7 Signs you need a new roof

Rusty metal roof

The roof is one of the most important components of your home; without it, your lighting, plumbing, and interior design would be ineffective. When it is properly functioning, it protects the rest of the house from water damage and exposure to the elements. However, your roof will begin to show signs you need a new roof because of wear and tear over time. It’s easy to ignore until there’s a major problem, like water intrusion or rot. A roof may naturally reach the end of its useful life without failing it simply appears worn and old, and you are performing preventive maintenance on your home. Unfortunately, the roof is a frequently overlooked component of the home. You probably won’t notice anything up there unless it starts to leak or break apart. Here are some indicators that it is time to replace your roof.

1. Water Damaged Walls, Upstairs, or Attic

Moisture marks, brown, yellow, or grey stains, and peeling paint on walls and/or ceilings can all be signs of a leaking roof. Examine your attic as well, where damp rafters or leaks may indicate roof damage. By detecting minor damage before it becomes a major problem, a simple inspection can save you thousands of dollars in roofing repair costs. A trained professional will also have the tools and safety techniques to inspect your roof for damage.

2. If the roof has reached the end of its lifespan

how long does it take to change a roof? You should know when your roof was installed so that you can estimate its lifespan. If you don’t know when your roof was installed, you can look up home improvement records to find out. It also depends on whether or not the old roof was removed and if there is only one layer of shingles, as well as whether or not the roof is properly ventilated. If the roof was installed over another layer or layers and is more than 20 years old, you probably need a new roof. Continue reading for more information on roof life span.

3. Flashing, Gutter Guards, or Fascia are missing.

If any of the roof’s supporting structure is cracked or missing, it’s an instant red flag. Proper support is required to ensure that the roof is structurally sound and will not collapse.

4. Roof Sagging

One of the signs you need a new roof is roof sagging which indicates that roof boards have rotted due to trapped moisture. A droopy, sagging roof must be replaced before further damage to your home occurs. Examine the surface for signs of trapped moisture, rotting boards, or sagging areas, particularly at the roof’s lowest points.

5. Your roof has been overtaken by moss, mold, or fungi.

Moss, mold, and fungi are indicators of trapped moisture, which can lead to roof failure. Use a stiff brush to remove moss from the shaded corners of your roof, but first address any underlying issues. Installing copper ridges on your roof will keep moss from growing on your roof tiles. When rain falls on these ridges, a coppery residue is released and runs down the roof, inhibiting the growth of moss. Regular maintenance and cleaning are frequently sufficient to keep your roof in good condition.

6. Buckling or curling Shingles

When shingles curl or buckle, it means they are no longer properly attached and have most likely already been damaged. It can be caused by a lack of insulation, poor attic ventilation, or improper installation. Curling shingles is one of the signs you need a new roof when shingles have turned up edges, giving the impression that the center of the shingle is sinking. When it storms, a strong wind can catch the curved surface, causing additional damage.

7. Always inspect the roof after a typhoon.

Roofs in the Philippines are put under a lot of stress due to strong thunderstorms and typhoons. Roofs frequently lift or fly off due to the high winds. A shingle or two can sometimes be replaced on a shingle roof, but the possibility of repair is dependent on the location of the missing shingle and the condition of those around it.

How long do Roofs last?

Asphalt, wood, and metal are three of the most common types of roofing materials used on traditional residential houses in the Philippines. Furthermore, rather than sticking with the previous option, you might want to think about a more durable or modern roofing material. When deciding on the right type of roofing, you should think about appearance, longevity, roofing material prices, and structural issues because it is one of the major factors in how long does it take to change a roof.

A variety of factors can influence the life span of a roof, the most important of which is its material. Some roofing materials have a lifespan of more than a decade, while others have a lifespan of over a century. Here’s a quick rundown of the various life spans of the most common roof types arranged according to their lifespans:

1. Asphalt shingle roof

Asphalt shingles provide versatility, weather resistance, and other benefits. If it’s time to replace your roof consider the advantages of asphalt shingles for your home. Life expectancy is 15-20 years.

2. Wood shingle roof

While many people like the look of wood on their roofs, it does have some disadvantages. Wood shingle roofs have a short lifespan, are susceptible to pests, mold, and fire, discolor quickly, and leak more easily than other materials which is one of the signs you need a new roof more often. With proper maintenance, the lifespan is 30 years.

3. Metal roof

Metal panels are not only more expensive than shingles, but they are also more commonly used in the Philippines, despite the fact that they require more skill and labor to install. A metal roof will typically cost twice or three times as much as an asphalt shingle roof. Life expectancy ranges between 25 and 40 years.

4. Cement shingle roof

If properly cared for, the average concrete roof tile has a lifespan of 50 years. The lifespan of your roof, like any other roofing choice, is heavily dependent on how well you maintain it.

5. Clay tile roof

Clay and concrete tiles are well-known for their durability and ability to withstand high winds, hail, and even fire. This makes tile roofing especially useful during hurricane season. Life expectancy is up to 100 years.

6. Soft slate

Soft slate shingles are less expensive than hard slate shingles, but they are less durable. They’re made of natural stone, which is easier to cut, shape, and install but will deteriorate faster. Life expectancy can reach 125 years.

7. Slate shingle roof

A home with a slate roof stands out immediately; even newer homes appear rustic and classy. When properly installed and well maintained, a slate roof can last up to 150 years or longer. Water will not be able to penetrate the slate, and mold and fungus will not be able to grow on it.

8. Hard slate

In terms of weather resistance and fire resistance, hard slate is one of the most durable roofing materials available. Slate, as a hard stone, will not absorb water or become warped when exposed to moisture. Life expectancy is up to 200 years.

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Most roofs are replaced when they reach the end of their useful life or show signs you need a new roof because of excessive wear and tear. Roof repairs and replacements are costly for many homeowners, but doing so sooner will save them more money and time in the long run. How long does it take to change a roof? If you wait too long to replace your roof, water can enter your attic, insulation, and walls. Worse, pests like termites, birds, bats, and rodents may be drawn to your newly exposed attic’s warm space.

You’ve done your part by having your roof inspected on a regular basis, but some damage is beyond repair. If a roofing contractor conducts an inspection and discovers systemic issues, replacing the roof may be less expensive than paying for repeated repairs. It is preferable to be proactive and look for early signs that a roof will need to be replaced to reduce repair costs and the risk of injury or property damage. Proper home maintenance ensures that it remains in good condition to maximize future resale value and protects you in the meantime.

Written By: Mark Anthony Seña