Why Do Real Estate Developers Conduct Ground Breaking Ceremonies?

ground-breaking ceremonies

For as long as history itself, the act of officially starting the construction of certain structures, may it be for personal or for corporate use, are being done all throughout the different religions, cultures, and beliefs that we have. This act of breaking ground and holding a ritual or ceremony for a house or real estate development predates even writing itself. You may have seen or experienced a groundbreaking ceremony for a house before. These types of events, especially for real estate developers, are due to the want (or need) to announce their presence to the public and gain a little PR from it. This way, it also helps the developer gain more prospects to sell their properties fast by informing the public if the event is advertised of course to other viewers or prospects from the internet. Depending on how you want to market your events or company milestones, the groundbreaking event can be a good jumpstart to the life of real estate properties and even your own homes. This is the reason all developers do this if they are targeting to sell the property they are developing.

Beliefs and Traditions in the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Is it a good sign when a developer breaks ground? According to Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua, “Whenever you start a new venture, develop real estate, or make major appliance purchases, you carry out an action that creates disruptive changes in the energy of your environment. There is the possibility that you can disturb the cosmic forces in a way that invokes negative energy or agitate the spirits inhabiting the area, making them angry. It is therefore important to perform certain rituals and ceremonies to appeal to the benevolent entities to give their approval for the new project or structure. In certain cases, where ch’i of the land or building has been ‘wounded’ by unfortunate events like death and illness, natural and man-made disaster, or even corrupt activities of the former owners, a ceremony to heal and purge the place of the prevailing negative energy must be done.”

Depending on the beliefs of the managers and owners of any real estate developer, rituals for a groundbreaking ceremony for a house or developments as a whole may vary in how they are done. For some, a simple mass might do, but for others, a master of maybe Feng Shui might be needed to show the things that should be done in order to fight or negative energies that contradict what they want or need. A Feng Shui master observes the foundation, determines the direction and central point of a property with a compass. In the ceremony itself, there may be firecrackers or paper money that is burned, maybe an incense to ward off spirits, or even items or fruit offerings to the god of the land to have a good relationship when the groundbreaking has started.

How to Hold a Groundbreaking Ceremony?

There are a lot of company milestones in the life of a development. One of the most symbolically significant milestones is the breaking of ground. This assumes the start of the life of a development of your house until its completion. The groundbreaking ceremony for a house desires to honor the spirit of the land for some religion or culture or sometimes is an act to represent the breaking of the earth making a sacred deposit, in exchange for a strong and lasting foundation. If you are planning this event for a lot you purchased, or the developer you bought your house and lot from, read the list of things we made for you to remember the important things to have in this milestone event. Below are the things to remember when planning a groundbreaking event:

1. Know the Details of Your Project

In order to plan out the perfect groundbreaking ceremony for a house may it be for a formal or casual event to launch the construction of your house or development, you need the details of the whole project. Having the key details like the property line, the way in and out of the location, parking spaces available for guests, speakers, and important people who will attend the event. Some of the things to have are a couple of printed programs for the attendees and also a few small gifts to take away when the event concludes. These may be small items showcasing the future development as well as the amenities that will be included in the development, that is important to developers of projects targeted to future buyers of the property. Including the logistics of how you plan to start and conduct your event, a good plan will be key in making sure that the ceremony will be symbolic to the development soon to rise on the land.

2. Choose the Time and Date for It

Since these types of events are meant to mark the start of the construction of the project or development, it’s just logical to also choose the same date as to when the work starts right? As it turns out, the groundbreaking ceremony for a house symbolizes the start of the land’s construction but doesn’t necessarily have to be on the same day, since there are going to be lots of materials on the site, as well as machineries that may be commissioned for the heavy lifting present on the road and the site itself. It will be wiser for you to set the ceremony maybe a few days or weeks ahead of the construction. This will allow you and your guests to be comfortable in the place of the event as this will provide plenty of space for the guests as well as the catering service if you have one. As per your location, you already have one. Just make sure that the area will be prepared for your guests and attendees. Also, plan the logistics and the accessibility to the site for all your guests so they can arrive at the place safely. Planning the time is also crucial, so pick the best time for all your important guests. These types of events or ceremonies usually start in the morning but it will also be logical to set it in the afternoon as the heat of summer may affect the mood of the guests as well as the organizers. It will also be helpful to check the weather forecast of your chosen date and adjust it depending on the weather if it’s possible that it will rain on that day or not. Rain on a piece of land that is not yet cemented or prepared can mean that it will be muddy and nobody wants that while attending any event. A quick solution if worse comes to worst is placing a thin layer of gravel on soil to prevent muddy floors. Choosing the best date for an event will mean a more peaceful program without any bad surprises for organizers.

Visiting the site and planning the event with the location in mind will help you as an organizer to make room for people and make your guests comfortable and have a better view while the ceremony is happening. Make sure that you visit the site a couple of times before the ceremony to know the changes in design that will affect the whole event and the experience of the attendees. In doing this, you will be able to have a better mental view of where the tents should be as well as the chairs and the buffet table if you will have one, etc. You will also be able to check the best parking places near the area as you include it in your invitations. It is best, and one of the most important steps is to talk to the people handling the construction on the site and run them through the whole program to smooth out the details and for them to know what’s expected.

4. Prepare Your Materials

Materials are the most important aspect of any event that will make the program more dramatic as you are preparing this symbolic ceremony for your project. Inform your suppliers of what you need as you go along with the program and make sure that you have the necessary materials for breaking ground. First on the list are the hard hats for the individuals who will join the ceremony. As this is a symbolic ceremony, getting shiny hard hats will be a nice addition to the photo op to remember and document the event. Shovels are also essential in this milestone event to enact the breaking of ground for your project. Like the hard hats, getting gold shovels will also add that extra impact symbolizing this once-in-a-lifetime achievement that will be remembered all throughout the life of the project and its construction. You might also want to ensure that the colors you pick will match the theme of your project or the theme of the development. One quick hack for the store-bought shovels and hard hats is to spray paint them matching the theme of your project.

5. Hosts, Guests, & VIPs

As part of the preparation for the groundbreaking ceremony for your house or construction site, inviting the necessary people included in building this development will make this ceremony much more meaningful as it is blessed by the most important people to your project. Inviting a good host will also make this event more organized and livelier. Start by planning what you want to say in your invitations and have someone proofread it before sending it out. You could spread the word to your guests by means of digital invitations or a more formal printed one. It would always be better to use both to ensure that everyone will get to be notified about this milestone. If you have a limited seating capacity, you can have the guests RSVP so you can save the seats for them and not go over your budget. However, if you are able to invite a large number of people, you can just post a save the date publicly on any of your social media sites or send it out using your business email. However you want to send the invitations to your event, always bear in mind the seating capacity of the location and how many people can you accommodate.

Affordable House and Lots and Condominiums Under Bria Homes

Bria Homes, Inc. also ensures that all of their projects start off with this important groundbreaking ceremony for a house and condo project to signal the start of its development. Throughout all of its offerings, whether house and lots or condominium properties, Bria Homes will have all of your real estate property needs available and accessible to you. The developer that stands out using its timely and relevant core values that stays true to the values of its clients: 

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Mahusay ang Serbisyo (Good Service) – The experience of buying your property is also one of the cornerstones of providing a good service and symbolizes the start of a great relationship between buyer and developer. Bria Homes ensures that all of its clients are well informed and satisfied with their property needs.

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Written by Gene Llanes