Ways to have a better summer this 2019

Summer Saya sa Bria

Since we are already feeling the heat, might as well have fun with it. Bria has listed ways for you to enjoy the summer better this 2019.

1.      Shout at the top. Go get some friends who are already going through something to join you in a hiking trip. Being close to nature will give your minds to think without too much technological distractions. Then, then you’ve had enough, shout as if you’re leaving all your problems at the top! You’ll go down with less burden, and more memories.

2.      Go to the line where the sky meets the sea. It may be calling you. What better way to feel refreshed than splashing on a cool beach. Can you feel the waves as they pass by your body? Can you feel the breeze as it trickle down your skin? Of course you can’t…yet.

3.      Take a hot dip. Sounds counter-intuitive at first but hear us out. Taking a nice quiet dip at the hot springs will make you feel in an all-natural spa. You don’t have to do anything but to sit and relax as the steam brings back your youthful glow. It’s a perfect getaway from the concrete office environment.

4.      Party with the festivity. If you enjoy party AND culture, then we highly suggest to participate local communities’ festivals. Celebrate their history, beliefs, and traditions, while making the place your dance floor. Get to talk and drink with the people!

5.      Give in to your cravings. Crave something different for a change! Rather than going to another commercial fast food place, why not take a stroll in the public market? For sure, the food there is fresh and handled with more care. More than that, you can take each bite knowing you are helping small to medium business owners and their families.

6.      Smile on your way back home. Nothing beats the comfort of your own home. And a home is better when it’s close to all the best getaway spots, and when it’s not rented. Bria Homes offers quality and affordable rent-to-own homes that are strategically located to all your needs and summer wants.

So what are you waiting for? Start the best summer ever by reserving you brand new Bria Home today!