Your Best and Simple Guide for Home-Based Jobs as a Millennial

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Way back then, working at home is a dream for everyone or perhaps, it is only possible for businessmen or entrepreneurs. However, the pandemic changed how the working environment runs. With strict protocols and lockdowns, working at home became the adopted solution to compensate the need of businesses to continue its operation amidst the crisis. Thus, homebased jobs became a thing. At first, a lot believe that the work from home setup will be temporary. However, companies saw this as a new opportunity for cost savings. Hence, instead of setting up offices again, many businesses opt to reestablish smaller headquarters as some positions can work offsite.

               As we continue to live in this modern era, new ways of living are being reinvented. Homebased job is a good innovation in the working environment as it reinvents the daily lives of people. So, if you are burned out with your onsite job, you are on the right guide. Let us know more about the popular homebased jobs and why such working environment is favored by the younger generation.

Essentials of Homebased Online Jobs

               Remote working is becoming a norm nowadays. It is a way of international companies to expand in different countries without setting up an offshore headquarters in the country where its people are seen as potential manpower for the company. When you have a homebased job, all you need is an internet and a personal computer. However, there are companies that provide company laptops for its employees. Hence, here are the things you need to focus on if you plan to take homebased jobs more seriously.

  1. Good Internet and Data Connection

A stable internet is needed for this remote setup. Updates are done through the internet so you must be online during the work hours to update your superiors on their requests and other orders. Additionally, you will be needing an extra budget for a backup data connection. Internet providers in the Philippines are not stable so outage happens unplanned especially if the network infrastructure breaks down accidentally.

  • Working Area

Whether you are working or studying, a place intended for that activity is better than doing your things on any place at your home. When you have a proper working area, you will be more productive as it tricks your brain into working to its highest extent. Imagine if you try to work on your bed, it is not the most ergonomic place to work especially in terms of posture. There will also be a chance that you will find it hard to sleep if you work on your bed because that place is intended for sleeping and resting. With this, it is better to have a good chair to sit on when working and a table wherein you can place your computer together with other documents necessary for your work. If you have an extra budget and you are working on a laptop, an external monitor will be of good use so you will have a bigger screen when reading in the monitor. Having a bigger screen helps your eyes from getting too much strained.

The 3 Major Benefits of Choosing a Homebased Job

  1. Less Commuting Stress

This may be the number one reason why homebased jobs are getting popular. The transport system in the Philippines is not good as seen by the heavy traffic experienced daily by the masses.  Some people take about more than an hour just to go to their work and the same goes when he or she returns home. With that, a lot of time is spent for commuting. The hours wasted just to commute back and forth are important as you can have a more quality rest at home if our country has a better transport system. The normal solution for many people is to rent a boarding house or a dorm near their workplace to prevent the stress of commuting. Luckily, online jobs are a thing right now. More alternatives are offered to the working population to maximize their productivity and improve their work-life balance. Aside from the stress due to your work, commuting contributes a lot in your exhaustion. There are also times in which you need to work beyond your shift. Hence, it will be too much to bear if you are stressed from work and commuting at the same time. So, if you decide on working remotely for a long time, for sure you will find it hard to return on a physical working environment especially if you know that you are also effective in a work from home setup and you appreciate the extra time saved from your daily commute.

  • Better work-life balance

In reality, not all the time there will be a lot of workloads in your job. There will be times that you have a lot of free time. Imagine if you are in a physical working environment, instead of doing some household chores or errands, you are stuck in the office waiting for your shift to end, right? Gladly, a new working schedule in online jobs is becoming popular. This is known as flexi-time wherein you have all the freedom to work in your desired schedule as long as you can deliver the outputs on time or whenever it is demanded. With this, you can have a better daily schedule and the chances of being burned out is low as you have time for yourself and your hobbies.

  • More savings

If you decide to stay at home, you will experience more cost savings. You will save a lot from transportation expense and even food! If you work in business districts, chances are the foods are expensive in these areas or you are tempted to try delicious yet unhealthy foods to unwind from stress. If you stay at home, you can prepare more cost-efficient and healthier foods. One reason why people have high food expenses is instead of preparing, they buy ready to eat foods. This is understandable if you are busy with work and you only have a few hours for sleep or rest. But if you work remotely, you have more spare time to take care of yourself and resort to more cost-efficient daily life activities.

Popular Work-from-Home Jobs for Starters

If you have no experience, or you are still a student, there is a high chance that you want to apply for online jobs which do not require a lot in terms of educational background. For online jobs, being an undergrad is acceptable. Fret not, there are a lot of jobs on the internet which only requires the basic skills you learned from your general education subjects. Here are some of the jobs that you may consider if you plan to start a career online or you want to earn extra during your free time.

  1. Virtual assistant from different fields
  2. Proofreader
  3. Bookkeeper
  4. Copywriting
  5. Video and Photo Editor
  6. Customer service or call center representative
  7. ESL teacher
  8. Tutor
  9. Sales Representative
  10. Data entry clerk

All these jobs can be learned in popular media sites. A lot of people share their knowledge online for free. So, if you have access to internet and you are willing to learn, you can put your privilege into an advantage which will equip you to be a better professional especially after you graduate. The digital era opens a lot of opportunities to everyone especially to those who have the privilege to use internet. Although internet is becoming a basic necessity, not all can afford accessing such or not everyone has access to a fast connection. Anyhow, for professionals, this is a way to make better career decisions in life so that you can live your life to the fullest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. All of us want a successful career in which we can have a long-term investment especially a house and lot or condominium unit  which will serve as a reminder that what you enjoy at the moment is a fruit of your labor. With this, why not try having a homebased job, right? Practicality wise, it is more efficient. But if you are not that lucky enough to have a fulltime online job but you have a hybrid working environment in which you enjoy the best of worlds, you may consider investing a portion of your savings with Bria Homes! Bria offers a lot of choices whether it is a ready for occupancy houses, condo units, and other real estate properties. Its properties are developed strategically as it is near the business districts. For sure, with Bria, whether you are working remotely or onsite, it will offer the comfort you wish for your dream home.