3 Reasons Why June is a Popular Month for Weddings

Popular Month For Weddings

June remains the most popular month for weddings. You may have probably wondered the reasoning behind the superstitious hype and why wedding venues were so full during this time of the year. Through this article, you will know more about the reasons why is June a popular wedding month.

Since most Filipinos are family-centered, we place so much emphasis on weddings that each occasion is designed to be extremely significant and unforgettable. Furthermore, people in the Philippines tend to go all out for wedding ceremonies because Filipinos believe that this only happens once in a lifetime. Everybody in the community and family would be generally involved in the planning and preparation of the big day. This is particularly observed in remote towns and municipalities. Aside from the place and budget for the ceremony, one of the most important considerations in planning a wedding is its date.

1. June holds historical roots and symbols

The word June means “young.” The name “June” is derived from the Latin word “junius”, meaning “youth.” It was originally named in honor of Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, fertility, and childbirth. The Juno of Roman mythology was the goddess of marriage. Juno’s responsibilities included protecting Rome during wartime and ensuring that marriages were blessed with children. In addition to being considered a protector of women in childbirth and mothers in general, Juno also governed land ownership rights as well as legal contracts between citizens or between citizens and gods.

The month also gets its name from Juno’s Greek equivalent Hera, also a queen of gods, who were often associated with great beauty and wealth. She was the wife of Jupiter or Zeus. She was also the mother of Mars, the god of war. Other names for June include “second spring,” since it’s right after May in the calendar year; “Juno’s month” or “fine June”; and “Junius.”

In addition to being named after Juno, June is also the fourth month out of 12 throughout the year, with March being first. As such, this is one reason why June is a popular wedding month compared to other months in many cultures around the globe.

In addition, why June is a popular wedding month is due to its inspiration from the Celtic calendar. Young couples would pair off to court for 3 months on the Cross-Quarter Day of Beltane, or May Day which is on May 1, and then be married on the following Cross-Quarter Day, Lammas Day which is on August 1. Because young people then became eager and impatient, the waiting period was shortened to mid-June, which paved the way to popularize June weddings.

2. Most wedding traditions align with June

Another reason why June is a popular wedding month is because of other wedding traditions that align with this month. For example, flowers are at their peak during this period and the wedding season begins with springtime showers. The tradition of carrying flowers persisted during the Regency era and brides frequently began wearing flowered wreaths on their heads. Floriography, the cryptological use of various flowers to communicate specific meaning, was gaining popularity in many parts of Europe during the Victorian era, and without doubt, anyone would want to share information on the correct attitudes and sentiments for one’s marriage ceremonies.

As a result, it suffices to say that weddings would take place when the best selection of fresh flowers seemed to be available. Bridal bouquets of fragrant herbs and flowers were also carried to help keep everything smelling sweet. The supply of fresh flowers profoundly affected the wedding season until relatively recently, when flowers became available year-round due to the innovation in shipping companies. However, with the idea of obtaining fresh flowers locally coming back into fashion, it is possible that the popularity of a June wedding will not be slipping away anytime soon. Moreover, many countries have their biggest holiday in June, such as Independence Day in the United States and Canada or St. John’s Day in Norway and Sweden.

3. Ideal for outdoor weddings in most parts of the world

Every June, the sun reaches its most northerly point in the sky and then begins to descend into winter. As such, this month is typically warm and dry across most of the world. Why June is a popular wedding month is because this provides you with security that you do not need to worry much about relentless downpours ruining your big day. June has the longest days of the year—the sun rises earlier than any other month and sets later as well. If your dream wedding involves an outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour, early mornings and late evenings offer more opportunities for beautiful lighting than any other month. Wiith their long days and warm weather, this month provides more time to enjoy the day. With more natural light during the ceremony and reception, you can make it a day that is truly magical. There are no dark spots or shadows to hide in—just joyous sunlight pouring down on your special day.

If you want to take advantage of this extra time and have more fun at your wedding, and get more photos, consider having a late afternoon ceremony so that you can extend the celebration into the evening hours. This will give everyone an opportunity for dinner and dancing without cutting into the reception too much. In addition, it is one of the best months for photography because there is still plenty of sunlight at sunset but not too much heat yet from direct sun exposure on guests’ skin, or worse—the bride’s gown.

On the other hand, June is the onset of the monsoon season in the Philippines. Nevertheless, elders in the Philippines assume that rains bring good luck. Filipinos believe that rains bring good fortune since it represents fertility, unending relationship, and an abundant harvest.

In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons why June is a popular wedding month such as the weather, other traditions, and the origin of its name. The warm temperatures make it a great time to get married outdoors, while still allowing you to have your ceremony inside if necessary. June is also known as the month where most flowers bloom, which means you can incorporate them into your bouquet or centerpieces with ease. You may also want to consider having an elaborate wedding reception around this time since long days allow more room for dance parties or even outside games like badminton or cornhole. With the continuous easing of community quarantine protocols, it is highly anticipated that more weddings will take place this year.

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Written by MC Sanchez