Bria House and lot Pick: 10 Affordable Local Brands All Filipinos Love

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We all belong in a community – family, friends’ group, neighborhood, or even workgroups. Within these communities, we find connectivity and the feeling of familiarity. We fit because of a commonality. Hence, this is the same feeling when you become part of the BRIA Homes Community – the feeling of belongingness to a family that shares the same wholesome and worthy experience of having a comfortable and affordable home. Bria Homes take great satisfaction in being one of the Filipino brands that provide beautiful and affordable houses and lots in a community-friendly environment. Bria Homes community would like to recommend in your household these 10 Affordable Local Brands All Filipinos Love.

These local brands have become a household name in almost every home in Bria Homes Bettina and Bria Homes Elena. But why do Filipinos patronize these brands?

According to Kantar’s study, Filipinos prefer to support and buy homegrown brands for fast-moving consumer goods and so these 10 Local Brands will surely be part of your Bria Homes living experience.

10. Lucky Me! 

Lucky Me! had become a local household brand since it was introduced by Monde Nissin in 1989. According to Business World, Lucky Me still the most chosen consumer brand in the Philippines based on a study. 

The Brand Footprint report said that 98% of Filipino homes purchase Lucky Me 36 times in a year, and that makes this brand number 1. 

The reason

One of the reasons why this product made it to number 10 in our list of affordable local brands is because it is one of the most dependable brands in the household.

Lucky Me has become our lifesaver during the time when we’re a bit lazy to cook, says in an article on the When In Manila website. 

Also, Lucky Me has different flavors to choose from – stir fry noodles or the Lucky Me pancit canton that comes in 5 flavors – Original, Calamansi, Sweet and Chili, Chilimansi, and Extra Hot Chili. The Lucky Me noodle soup comes in Chicken, Beef, Lomi, La Paz Batchoy flavors. 

This easy to prepare stir fry noodles or known as pancit canton is best enjoyed with friends and family to share. Truly, this local brand deserves a space or two in your pantry in Bria Homes Elena.

Affordability check

Lucky Me price ranges from Php 10.00 – Php 14.00 per pouch.

9. Kultura Filipino

This brand supports microenterprises such as artisan communities led by women entrepreneurs, local weavers, local designers and dressmakers. Kultura Filipino continues its mission to share a piece of Filipino heritage with its customers. It has become a spark of pride in our Filipino identity. Some of the crafts in their stores such as ref magnets, small jeepneys, keychains, and even t-shirts you will see the “I love the Philippines” label. 

This fashion forward brand will find comfort in your newly turned-over affordable house and lot. Kultura Filipino offers home accent decors that will complement your Bria Homes living room. 

Bria Homes Elena is a 22 sq. m floor area unit that is a simple yet elegant home. Kultura Filipino can accentuate your space as they offer Home Décor, Kitchen and Dining accents, Room Essentials, and Storage and Organizers. They have home scents too!

The reason

This locally-owned brand belongs at number 9 in our list of affordable local brands because their products are unique. And they also live up to its mission to preserve the heritage of our Filipino Culture. Owning a piece of Kultura Filipino at home makes you belong to a community of Filipino consciousness about heritage preservation.

Affordability Check

Kultura Filipino products range from Php 150.00 to Php 4,999.00 

8. Potato Corner

At number eight in our list, this local brand started in 1992 and was founded by Jose Magsaysay Jr. The only goal of the founding partners was to have extra income on the side. Little did they know that the business will expand and will have 700 stores in the Philippines and 120 stores internationally. 

This brand had become a household name especially for a bonding session with family and friends. Potato corner serves flavored fries – Cheese, Barbeque, Sour and Cream, and Chili Barbeque. This will be a great snack you can enjoy in your Bria Home’s living room while watching your favorite movies or Netflix series. 

The reason

Filipinos keep buying their product – flavored French fries because they were able to focus on one product only and they successfully targeted their market. In an interview with Jose Magsaysay Jr. on the Josiah Go website, he explained the power of one thing in his business.

Affordability Check

Potato Corner price ranges from Php 29.00 for regular fries to Php 209.00 for the Tera size.

