Bread Wars: 8 Reasons why you should toast your bread

How would you like your bread? Plain? Stuffed? Or toasted? When in a hurry, eating your bread plain is the best option for you but if you’ve got extra time to spare, some like it stuffed with different fillings and flavored spread yet some liked to toast it to get that extra crunch, texture, and flavor. But here’s the thing, a study shows that toasting your bread is a healthier option. 

Like you, people all across the world have tasted toasted bread, but how many of us actually know why we toast our bread or what the advantages of doing so are? Maybe not many of us are aware! The most significant one though, is that toasting bread alters its nutritional composition. Here are more of the benefits you can get by toasting your bread:


Toast is a great source of low glycemic index starch; it’s a good source of energy, which many people need to stay energized throughout the day. It can help with diarrhea and constipation because people lose body tissue during those conditions, so they need to keep up a healthy level of energy.

Even on regular days, toast bread could give you tons of energy due to its low glycemic index starch. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because that’s where you get your energy to function properly. So it’s a good idea to add toast bread to your breakfast meal. 


Fat is one of the causes of weight gain, and people with diabetes who gain weight should avoid doing so for their health. So, if not completely, you can reduce the amount of fat in bread by toasting it. Although there hasn’t been much of a drop, it’s still enough to matter if you eat bread every day.


Toasted bread can be a great benefit for people with diabetes. A toasted bread’s glycemic index and lipid content are both reduced when it is toasted, which means that a person with diabetes will be less likely to gain weight from eating the bread, just like fat. The glycemic index of a food determines how much it raises your blood sugar level; therefore, high-GI foods are best avoided by individuals with diabetes who must manage their blood sugar levels carefully. However, toasting reduces the glycemic index of any food–including breads–making it easier for people with diabetes to maintain healthy blood sugar levels while enjoying their favorite foods!


When you vomit and feel queasy, it is unpleasant and untidy. Toast with milk or milk toast, which you may make by combining milk, toast, and butter, is preferred in certain circumstances. It functions as an antacid and is regarded as one of the greatest stomach-coating remedies that is quickly manufactured and accessible. However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t take this if you have stomach flu because dairy-based products don’t work when you have the virus.


Your bread’s flavor and texture change when toasted. In a way, it is quite different from a bread that has not been toasted. It becomes a better diet for you as a result of the alteration in its nutritional composition. Your hunger is also increased by the difference in flavor, which also makes you feel good.


As the water content of the bread is reduced during toasting, the complex carbohydrate starch is broken down, facilitating better digestion. Complex carbohydrates take longer for our bodies to digest. The low glycemic index of a toasted bread is also due to the same breakdown process.


Toast bread might be a smart option for weight loss. To support a healthy weight, eating toast as part of a high-fiber, low-fat diet will help you control your appetite, deal with cravings, and consume fewer calories overall. 

It can also assist to increase nutrition to top foods with nutrient-dense ingredients like peanut butter, eggs, salmon, beans, avocado, or a tiny quantity of cheese. A protein-rich topping on toast, like an egg or nut butter, might help you feel fuller for longer and prevent overeating.

In general, toasted breads have fewer calories and can help lower blood sugar levels and assist in weight loss. When choosing, it’s important to consider both the bread’s fiber content and the level of toasting. 

Toasted bread should be lightly toasted rather than scorched in order to reap the greatest health advantages. Bread that has been lightly toasted has more nutrients and fewer calories, making it a better option. It’s crucial to use whole-grain bread with low amounts of added sugar and fat when choosing bread for toasting. This will not only make them healthier but also enhance the toast’s flavor. 

Toasting bread can be a healthy choice, depending on the type of bread and how it is toasted. Toasting removes moisture and delays the stale process, which makes bread that has been toasted a little healthier than bread that has not been toasted.


Actually, toasting bread has just one drawback. It has to do with a substance called acrylamide, but it only affects bread that has been overly toasted. 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a chemical called acrylamide develops in some foods when they are cooked at high temperatures, such as those that toasting bread involves. Asparagine, an amino acid, and the natural sugars found in food are used to make acrylamide. The FDA is investigating whether lesser concentrations of this chemical also provides a concern in light of studies linking high amounts to cancer.

All in all, we get numerous benefits by simply toasting bread than eating it plain. But then it still depends on your preference. Getting a bread toaster or an oven toaster for your home however will be a good choice as you can experiment and cook various recipes.

Get yourself a toaster!

If you enjoy eating bread, a bread toaster is a necessary household item. As the first meal of the day, you can toast your bread at various temperatures and enjoy its crispy and crunchy flavor. 

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A bread toaster doesn’t require much maintenance either. All you have to do is thoroughly clean it after each use. You don’t need to worry about giving up a lot of countertop space to store a bread toaster. This appliance is a small-footprint choice that takes up little room in your kitchen. 

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Written by Noelyn Kate O. Cabrera