Best Places to Get the Most Affordable Christmas Decors

Woman Holding Christmas Decor Shopping Bag

For us Filipinos, Christmas is one of the most significant holidays. We begin our countdown in September, follow special customs, and hang up vibrant decorations in front of our homes, including lights and paroles, to outdo our neighbors’ displays. Begin your Christmas shopping with a list of things you’d like to use to decorate your home. In this article, we’ve listed six (6) places where you can buy affordable decors for the Christmas season.

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The Christmas season isn’t simply a time of giving; it’s also a time to be creative, as evidenced by the brilliant light displays, enormous Christmas trees, and adorable nativity scenes that adorn many houses.

Where to buy affordable Christmas decorations?

Here is a collection of marketplaces and stores in Metro Manila where you can buy Christmas decors at an affordable price. From small Christmas villages to unusual Santa Claus figures, this list will make it easier for you to shop around for the Christmas decor you might need.

1. Divisoria (Recto Avenue, Binondo, Manila)

Christmas decorations are undoubtedly among the many reasonably priced finds that Divisoria has to offer. You can find everything on Tabora Street, including Christmas trees, stockings, wreaths, and string lights.

Divisoria is the place where to buy cheap Christmas decors which is arguably the Philippines’s greatest one-stop shopping district. Everything Christmas-related, including trees, lights, and decorations, as well as gifts, costumes, and cards, can be bought here at extremely reasonable costs. Divisoria offers inexpensive raw materials for those who enjoy making their own Christmas decorations.

Shopping in Divisoria can be advantageous if one knows how to haggle because doing so can result in further reductions in already-competitive prices. Shopping for Christmas decor and gifts may have to be done on consecutive days due to the vast array of products sold here.

2. Dapitan Arcade (Dapitan corner Kanlaon Sts., Quezon City)

One of the greatest places to go while looking for cheap Christmas decorations in Manila is Dapitan arcade, which is situated along Dapitan corner Kanlaon street in Quezon City. Dapitan Arcade, however, is a fantastic place to shop all year round. This store is a terrific place to find a selection of houseware and decorative items, like plates, mugs, and pillowcases, all year long.

Naturally, Dapitan Arcade, the preferred location for all things holiday decor in Manila, is at the top of this list. There aren’t many places that offer handmade Christmas items, much less do so all year round. Thus, even though it is still the height of summer, the tiangge near the intersection of Dapitan and Kanlaon Streets in Barangay is the place to go if you wanted to acquire distinctive objects to embellish your home or prepare for the next holidays. Sta. The best spot to be in Quezon City is Teresita.

In Dapitan Arcade, you can find just about anything, from Christmas-themed fabrics to coordinating festive plates, glasses, platters, and pitchers. The venue is set up like a tiangge, so even though many of the items for sale are already reasonably priced, customers may still save more by bargaining.

3. Christmas Factory (Lacson corner Jocson Sts., Sampaloc, Manila)

The Christmas Factory, whose name pretty much says it all, is one of the most well-known stores in Metro Manila for cheap Christmas decorations and novelty things. Although the shop appears to specialize in Santa Claus-themed products like hangers and tabletop figurines, other well-liked items include Christmas balls, porcelain elves, and fiberglass elves.

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Rather than being two-dimensional like miniatures, adorable life-size figures add a more three-dimensional impression to larger spaces or gardens. These kinds of figurines may be found at Christmas Factory, which is well-known for selling big figurines made of fiberglass, a plastic reinforced with glass, and polyresin, a form of plastic that can be carved into sturdy designs.

One of their 5-foot figurines, the Giant Santa waving (price upon inquiry) figure, for instance, would make a charming greeting for guests whether positioned next to a main door or at the top of a staircase.

The Christmas Factory is renowned for its beautifully created goods as well as for offering a number of fantastic deals each year, including early-bird discounts for customers who buy decor and other items as early as the first quarter of the year.

4. Natural art flower and decors (Tayuman Sts., Tondo, Manila)

If you’re seeking for lovely Christmas decor in Manila Natural Art Flowers and Decors is one of the best locations to go. From Christmas tress to candy canes, they provide a variety of festive items. However, they provide more than just holiday decoration; they also provide flower design and event planning services. Natural Art Flowers and Decors is where property owners should begin if they want their Christmas decorations to have a more natural flare. They started out importing and selling Christmas decorations, which they still do now, even though their shop has grown to offer event planning and flower arrangement services.

Almost every kind of decor can be found at Natural Art, from poinsettias, pine sprays, and brilliant lights to decorate Christmas trees to statues of Santa Claus and snowmen, hamlets, and candy canes for desks and counter tops.

5. Greenhills shopping center (Greenhills, San Juan)

You can avoid the commotion outdoors by choosing Greenhills Mall if you’re family who doesn’t want to deal with the trouble of shopping around bazaars in the sweltering sun. This tianggehan, which is air-conditioned, is a one-stop shop with stalls offering everything from shoes and jewelry to apparel, elation.

It’s also advantageous to know how to bargain for these things’ prices to be reduced because they are still within reach. However, you can anticipate that things here will cost a little more than those from outside bazaars. You may stop at the mall’s Promenade to relax after all the window shopping and haggling, where you can discover a variety of eateries and coffee shops, like Lazy Bear Milk Tea and Euro bake.

In addition to the Shoppesville and Tiange areas, shoppers can find even more Christmas decor alternatives in the Virra Mall in Greenhills, take a breather in one of the many eateries, or see a movie at the theater. One can also witness the annual Christmas on Display light show in the shopping mall if they go later in the holiday season.

6. Parolan bazaar (Cubao, Quezon City)

Another inexpensive choice for those on a tight budget is the yearly Parolan Bazaar, which is located on Times Square Avenue in front of the Araneta Center bus station. Likewise you may find Christmas decorations here, including poinsettias and other holiday plants, Christmas balls, parol, and Christmas trees with price ranges between PHP 250 and PHP 3,500. You can find a deal for as little as PHP 5,000 if you want a fully decorated Christmas tree. You can still bargain with the bazaar vendors if you’re patient. A parol can only cost PHP 500, whereas capiz balls can be purchased for PHP 1,300 to 1,500.

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