7. National Bookstore

Your life as a student will never be complete if you were not able to buy your school supplies in National Bookstore. For 75 years in the business, founders Socorro Cancio- Ramos and Jose Ramos together with their family proved that with resilience and perseverance in business, one will succeed if you do not give up amidst the great adversity. 

Aside from books, National Bookstore sells school and office supplies too. This brand became a household name for all the students and working-class who get their school supplies in more than 200 branches across the country. 

This local brand deserves a spot in your Bria home office as they offer a wide array of books, notebooks, journals, pens, pencils, papers, folders, clear books, and office supplies. 

The reason

National Bookstore deserves a spot in number 7 in our list of 10 affordable local brands as they have been in the business for 75 years. They are one of the businesses in the Philippines that is successful even without going into IPO or Initial Public Offering. Filipino families buy this brand because of their good service to their customers, thus creating this loyalty card Laking National Card. Owning such a loyalty card makes you feel that you are part of a big community that grew up patronizing National Bookstore.

Affordability check

National Bookstore price ranges from Php 8.00 up to Php 1,000.00 for the school and office supply essentials.

6. Rebisco

This local brand owned by Jacinto Ng started Rebisco as a neighborhood bakery in San Juan in 1963. 

Rebisco or the Republic Biscuit Corporation was the forerunner in the biscuit industry for over 50 years and marks itself to be one of the known players in the Philippine snack food business.

This local brand became well known to kids in the 90’s because of its Flavored Cracker Sandwich – Chocolate, Strawberry, Butter, and Cream. This has become one of the household brands as it was popular as kid’s snacks in school or baon.

The reason

Rebisco is in the number 6 slot in our list of affordable local brands that we Filipino all love. The business has been in the industry for 50 years, long before your parents were kids. These biscuits were your parents’ favorite when they were younger. So, the family became accustomed even to picking afternoon snacks. Filipinos love traditions and it was transferred from generation to generation, one Rebisco snack at a time. 

Affordability Check

Rebisco product price ranges from Php 54.00 per pack of 10s 32 g

5. Datu Puti

Datu Puti is number 5 on our list. It is the first in the vinegar industry. It was founded in 1975 by Hernan Reyes, since then, every household use Datu Puti for cooking and creating delectable dishes for the family. It became the #1 vinegar brand in the country. 

Make sure to make Datu Puti part of your cooking experience in your Bria Homes Bettina. 

Datu Puti expands its product line like Datu Puti soy sauce, Datu Puti Fish Sauce, Datu Puti Oyster Sauce, Datu Puti BBQrrrific Barbeque Marinade. Because of this many Filipinos trust this household name

The reason

Datu Puti gained the trust of its consumer thus making it one of the well-known kitchen products out there. It commits to excellent quality and highly qualified employees who are passionate about food. 

Cook your favorite Adobo sa Puti and share it with your neighbors, truly this gesture is one of a kind within your Bria Homes Community. 

Affordability Check

Datu Puti Vinegar price ranges from Php 6.00 per Econo pouch to Pho 76.oo per 1-liter bottle. 

4. Penshoppe

At number four, it is one of the well-known clothing brand in the fashion retail enterprise is Penshoppe. Managed by its Chairman and CEO Bernie Liu in 1986, after converting its garment manufacturing business. 

Cebu-based Liu expanded their business in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao through department store channels. The focus of their business is on quality clothing, highlighting their t-shirt designs with embroidery stitching.

Penshoppe became popular in the ’90s because it offers fashionable streetwear clothing from one-size-fits-all t-shirts and jeans. This local brand is also present internationally in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

For sure these quality and affordable clothes from Penshoppe deserves a space in your closet as it is wearable and fashionable every day.

The reason

In an interview in My Story, My SM, Bernie Liu said that we was grateful to his late dad Lim Liu and mom Norma Liu “whose lives continue to guide us today Their enterprising ways, their adherence to professionalism and hard work, their service to the community at large, and their resolve to live a life of integrity, have become pillars of our corporate identity. More importantly, it is their belief that everything we have and enjoy our blessings from God, and it is our responsibility to grow these gifts and give back.” They also recently launched their sustainable fashion line – The Conscious Generation, that offers sustainable clothes like bucket hats, graphic tees, bags, dresses, and etc. made from recycled plastic bottles.

