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Bataan has fallen.

Fighting with guns and barrels, suddenly, they heard a command. Cease fire! 76,000 Filipino, Chinese, and American soldiers came into a halt in fighting against the Japanese. After months in war, their commander decided to surrender Bataan. After months of seeing death, a little sigh of relief was made.

Battling their way into winning then suddenly halted, one has sighed in relief, thinking all their misery is over, have they been wrong. It was the start of their seemingly never-ending journey towards their prison. The peninsula that they have been protecting, looking like a place that one would never want to leave.   

It was in broad daylight in May, the hot rays of the sun scorching through the soldiers’ skin when a commander told them, “Get up! Start to walk!” Good thing there were trees that gave them shade from the warm rays of the sun. But the trees were not enough to block the instinct of thirst and starvation.

A 150 kilometer walk to their dehydration, a train ride to their suffocation, and a prison that awaits for their death. Thousands have fallen; the remaining endured, for their family and the Philippines, this was what they went through.

We see Mt. Samat, the shrine which commemorates the battle in Bataan for here was where some of the fiercest battles in Bataan were fought. We perceive such places as leisure parks, but we never see them as a place where a war took place, blood overflowed, and people surrendered.

Few living men and women has witnessed the war and the history was set to be remembered. As for these people, living or dead, fought for the country that we can never imagine up to this day. Holidays are set to commemorate the days the people endured to protect our country. May we all be proud of our country, countrymen, and allies who fought to protect it and its people. We will never be without them. Day of valor. Be of valor. Our foundation was built with valor and bodies of them. They defended our country, our land, and our people.

Did you know that Republic Act No. 3022 states that at 4:30 PM, a minute of silence is observed in honor of the heroic defenders of Bataan and their parents, wives, and widow/ers? This year, may we be aware that April 9 (Araw ng Kagitingan) is not just a work-free day, it is a day we take a minute to honor our people. The people who fought for our country to their last strength.

And now, several decades later, rising from the ashes, Bataan has paved its way from a dull place to now a continuously progressing province.

Bataan has already risen.

Without compromising comfort and convenience, you can have a simple living in Bataan. We all know that beaches and other tourist attractions here are now being discovered by the public. Access to education is easy since there are numerous schools, colleges and universities to choose from that offers various Vocational Degrees, Bachelor Degrees and Master’s programs. There are also more than 20 government and private hospitals which has their own ambulances that are used for emergencies. Job opportunities is also not a problem here since it is surrounded by big companies like Petron, San Miguel Corp., Freeport Area of Bataan, and Economic Zones.

Using different mode of transportations and infrastructures, you can easily go to malls and leisure parks as well. In Balanga, you can find Vista Mall Bataan where you can find everything that you need. You can reach it via Metro Express Modernized Jeep: an airconditioned jeepney with automated fare collection jeepney that has routes to the different towns of Bataan.

Not to mention, as part of the government’s Build Build Build Program, Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge is soon to connect Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog region. This project is expected to help to transform the regional economies of Cavite, Bataan and provinces located further north of Bataan through improved connectivity, new economic opportunities and jobs. It will also ease the traffic on the North Luzon Expressway, and cut the usual travel time from 6 hours to two hours only.

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Written by Yenoh Estrella and Aubrey Fabian