in Bukidnon. Is the weather comparable to that of every aspect of the Philippines? Even in the warmest month, Bukidnon experiences heavy rainfall, making the region’s climate be classified tropical.

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