A quick and comprehensive guide to purchasing your Bria home. Learn how to inquire, reserve, and acquire your Bria home now!

Talk to our sales agents and learn more about Bria Home projects and house models. You may reach our sales agents through our 24/7 live chat on the lower right button of your screen. 

Schedule a site viewing of your chosen project through your marketing partner. You can also visit the 360 virtual tours of our house models here. 

Officially reserve your chosen block and lot. Settle the reservation fee and fill out the buyer’s information sheet, Quotation sheet, and reservation agreement. 

You may reserve your house and a lot online here. 

Attend the briefing of your marketing and admin partner, either through a video call or face-to-face meeting.  

Submit your duly filled-out forms and documents discussed in the briefing within 30-days of reservation. 

Upon completion of your Bria Home and settlement of your house financing, your admin partner will inform you of your move-in day.