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You’re not mistaken if you believe that travel returned this year in a big way. Global air traffic reached roughly 70% of pre-pandemic levels, which is remarkable given the ongoing staffing and operational shortages as well as some restricted borders in specific locations. While we are happy to see normalcy return and tourism pick up, 2022 travel was somewhat out of control. The lack of available rental cars, congested tourist cities, and exorbitant flights was just the beginning. Will travel still be a hassle in 2023? Continue reading below to prepare now your 2023 travel destinations.

Visa-free destinations Filipinos can visit for their next 2023 Travel destinations

Planning your upcoming big vengeance vacation but unsure of your destination yet? If you’ve been itching to pack your bags and see the world for the past two years, you should know that Filipino tourists have access to over sixty nations and territories, including far-flung locales like Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Morocco, Peru, Barbados, Fiji, and more.

Philippine passport holders would no longer need a visa to visit 67 countries as of October 2022. This comprises 33 nations that don’t require a visa, while visitors can enter the remaining 34 nations with either visa on arrival or electronic travel authorizations.

Travelers from the Philippines can visit 21 countries, 21 of which are in Asia’s adjacent nations. For Filipino passport holders traveling to Asia, the most popular visa-free destinations are:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Bali in Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia, and
  • Malaysia.
  • Taiwan

19 locations in Africa, 10 in Oceania, 7 in the Americas, 6 in the Caribbean, and 4 in the Middle East are also accessible to Filipino passport holders.

Here are the countries and territories you can visit without a visa as of October 2022, along with the maximum amount of time you can spend in each of them. This information may be useful to you as you plan your vacation time and post-pandemic travel.


  • Brunei: up to 14 days
  • Cambodia:  up to 30 days
  • Hong Kong (SAR China):   up to 14 days
  • Indonesia:  up to 30 days
  • Laos:  up to 30 days
  • Macao (SAR China):  up to 30 days
  • Malaysia:  up to 30 days
  • Maldives:  up to 30 days; visa on arrival
  • Mongolia:  up to 21 days
  • Myanmar:  up to 14 days
  • Nepal:  up to 90 days; visa on arrival
  • Pakistan:  up to 30 days; electronic visa
  • Singapore:  up to 30 days
  • Sri Lanka:  up to 30 days; electronic visa
  • Taiwan: 14 days
  • Thailand: 30 days
  • Vietnam: 21 days

2023 Travel destinations

It’s safe to claim that the world has opened up again since more than 150 nations have returned to normal and have removed all travel restrictions, including those requiring vaccinations or Covid tests. Even if some of the places on this list still have admission restrictions relating to Covid, those could change in 2023. And despite the restrictions, tourism is starting to rebound in these popular locations, several of which were completely closed to all visitors for more than two years. These 25 locations are cutting-edge and prepared for your exploration of 2023 travel destinations.

  1. Tokyo

On October 11, Japan reopened to tourists after more than 2.5 years of imposed closures. Travelers must either complete a pre-arrival Covid test or get three doses of the Covid vaccine in order to enter the nation. Although wearing a mask is not required by law in Japan, most people do it voluntarily in practically all situations. However, those who don’t mind these limitations will be able to once more experience Tokyo’s lively city life and all that it has to offer.

Kanazawa, is another place in Japan that is best for its unique heritage, magical gardens, and galleries. Kanazawa’s beautifully preserved historic neighborhoods, which have a long and rich history, have a feeling of traveling back in time.

Kenrokuen Garden, one of Japan’s Three Great Gardens, is the shining gem of the city. It has been astray for tourists for more than 200 years. Designed to fascinate in every season—snow-shrouded boughs in winter, cherry blossoms in spring, and fiery leaves in autumn—it. Kanazawa, however, is not just about the past. The city, often known as “Little Kyoto,” has a contemporary energy. The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, for instance, offers a schedule of intriguing exhibitions.

  1. Bali

After more than two years of highly rigorous closures and entry requirements, Bali has only recently reopened to guests with the appropriate vaccinations. This Indonesian island paradise is renowned for being a hub for digital nomads with a ton of hip cafes and coworking spaces. Additionally, it draws tourists with its breathtaking environment and views, which range from verdant terraced rice fields to tranquil beaches to magnificent temples.

  1. Sydney

Australia eventually reopened to foreign tourists and removed all entrance criteria in July after some of the harshest lockdowns and closures in world history. Now that Australia has reopened, Sydney, its largest city, is one of the top trending 2023 travel destinations. Early 2023 is the ideal time to book a trip because February to May are the warmest months to visit Sydney.

  1. Seoul

One of the best places to travel in Asia is Seoul, a busy megacity in South Korea. The excellent dining, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping in this city are well-known. Seoul is a fantastic location for any kind of traveler because it has so many cultural attractions, like temples and museums.

For more than two years, South Korea likewise had exceptionally tough lockdowns and bans, but the nation was ultimately fully reopened to tourists in October with no entry restrictions. However, South Korea still maintains an indoor mask requirement in force until at least March 2023, despite eliminating its outdoor mask requirement in September. If it is indeed taken down in March, Seoul will be a fantastic place to travel to the following year for your 2023 travel destinations.

