Feng Shui Tips to Attract Good Fortune to Your Home this Chinese New Year 2023

In the Asia-Pacific area, such as the Philippines, Feng Shui is a somewhat widespread ideology. So several Filipinos, particularly those of Chinese origin, use the ritual to influence their judgments and choices. One prominent illustration for this is that Filipinos use Feng Shui when planning house arrangements to ensure prosperity and serenity this 2023. The methodology has spread to non-conventional uses. Feng Shui is the Chinese concept of organizing structures, items, and spaces in a setting to foster balance and harmony. Feng shui refers approximately to “wind” and “water” in English translations. This is an ancient Chinese principle that is being used to harmonize the environmental and physical factors of a living area in a way that generates positive chi, also known as qi, or energy, so as to lead a comprehensive and integrated existence. It is claimed that the Feng Shui theory helps to block off negativity, allowing you to grow not only financially but also towards a greater objective which is internal serenity. So making changes to your house arrangement in accordance with advice from Feng Shui principles can have an enormous impact on your whole life in 2023.

Understanding Feng Shui rituals for the new year 2023

In Feng Shui, floating stars wander around within nine different paths year after year, and each one brings something different, from wealth to calamity. The Chinese zodiac, or sheng xiao, is a round of 12 animals that represent the movement of time. According to folklore, a deity invited all animals to say goodbye to him before departing from Earth. Only twelve (12) of them arrived, which are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig, and each was assigned a position of distinction in a year depending on their sequence of the entrance. That every zodiac animal gets a position under the stars to represent what they may encounter that year. As mentioned, every calendar year is governed by these twelve (12) zodiac animals, which correlate to Feng Shui and its five natural elements, as per Chinese astrology. Feng Shui experts deal with these two main components in general to comprehend your destiny and your interactions with the cosmos throughout its entirety. The lunar year in which you were brought into the world determines your sign or animal. Last January 22, 2023, we entered the Year of the Rabbit, to be more specific, water rabbit. This zodiac animal is recognized for its elegance, grace, and peace-loving. It is attainable to establish an appealing atmosphere at home that inspires emotions of serenity while bringing items that represent a sense of richness and success into your home with careful regard to Feng Shui rituals for the new year 2023. With all these things considered, right now is an excellent opportunity to concentrate on building harmonic and sensible conditions in our homes. If you wish to improve your home’s energy for this year you should ignite the good impacts of the stars and counteract the negative ones.

Here is a rundown of some Feng Shui tips that you need to consider for your house arrangement this 2023:

  1. Living Room Arrangement

Where you and your loved ones usually spend most of your time together at home is your living room, thus it is critical that the space has positive Feng Shui and gives good fortune to those who occupy the area. Make sure that light can readily reach the living room and that it spreads evenly around this space. Also, it is suggested that potted plants be used to draw the good chi of the wood element. Thorny shrubs and cacti should be avoided, according to Feng Shui experts. On the other hand, houseplants with well-rounded leaves are encouraged to be stored in the living room. The installation of water features, such as an aquarium is also recommended. Water is a sign of prosperity in classical Feng Shui, thus it is given special attention. Water features in your house might help support you in attracting abundance into your home. In 2023, the Wealth star will arrive in the South sector. It is suggested that you place a water feature on the south side of your home. But even so, be certain that it is firmly fixed, as a hazard may lead you to spend a lot of money. A further key Feng Shui ritual for the new year 2023 is to keep in mind that no piece of furniture faces the doorway and has rounded corners. The sculptures in the home are no exception. These features should not possess a pointed form.

  1. Kitchen Space Arrangement

According to feng shui, your kitchen is not just a place to cook. Feng shui emphasizes the significance of establishing a well-designed kitchen wherein the oven, stove, and sink faucet should all be in accessible locations for you.  The stove should be in a dominating position, and the refrigerator should be clean. A cleaning liquid made of salt and water is advised to wash away negative energies and entice positive energies.

  1. Bedroom Arrangement

Colors are believed to have symbolic implications in Feng Shui rituals, so incorporate them to improve the look and feel of your home this new year 2023. Blue, purple, and black watercolors are lucky in 2023. Such colors are related to steadiness and safety because they offer a sense of security in your home and your life. Adding a touch of blue to your home attracts great wealth, particularly in the first month of the year 2023. Increase your use of these colors in the form of sleeping sheets, pillowcases, and rugs. Additionally, earth tones and the usage of ceramic may draw beneficial energy, making your life more secure and providing you with excellent health. Moreover, cluttered book stacks or heaps of shoes by the front door, and a closet crammed with clothes you seldom use must all be cleared or decluttered. Clutter disrupts the flow of positive ‘qi’ in the home.

  1. Bathroom Arrangement

Your bathroom should never face the home, as per feng shui rituals. The northeast is a good position for your bathroom in your home. Bathrooms use the least amount of energy. As a result, they must be oriented in this manner. Feng Shui experts also recommend using wood and light and warm colors.

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Written by MC Sanchez