7 Simple Tips to Keep your Cables Organized

cable organizers

When it comes to keeping your home neat and tidy, there are many things that you can do. One of those things is keeping the cables of appliances organized. If you are like most people, you probably have a bunch of wires running around the house. Cables are one of the most common sources of clutter in your home. They are just a bunch of cords, and it is hard to find something to use to organize all kinds of cables. They can be used to organize all kinds of things, including appliances, but they also can be an eyesore if you do not know how to properly store your cables at home. You may be afraid of organizing your cables because of the misconception that it will be too much work or that you may forget where something is stored. In this article, you will know more about how to properly organize and store all kinds of cables. This will help make your home look more organized and less cluttered, making it easier for you to find things when needed.

Threats of Tangled Cable Clutters

In the age of the internet, you rely largely on technological devices. As a consequence, cord clutter accumulates. Poorly organized electrical cables are not only an eyesore but may also cause danger that can result in unintended accidents. Cords and cables may be dangerous to children as well as adults if left exposed or hung carelessly. Safeguarding them protects you from jumbled wire risks such as tripping, bruises, and even the loss of your gadgets, and electrical shocks, particularly when wires deteriorate, or even cause fires caused by faulty circuits. Knowing how to properly organize and store all kinds of cables keeps your house clutter-free and efficient. You may accomplish this by utilizing extension cable safety.

Twisted-up cords or cables gather dust, make your room appear messy, and pose a lot of hazards. Organize your cables properly to have the best value for your house furniture and appliances while increasing their lifespan.

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Here are some simple ways how to properly organize and store all kinds of cables:

  1. Use cable ties or cord holders to organize all kinds of cables.

Use cable ties to hold everything in place so it does not move around too much when you are not around or at least not very often. These are available in many different sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits your style and decor. If possible, use the same color for all your cables so they blend in with their surroundings. You can also use electrical tape instead if it is easier for you. Just make sure not to wrap too tightly because it might cause damage later down the road if you need to remove something from its spot due to wear and tear over time, such as dirt buildup. They are also useful when it comes to organizing all kinds of cables, from power cords to computer cables to phone chargers. You may use cable ties to secure the end of each cord into place so that it does not get tangled up with other cords or wires around your house or condominium unit. This will help keep things neat and tidy.

  1. Place the cables in ducts and raceways.

Wiring ducts, raceways, and covers effectively conceal bulky and tangled cables. These come in many different sizes. You can easily place these onto your walls without the requirement for any tools and equipment. It is simple to add or detach wires from these ducts, which mostly blend in with your general design.

  1. Keep them away from dust and moisture.

Make sure your cables are stored away from other objects that could damage them or cause them to fray. This will prevent your cords from being damaged by spills or other accidents. You can use plastic bags or boxes with holes punched in them for this purpose. You will want one large enough for all your cables.

  1. Use a cable organizer box with a lid or cover or basket to store your cables in a way that makes sense for you and your needs.

This will help keep them from being tangled up and messy, and also keep dust from settling on them when you open the box. If you have a lot of different kinds of cables, it might be best to organize them by type, such as power cords, Ethernet cords, etc.  Label each cable with its purpose, for example, “TV cable”, “HDMI cords” or “power cords”. You will want to make sure that everything is easy to find when you may need them.

  1. Use needle-nose pliers or wire cutters to cut off any extra length before storing them away in their box.

You will not want those extra inches hanging out once you store your cords. You can also use scissors or an electric razor if necessary. Just make sure you do not accidentally cut through any wires.

  1. Do not stack your cables up like books on top of each other.

When storing your cables, make sure they are not touching each other or anything else except space. If they need more room than what is provided by their container, try stacking books around them instead until you find something that works well for both your needs and aesthetic preferences

  1. Be innovative!

If you are left with no alternative choice but to keep your wires exposed, you may turn these into something like a creative component that blends in with your existing home aesthetics.  For instance, you may construct a distinctive design with colorful adhesive tape, bind them with colorful thread or cable ties, or perhaps even add some decorations like flowers or hanging lighting fixtures.


There is no one-size-fits-all strategy on how to properly store and organize all kinds of cables. All homeowners have their own ideas about what constitutes an organized and secure home atmosphere. What matters is your openness to try different methods of how to properly store and organize all kinds of cables. Sooner or later, you will come to find the one that is appropriate for you. Bear in mind, however, that managing electrical equipment is something that you must rely upon specialists. As a result, if you discover any electrical problems at home, contact your trusted professional electrician immediately.

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Written by MC Sanchez