  1. Brazil

As of December 2022, Brazil’s Covid restrictions remain in place, and entry still requires confirmation of immunization or a negative Covid. Additionally, the nation reintroduced the mask requirement in December in specific areas, including airports and aircraft.

Travelers have been keen to discover Rio de Janeiro, which will once again play host to one of the best Carnival festivities in the world in February 2023, despite the persisting limitations.

  1. Switzerland

Ride the trains to picturesque Alpine communities in Switzerland for chocolate, hiking, and skiing. One of the most significant leatherback turtle rookeries in the world is in Trinidad and Tobago, so please help rescue the turtles there. Gather around a campfire with views of the Golden Gate Bridge at Presidio Tunnel Tops in San Francisco, California, and trek the city’s Crosstown Trail. Visit Colombia, the avian paradise and the setting for Disney’s Encanto, to go bird-watching. In Manchester, England, visit a legendary soccer team’s stadium and be inspired by the city’s art scene as well.

  1. Málaga, Spain

One of the best places to visit in southern Spain is Málaga, which is renowned for its fantastic beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse cuisine. Málaga is a terrific destination all year round, despite the fact that the summer months are the busiest. It’s a well-liked winter sun destination in Europe, and even though the water may be a little chilly for a swim, you can still enjoy some sunbathing and nice weather here in the winter and spring.

Spain is at the top of many travelers’ 2023 travel destinations now that all travel restrictions will be lifted as of October 2022 (it was one of the last nations in Europe to do so).

  1. Berlin, Germany

One of the top vacation spots in 2023 travel destinations is Berlin, Germany. Best for nightlife, culture, and artistic city breaks. There are many explanations for why you should choose the diverse, energetic city of Berlin as one of the coolest in the world. It offers amazing museums, wild nightlife, and an avant-garde art culture unmatched anywhere else on the planet.

Speaking of cutting-edge art, in March 2023 Berlin will host the tenth anniversary of the renowned European Month of Photography, which is another compelling incentive to travel there if you enjoy the arts and culture. Berlin’s Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain neighborhood is lovely because it’s rough and glossy at the same time, not to mention the independent clothing stores, markets, and cafés there. Maximize your time in Berlin.

  1. Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean

Best for exploration, thrills, and inspirational soulfulness is Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. It is obvious why the region’s indigenous Kalinago named the island Wai’tukubuli — towering is her body — whether you arrive in spectacular Dominica by air or boat. Simply said, the towering peaks of Dominica’s volcanic, forested mountains are breathtaking.

Maximize your time in Dominica by doing these activities:

  • Experience the breathtaking natural splendor of Dominica while canyoning a secret waterfall.
  • Go whale watching since Dominica is the only spot in the world where sperm whales live there all year.
  • Visit Sunset Bay Club to savor the best lobster you’ve ever had. This beachfront eatery doubles as a tiny retreat.
  • Stories of nurturing from Nature Island will inspire you. Find out why Dominica defies the stereotype of the Caribbean.
  1. Leeds, Yorkshire

Best for foodies, art enthusiasts, and theatergoers. Leeds was an obvious choice to include in your list of 2023 travel destinations to visit in the UK. Leeds will be the UK City of Culture in 2023, to start. Second, one of your top UK 2023 travel destinations staycations was Yorkshire. Lovers of live performance are spoilt for choice in Leeds, which is home to Opera North, the only nationally recognized UK opera company outside of London, Leeds Grand Theatre, and Northern Ballet.

The majestic City Varieties Music Hall, which has been operating for the longest in the country, also has a Guinness World Record. We also must note the Hyde Park Picture House because it is the only gas-lit movie theater in the country.

Maximize your time in Leeds, Yorkshire by doing these activities:

  • For a taste of why Leeds is the northern gourmet capital, sign up for a local food tour.
  • Taking a group or children on a trip? Visit Leeds on a self-guided treasure hunt.
  • Up for an unusual activity? Experience axe tossing in the city.
  • Learn where to find culture in Leeds at every turn, and discover ways to stay in love with the city longer.
  1. New Zealand

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Hobbit are just a few of the epic fantasy films that have featured New Zealand’s stunning and wild landscapes. The New Zealand government is the first to only permit vaccinated citizens to return as of the New Zealand border update, although it started to relax travel bans at the beginning of this year. The following group of visitors was made up of those from countries where visas are not necessary. Before visiting New Zealand, visitors from the Philippines must adhere to the COVID-19 immunization requirements.

  1. Thailand

Thailand continues to be very popular with travelers for a reason: it has picturesque islands, a rich culture, beach huts galore, mouthwatering cuisine, and experiences galore, all of which are frequently offered at startlingly low prices. It’s not difficult to avoid the throng despite the country’s well-traveled highways. Hire a motorbike to travel the 600 km Mae Hong Son Loop through the forested northern mountains, or visit Nakhon Si Thammarat for some of the best cuisines the nation has to offer.

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