5 Ways to Create a Pet-friendly Condominium


Condominium living has become a popular choice among many Filipinos today, particularly among professionals looking to purchase a real estate property in or near the central business districts where they work. Living in a condominium also is one of the best ways to ensure that your property values remain stable over time and having a pet in your home is unquestionably the best feeling in the world. As members of the family, all pets have greatly enhanced our lives and provided us with unforgettable moments that will live in our hearts forever, and every moment spent with them is a dream come true. To avoid any unwanted illnesses, diseases, or injuries, all pets should feel at ease and secure, and all homes must be pet friendly. This pandemic, in particular, has made everyone wary, and the majority of owners’ time is spent at home with their pets. But for pet lovers, it’s a bit challenging to settle for a unit as most condominiums has certain regulations about keeping pets in the building. And for the few developers who do allow them, they impose strict rules and regulations.

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The truth is that living in a pet-friendly condo has numerous advantages, the ultimate advantage of having pets in your home is that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy life if it weren’t for our pets. There are numerous options for finding a pet-friendly condo in fact, more affordable condominium in the Philippines are becoming pet-friendly, so you should have no trouble finding one. Moving is difficult enough as it is, with checklists, packing, and planning. If you are unprepared, it can be overwhelming. Moving to a new location is an adjustment not only for you, but also for your dog! Spend this time with your dog, enjoying your new apartment and adjusting to it; because your apartment reflects your personality, it should also reflect your concern for your beloved pets. Here are a few pointers to help you make your new home pet-friendly:

1. A Patio or Balcony in the Back

Pets enjoy fresh air, and if you have a back patio that leads to walking trails and green spaces in the neighborhood, you can easily take them outside. However, this does not imply that you must choose a duplex or town home. Modern apartment-style condominiums has a balconies that a cat or small dog will love. Some people use fake grass patches on their patios. This is useful when you don’t want to go all the way outside, but your little one insists on going. Check with your developer about pets and condo by laws to see if this is an option for you.

2. Flooring that is long-lasting

Any pet owner needs long-lasting flooring. Vinyl, for example, is a particularly good choice due to its durability. Your dog’s nails will not scratch the floor as he walks, and they are simple to clean and maintain. Consider installing this type of flooring throughout your condo. Yes, having a warm carpet under your feet in the bedrooms is nice, but you can warm things up with area rugs instead. In the event of an accident, area rugs are also easily replaceable.

3. Make Your Railings Pet-Friendly

Balconies nowadays are usually equipped with childproof railings. This keeps children from falling through. It doesn’t, however, prevent a small dog or even other pets from slipping through the gaps. Consider attaching acrylic sheets to the lower section of your guardrail to protect your dog while maintaining your sense of open space. This allows your dog and you to see without fear of them falling through the cracks. Yes, baby-proofing your home is effective not only for babies but also for pets.

4. Pet Items Included

You might also want to consider having pet-specific areas. For example, the cat litter box does not have to be a large plastic object in the middle of the laundry room. There are stylish cat litter boxes hidden inside end tables in the living room or bathroom. Some pet owners opt for built-in areas for pet food and dishes, such as in the kitchen island. There’s no need to be concerned about your pet making a mess on the kitchen floor this way.

5. Include a door for pets.

Doggy doors are typically found in homes, but there is a way to have them even if you live in an condominium. If you have a secure condominium balcony or patio, install a doggy door so your dog can go outside whenever it wants. This is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of time to take the dog for a walk because they have more room to move around. There are even products available to help train your dog to go to the bathroom outside rather than inside the apartment, such as a Potty Porch.

However, before moving into a new pet-friendly condo, it is critical that you read all of the regulations of any housing space that you are considering. Even condo’s that advertise themselves as “pet-friendly” may have condominium pet policy. It is critical that these policies be in place to allow but regulate certain types of pets for the welfare and protection of all those who live and work in the building, as well as to protect the property of all homeowners. Before signing a lease, make sure you fully understand their requirements and that none of the rules will make life difficult for you or your pet. If you are moving into a new home and are looking forward to condominium living with your pets

It can be difficult to find the ideal place to live with your pet, especially when condominiums has a condominium pet policy that only a certain types of pets are allowed in terms of numbers of pet with a certain breed, size and weight that every condominium owner or tenant should be aware of. However, our animal companions are also important family members for many people, so we must consider their needs and well-being when deciding where to live. Just because a pet-friendly condo does not necessarily mean that it has everything your pet requires to be healthy and happy. For example, if you have a large dog but your condo lacks enough outdoor space for them to play, your dog will be unhappy in a small space. Make sure you understand your pet’s requirements and include these characteristics on your list of things to look for when viewing condominiums you can also check out this article from Bria Home- Affordable Condominium: Top Amenities and Features to Consider in Buying a Condominium to know more about amenities and features of a condominiums that you must consider. And also BRIA Homes primes itself on the development of affordable house and lot or condominium units that caters to ordinary Filipino families who aspire to acquire their own homes. It had become the ideal choice for average Filipino workers looking to invest in a high-quality yet affordable home. This article will help you find the best pet-friendly condo  for your entire family.

Written by Mark Anthony Seña