Affordable House and Lot: 10 Things to Keep You Productive at Home


Dealing with the pandemic, the Philippines had been placed on different community quarantine measures. Sometimes, it brought negative impact. But one thing’s for sure, many of us are set to work from home and might be struggling to create a work-life balance. Therefore here are Ten (10) Things to keep you productive at your own home during these days. 

1. Set up a work-out routine

Staying healthy in a physical aspect is on the top of the list. As we are limiting the face-to-face gatherings, gyms and clubs were closed. However, it’s still not hard to set up your own workout routine at home. 

First is yoga. It is a need to practice yoga regularly as it helps to have better concentration and improves your mood and flexibility.

Next in line is meditation. Meditation is almost the same as yoga but it mainly works in controlling anxieties, providing better sleep, and reducing stress. 

And also the cardio exercises. The top exercises for cardio that can be done at home at jogging in place, jumping jacks, using a jumping rope, squat jumps, and many more.

The above-mentioned workout ideas are beneficial to each and every one. At the same time, you could do this in the comfort of your home. Doing this can help you build a habit of maintaining good health. In this top card, you can be healthy and productive at the same time.    

2. Make your own garden.

With the stay-at-home order across the nation, gardening became essential for many. Have you ever heard of the words “Plantito” and “Plantita”? These new social media jargon are used to describe people who love to do planting and gardening. “Plantito” = Plant+Tito (means Uncle) and “Plantita” = Plant+Tita (means Aunt).

But prior to the said trend, there are factors to be considered as a new “Plantito” and “Plantita”. According to the Unique Philippines, there are five (5) basic factors to be considered: (1) Lifestyle; (2) Type of Plant; (3) Space and Location; (4) Budget and Finances; and (5) Time and Devotion. With these, you are being productive while preserving the nature.

3. Discover a new hobby

Find something that kicks the interest in you and jump in. It might be sewing or crocheting, painting, or calligraphy. Practice some cake decorating, bartending, or editing using a software.

Simple or hard, discovering new hobbies can help you escape boredom and instead produce activity at your own home. 

4. Be your own chef

Cooking and baking became the new hobby for many. If you are a food lover, then this activity might suit you best. And Filipinos love to prepare and eat food for their family and friends.

Most people will likely encounter new ingredients, new brands, and textures of foods and recipes of home-cooked meals or restaurant-like delicacies. 

According to ManilaStandard, as people stayed in their home and tried to cope up with the new normal by actively engaging other members of the community and taking advantage of a platform that let them enjoy the moments of living “chef-life”.

5. Reorganizing your Home

There is no limit in cleaning and reorganizing the interiors of your home, from the living area up to the Kitchen. Especially in the areas where some appliances and furniture takes up a lot of space.

Getting these spaces organized will also make them easier to clean.

Making the most of your time in reorganizing the kitchen and living area in your homes can improve life with clarity and organization.

6. General Cleaning and Disinfection

Decluttering and general cleaning are almost the same as activity number 5, but this will include some wiping off the windows, mopping floors, changing of curtains, and many more.

With the continuous spread of the virus, cleaning and disinfecting your home has been the most essential thing to do. 

According to UNICEF, cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in your home regularly is an important precaution to lower the risk of infection. Every high-touch surface like door handles, tables & chairs, toilets, computers, and other electronic devices, must be cleaned properly.

With this activity, you are productive while securing the health and safety of your loved ones.

7. Read a book

In this time of the COVID-19 crisis, reading a book is very beneficial for everyone who has felt the “pandemic stress”. 

As some people would say, “A book a day can keep pandemic stress away.” It gave us a much-needed escape from the crisis that we are facing today. It also gave us comfort as we found ourselves a great opportunity to read a book to fill gaps in knowledge and boost imagination.

8. Start a journal

Aside from reading a book, journaling is also a great way to express the unvented emotions and reflections. It may sound awkward by writing random thoughts but eventually, it will be a pace of looking back to what happened during those days.

Journaling comes in different ways. At times it is a to-do list, a calendar, a bullet journal, freewriting journals, a gratitude journal, or unsent letters.

Whatever journal is your type, there is no “right” or “wrong” way, as long as you are able to express your feelings and it gives you peace of mind.

9. Practice Positive Self-talk

We became more aware of the mental health challenges as we are facing a lot of sudden changes brought by the pandemic. 

As stated by, we empower ourselves through compassionate self-talk. Speaking to ourselves with kindness is incredibly beneficial for many areas of our lives, and especially for our mental health.

Positive self-talk is also part of self-care.

10. Start a side-hustle

Being one of the leading housing developers in the Philippines, Bria Homes administers opportunities to Filipinos who are seeking for a side-hustle in today’s crisis. “New Normal? New Career!” and “Bria Online Sellers”. 

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Despite the current pandemic, Bria Homes remind us that we can be productive in the comforts of our own homes.

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Written by Jubee Veras