Bria House and Lot: Rural to Urban Moving Tips

From rural to urban house and lot

While everything was once a rural area, nowadays it’s metropolitan. Ever since the industrial revolution, society has made a big leap and transformed the way of living. Yet, in a forever evolving world, some things will never change. People will always be in search of brighter and better prospects in life; moving out of the simple life in pursuit of greener pastures.

Such behavior is evident with the Philippines’ rapid urbanization. A study conducted by the World Bank (2017), confirms that urban population has increased at an annual average of 3.3%, making it one of the fastest urbanizing countries in Asia. The study implicates that migrants were primarily attracted to better access to education, job opportunities, and healthcare.  While there are certain advantages with living in the city, it is not something you should immediately rush into. Urban living has its own fair share of challenges. If you’re thinking of making the move, here are a few moving tips :

Moving Tip #1. Expect the Culture Shock

Once you have finally come to the decision of moving from a rural area to an urban area, be aware of the cultural subtleties as they are different from what you consider as norms. Most likely, the environment, values, and culture will not be the same anymore. The levels of culture shock may even be more severe depending on how far you are moving from. Nevertheless, learn to prepare yourself in dealing with the change. Keep your own point of view in your pocket and try to understand the world in a way the locals do. You may not agree with some their philosophies, and maybe it doesn’t make sense with your own sense of cultural norms. You don’t have to agree, but try to respect and understand where it’s coming from.

Moving Tip #2. Manage and Analyze your Finances

Moving in the big city and living your urban life also means bigger expense. Depending on which location you choose, urban living is generally more expensive due to the overall cost of living. Before you rush into things, estimate your expenses and be sure to have enough savings to get you started. Furthermore, it is essential to secure a job that can compensate your everyday living. If you are lucky enough to find affordable housing or rent to own units, be quick enough to grab the opportunity. It is best to invest with something that will give you a sense of security, and financial aid in the long run. It’s either you earn more or cut your expenses. The bottom line is to make sure finances are at manageable levels.

Moving Tip #3. Visit and Study the City

As exciting as moving into a new city, it is also important to learn and discover everything it has to offer before making a permanent decision. Do not trust tourist agencies for insights, but rather explore the small towns on your own. The tourist experience can be a whole lot different from the living experience. In order get a sense of what the city life is like, observe the neighborhood and look around for major establishments such as malls, schools, hospitals, commercial hubs, etc. As you study the city, you might as well consider finding your home of choice. Considering the location is an extremely crucial factor. With several residential properties to choose from, be sure to look for a trusted developer.

Moving Tip #4. Prepare your Children for a New School

Mostly for families who are moving into the city, one of the main concern would be their child’s access to quality education. However, there are simply lessons in life that books, teachers, nor Google-search cannot help with. Moving from a rural life to a city also means moving to a new school. This means a whole new environment for your child. In the process of moving, affectionate counseling through your own ways and words will definitely help your children’s confidence. Children often look up to their parents as role models. Children understand and listen to the affectionate gestures and advice of their parents and grandparents as a sign of high respect.

Moving Tip #5. Create new bonds

It is always said, “No man is an island.” It simply denotes that that human beings cannot live efficiently and effectively when isolated from others and needs to be part of a community in order to succeed. It is a prerequisite in life, and figuring how to build networks in a new city is a challenge. Some might argue it is easier to make new friends in the city. However, the case is not always true.  Some have it easier to make friends in their local rural communities. Nevertheless, things will come to its natural course. Still there is no harm done in greeting your nearest neighbor or getting involved in events and gatherings. There will always be plenty of opportunities for friendships with other city dwellers.

Moving Tip #6. Keep in Touch with Old Friends and Family

Maintaining relationships are challenging. But it’s worth the effort for people who make you feel loved and valued. Thanks to today’s technology, old neighbors, distant friends and family are just a one push of a button away. Supportive friends and strong family ties can help you ease away the stress of coping in a new environment. Moving to a new city brings in all sorts of emotions.  It can feel exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.  Take deep breaths, relax, and enjoy discovering things in your new home. Connect with your neighbors, coworkers, church groups, and other people to help you adjust and cope with the new world around you. 

Moving is an Adventure. Deciding to move from rural areas to the big city is a life changing choice. Should you decide for yourself to move, ask yourself where should you settle? Every province has good cities, every city has good neighborhoods, but it takes a lot of research and footwork to find your home of choice. Luckily, Bria Homes, the fastest growing mass housing developer in Philippines, offers the finest affordable house and lot packages to help you get a good start in moving. Over the years, Bria boasts its success in providing the best service and quality homes to several Filipino families. In your quest to settle in the big city, Bria guarantees a smooth move in process. Just gather your courage and always keep in mind that moving into the city is a massive opportunity.

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Written by Julia Adajar