10 Holiday Fire Safety Tips For The Long Weekend

Leaving home for vacation

GMA News Online reported that The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) announced that a total of 1,984 fire incidents had been reported in the nation since January. This year, from January 1 to March 1, there have been 1,984 fire occurrences, according to BFP spokesperson Fire Supervisor Annalee Atienza. She also claimed that the majority of the fire occurrences occurred triggered by electrical combustion which also is related to the misuse of equipment and extension cables as well as improper upkeep of electricity wiring.

Everyone can agree that nobody wins in a fire. Not the owners of destroyed property, nor those who lose limbs or, worse yet, their lives. Only harmful gases and fumes are produced, with no benefit to the environment. Everyone suffers when a fire starts.

Without prior notice, fires can start. Yet that doesn’t mean they just appear out of nowhere. Fires may usually be entirely avoided. For your protection, you should review the fire safety tips in the Philippines and risk of fire hazard at home below.

Leaving your home for the long weekend? Do these tips to keep your home safe from fire

1. Avoid Overload Electrical Components

Many people make the error by overloading their electrical components in order to accommodate holidays lighting, decorations, and also cooking equipment without realizing how this increases the risk of electrical fires and outages.

If you choose to plug several lights into one circuit or an extension cord, be sure to note the energy capacity of the circuit and any big appliances.

To avoid fraying, kinking, or worn strands, check any electrical decorations including Christmas lights before plugging them in. Toss them right away if you see any.

2. Always Turn off the Lights Whenever you Leave

Turn out the lights before you leave the house especially when you’re in a long vacation. Unplug lights and other electrical ornaments as soon as they start to get too hot. Using non-flammable ornaments and keeping hot appliances away from curtains and table cloth.

3. Examine the Interior Decorations

Test all lights and wires before use while decorating indoors, and replace any defective items. Never utilize decorations designed for outdoor usage just inside your home; instead, hang interior lights using clips instead of nails to protect wiring. If you light candles inside, secure them from young people and make sure they are out whenever you go out or sleep in for the night.

4. Fire Safety on Kitchen

The kitchen is the most frequent place where a home fire starts, accounting for 62% of all home fires. When cooking for the holidays, exercise additional caution because there is a higher risk of fire because of the greater amount of cooking. This guide on home cooking fire safety measures will help you stay safe in the kitchen over the holidays.  

  1. Always unplug all electrical equipment when not in use.
  2. When cooking, make sure to always be in the kitchen. NEVER leave food in the oven or on the stove unattended.
  3. When completed cooking, make sure to check (over and again) that every appliance is turned completely off.
  4. Avoid using any sleep-inducing medications, alcohol, or tobacco while cooking.

5. Take Out Any Dirt or Paper Waste

Last but not least, keep your home clutter-free over the holidays. Inspect your backyard and remove any unnecessary paper stacks, dry wood, or tree twigs and leaves that have dried out. These tiny items are easily flammable.

If the source is outside your home, it could be something as basic as cigarette butts or even the neighbors’ firecrackers.

Inspect your garage for any gasoline or used lubricant in exposed containers, and dispose of them properly.

Maintaining order and cleanliness in your home will protect you from fire and explosions as well as provide you with a nicer environment to spend the holidays with your family.

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Risk of Fire Hazard at Home

Although knowing what to do in case of a fire is a nice thing, it would be more beneficial if you didn’t have to. Here are some things at home that may be a fire risk that you don’t know about.

1. Fire Hazardous Fluids

We occasionally require flammable liquids around the house, such as backup gasoline for the machine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to make these chemicals safer!

Make sure to keep flammable substances in secure containers and to keep them cool and away from heat sources.

2. Grilling Foods

Of course you desire a grill. What other way could you spend the lovely summer evenings? Grilling barbecues unfortunately can catch fire!

The easiest way to prevent a barbeque fire from damaging your home is to clean your grill after each use and to avoid grilling too close to the house.

3. Defect Or Old Wiring

As contrast to a BBQ, outdated or subpar wiring is something that some people simply have. There are indicators that can let you know your wiring needs to be updated, such as the need to unplug one device in order to use another or the lights dimming whenever an appliance is turned on.

Get a professional to examine your wiring to ensure it is up to date and won’t start a fire when either of these events occurs in your home.

4. Cigarettes

The main factor contributing to fatal house fires is smoking. This is not to imply that you cannot start smoking in your home, yet you should exercise extreme caution.

Keep the ashtray away from anything flammable and always put the butt out in a deep, strong container. Avoid smoking in your bedroom if you can. Bedrooms seem to be full of highly combustible items like pillowcases, cushions, bedsheets, curtains, beds, etc., and smoking while drowsy increases the risk of fires.

5. Toddlers

The majority of the time, children do not intend to ignite a house fire, although they occasionally do so. Always remind your kids not to play with fire, whether it be candles, lighters, or matches, during regular family discussions on fire risks.

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Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy vacations during this time of year. However, safety should always come first for our family and friends above all other considerations, including the never ending gatherings and celebrations. You may enjoy your holiday without having to worry about fire prevention measures now that you are aware of these tips and hazards.

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