Penshoppe deserves is at number 4 in our list of 10 affordable and local brands all Filipinos love because it adheres to its stand as the authority on everyday fashion. Wearing Penshoppe makes you feel that you belong in a community of street fashion image.

Affordability Check

Penshoppe clothing essential ranges from Php 99.00 up to Php 800.00

3. Bench

Who would not forget the giant billboards of Bench in Guadalupe Ferry Station? This apparel brand pioneered in using celebrity endorsers like Richard Gomez during the 90s to Daniel Padilla. 

The Bench was founded by Ben Chan in 1987 selling men’s t-shirts at affordable prices. It dominated the retail space in the Philippines and expanded its portfolio in the USA, the Middle East, and China, Singapore, and Myanmar.

From a retail store of men’s clothing, Bench is known for its ladies’ line, underwear, lifestyle products, and fragrances. It even has a wide array of snacks too. Bench had become one of the successful brands in the local market as it covered all its customers – understanding the insight of its demographics. It is dubbed as the leading lifestyle retailer in the country. 

This local brand deserves a space in your Bria Home closet as its clothing designs are adaptable and creative at the same time. You can also shop their clothes in their online store.

The reason

Bench is at the 3rd spot in our list of the affordable local brand all Filipinos love because during the ’90s and until now, Bench made its clothing line still relevant today bu collaborating with local designers. Wearing this brand makes you feel that you belong in a community – Bench endorsers. 

Affordability check

Bench clothing line ranges from Php 367.50 up to Php 1,200.00 

2. San Miguel

At number two on our list, San Miguel Corporation is one of the leading business conglomerates in the Philippines. It has been in the industry for 130 years. It started in 1890 as La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel. It was the first brewery to produce and bottled beers. 

San Miguel became a household name. Its beer, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, its flagship brand became iconic in the ’90s. The brewery expanded its portfolio and ventured into San Miguel Food Group – their operations range from breeding, growing, processing the basic meats. Their products include butter, ice cream, flour, cheese, margarine which became known as household brands.

Enjoy the bonding sessions with your family and friends over San Miguel Beer in the comforts of your home. Chill while drinking beer and watching movies and series in the comforts of your living room.

The reason

It is number two on our list for one good reason: San Miguel is a good neighbor.

In their company values, San Miguel Corporation represents a positive force in the communities, they believe in what is good for the greatest number of people.

For 130 years of existence in the business, Filipinos had become accustomed to San Miguel products at it became a legacy in Filipino culture and tradition. 

Affordability check

San Miguel Beer Products ranges from Php 31.00 to Php 88.00 while San Miguel Food products range from Php 79.00 to Php 450.00

1. Jollibee

And the number 1 in our 10 affordable local brands Filipinos all love is Jollibee – the home of the famous Chickenjoy. 

Who would not forget the famous tagline – Crispylicious, Juicylicious, Chickenjoy? This famous commercial left a mark in all our gut – craving for that tasty and juicy yet affordable Jollibee Chickenjoy.

Tony Caktiong, the owner and founder of Jollibee opened its first store in 1978, since then, it has become accustomed to the Filipino family traditions. It captures the taste of the Pinoy palate. 

Jollibee has become a lifesaver during the time when Filipinos are a bit lazy to cook. All they can do is dial 8-7000 delivery and enjoy freshly fried chicken in the comforts of their dining area. 

The reason

In this article entitled “Why everyone is obsessed with Jollibee fast food – from its sweet spaghetti to Fried chicken better than KFC”, CNBC correspondent Sara Berger wrote that in a Nielsen study, Jollibee fits millennials world view: “ they are much more open-minded to discovering things. The sooner you start trying something, it becomes part of your taste-set, it becomes part of your identity”

Jollibee was able to capture the “Panlasang Pinoy” in their signature products like Chickenjoy, Yumburger, Spaghetti, Palabok, and Pies

Affordability check

Jollibee products range from Php 50.00 for burgers to Php 700.00 for bucket meals.

Bring home your Jollibee today and enjoy it in your Bria Homes Elena. 

There you have it, Bria Homes Community recommends 10 Affordable Local Brands that All Filipinos Love. 

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