BRIA Homes’ Affordable House and Lot Guidelines for a Safe Holiday Celebration

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In a country known for its “longest holiday season,” few can match the boundless joy Filipinos feel each time Christmas comes around. Homes are dressed in holiday style, streets are brightly lit, and the festive air makes everything dazzle and glow.

This year, however, leading affordable housing developer BRIA Homes joins its residents and homeowners to stay safe even as they celebrate the Yuletide. BRIA urges everyone to observe the same stringent health protocols that have helped contain the coronavirus through the past several months. And because Christmas is traditionally a season for bonding and reconnecting, BRIA has timely reminders about this as well.

Red Rosales, President of BRIA Homes, understands that naturally exuberant Filipinos can’t be deterred from having joyful get-togethers—at home or out of town. Thus, BRIA offers easy-to-follow guidelines for residents as they plan their Yuletide agenda. “At BRIA Homes,the health and well-being of all our residents is of utmost importance,” Rosales affirms. “These guidelines will help keep them safe as they celebrate the holidays with people they love.”

Here, BRIA Homes,along with the Department of Health, Health Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19 and Department of Information and Communications Technology, wishes everyone a happy and meaningful

Christmas with these holiday safety protocols:

1. Limit the number of people in your family gatherings.

While we all crave for the company of other relatives and friends, we should celebrate only with close members of our own household. This ensures that residents will not put their health at risk by exposure to people who may or may not have contracted the virus. Keeping your social circle small is a great way to contain community transmission.

2. Avoid holidays activities that involve traveling out of town.

Traveling increases the likelihood of contracting the virus especially as you’ll be mingling with potentially asymptomatic carriers that may unknowingly transmit the virus. Sticking close to home is still the best way to protect yourselves.

3. Opt for activities that limit the amount of time you spend with other people.

The chances of infection are greater the longer you stay in contact with outsiders and nonfamily members. Keep those gatherings brief. You can set intimate family gatherings with a lunch or dinner party than having a whole day Christmas party with games.

4. To protect yourself during get-togethers, it’s best to practice BIDA.

BIDA refers to longtime health guidelines fully endorsed by health authorities: B-awal walang mask, I-sanitize ang mga kamay, D-umistansya ng isang metro, A-lamin ang totoong impormasyon. To elaborate, face masks help protect you from airborne particles carrying the virus. Regular handwashing is incredibly effective at killing the virus your hands may have come in contact with. Social distancing of at least one meter provides a buffer between you and a potential carrier. And lastly, it’s important to heed only those health advisories that come from reliable sources. False information go with fearmongering, which is not helpful at all. Learn to be more discerning to stay ahead of the virus.

5. Throughout the holidays, avoid contact with high-touch surfaces.

These include doorknobs and door handles in public places; elevator buttons; escalator handrails; ATM touchscreens; and other frequently used surfaces. The virus can be contracted in this manner, especially when you habitually touch your nose and mouth. If contact is necessary, always bring an alcohol with you to disinfect.

6. Ensure venues have proper ventilation.

Holding activities in open-air spaces greatly reduces the potential for infection. When practiced together with the aforementioned steps, celebrating the holidays becomes safe for everyone.

7. Practice mindful care of your mind and spirit through all this.

The pandemic may exact a toll on the mental and emotional well-being of vulnerable people—especially those who live alone. Stay in touch with friends through regular phone chats and social media channels. Watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Exercise regularly, indulge in a healthy and nutritious diet, and take the time you need to rest and recharge. Only by ensuring your well-being will you remain strong and resilient through all the difficulties.

Following these safety protocols will help keep Bria residents safe as they celebrate the holiday season. In addition, Bria Homes routinely cleans and disinfects its common areas in the Bria communities to protect homeowners from risks of exposure to the virus. BRIA’s eco-friendly green spaces likewise allow residents to enjoy fresher and cleaner air—a healthier environment for all BRIA homeowners.

BRIA Homes is a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., one of the largest real estate companies in the country. BRIA Homes is primed to bring quality and affordable house and lot packages and condominium units closer to ordinary Filipino families. This is the goal that drives every single employee in the company, for which the ultimate fulfillment is seeing a client happily moving into BRIA’s homes.

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